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DSK Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone : )

Thank you all for entering my DSK Giveaway! It's always great to reconnect with you all. Some of you I've known for over a year now. It's so awesome that you still remember me : P

You all should stop by more often and say hi! No need to be shy! We're all friends here on my blog. I make sure DSK Jewelry stays a friendly place in the blogosphere. I try to comment back to everyone, it helps if you have a blog with a comment button. :D

My friend Jonathan (who's single, 28 and quite successful by the way hahahaha) & I spent all day & evening reading the new giveaway comments right as they came in..we're both internet junkies who work from home so we're always connected and online for the most part. But this post isn't about Jonathan being single. hahaha, he's gonna hate me. (Should I post his pic?) jk jk. But I so would. J.L. as I call him..is like a millionaire x 1930568 or something, and self made. I respect that, but I don't let him influence my business decisions ever. I choose my own direction, and pave my own way. ;D
Anyhow, CEO friends for the win!

Since I wanted to have 2 winners, I let Jonathan help me pick one, and I picked one. : )
I closed the Giveaway & put the comments on private because a lot of you ladies left your e-mails addresses. I didn't ask you to leave your email to join because I didn't want internet meanies to take your email down (spam, etc). You never know who's lurking online, so I put that post on private.

We had a total of 183 comments! Yay!
Also, I wanted to give a special shout out to Rgraves from my hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan! : )

Thank you everyone for joining the giveaway!
I will have more in the near future. I'll try to have one at the end of each month, and make each one different. I like the interaction, and feedback I get with my DSK Giveaways. It shows me that you ladies & gents still stop by my page : )

Some days I wonder if anyone stops by lol. I feel so sad when no one says "hi!"

But anyhow..enough of me being emo.
The prize for the two winners, the Pretty Peridot Necklace.
PLUS, I'm giving each lady a pair of earrings of my choice as well.
I hope you both have your ears pierced! lol
Pretty Peridot Necklace
18" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
Original $50
SALE: $45

Dear J-Ezzy, I hope to end some of that pain and reward you with the Pretty Peridot Pegasus Necklace! : ) I hope you like it! I'm picking out a pair of earrings for you as well. The puppies are a handful! The tan and white one, Timmy is always so wild! But once I take him outside the apartment, he's a lil angel that follows me around. It's so cute. ^^

Hellllo Angie! Since you like the Beachy Aqua Coral, would you like that necklace instead of the Pegasus one? They're priced the same, I wouldn't mind switching up your Giveaway prize : )
Let me know! I'm also going to include a pair of earrings for you as well! Thank you for stopping by, and don't be a stranger! : P

Email me your name & address ladies!

I want to add a little announcement, I'm not going to be restocking the 16" or 18" Italian Sterling Helix Chains once they've all sold out. I do have some left now, but I wanted to let you ladies know that everything I have on this blog with the 16" and 18" Italian Helix style chain will be discontinued soon. If you fancy the chain, pick up one of my Rocker Style Necklaces, or any other pieces while I have them. I'm putting the following few necklaces on sale, so I hope you check them out. Let me know what you think. : )

Also, the 2010 DSK Model Search is ending soon! We have about 15-20 ladies who have entered. I can't wait to show them off. I am going to be giving away gifts to everyone who entered. So..maybe if you were contemplating on entering..maybe this will tip the scale : )

Violet Vex
18" Italian Sterling Helix
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $45

Light Sapphire Pegasus
18" Italian Sterling Helix
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $45

Tanz Rocker
18" Italian Sterling Helix
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $45

Fuchsia Flush
18" Italian Sterling Helix
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $45

Titanic Velvet Rocker
18" Italian Sterling Helix
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $45

And who remembers this piece?
My Merlot Necklace! : )
Sales probably just went down that I posted this pic...oh my self esteem issues.
My bf claims I have low self esteem. I claim that he will always be in my shadow. hahaha
DSK > Tran
DSK's Merlot Necklace
17" Italian Sterling Silver Large Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
SALE: $38

I only have a few left because I'm almost out of this style necklace.
Grab it while you can : ) I love it, it's one of my favorite pieces.

Out of all the favorite pieces that you girls & guys commented, the Bubbi Necklace, Everything Bracelets, the Baller Necklaces were the favorites : )

I do have a handful of Baller Necklaces left, I will post them soon. I want to put those up for grabs again soon. I will definitely have those on sale this coming week. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you thank you for taking part in the giveaway, I will have the next one soon!
Maybe randomly...who knows! lol
I should do the Twitter Giveaways again, those were fun!

DSK Steph, signing off : )


RavenAshley said...


Why no more helix chains?

DSK Steph said...

@RavenAshley, you know me..always changing. I can't stay the same, gotta move in a different direction :)

RavenAshley said...

oh, i see! cant wait to see whats up and coming then =o

Angie said...

^___^ omg omg omg thank you so much! :D

pfft. you are one gorgeous lady. i think sales would go UP if you modeled the necklaces more :) that necklace really does remind me of merlot :)

Pong said...

My bf got this for me for Vday...I dropped it and chipped it the nxt day on the bathroom tile! to say I was devastated would an understatement. I thought about buying another and replacing it but i figured it won't be the same. I'm actually wearing it right now, chipped and all but still loving it! Thank you so much for making it.

MuffinEater said...

Whoa..I have posted in ages.Sorry has exams..yay they are over..well practically.

Congrats to the giveaway winners.And I remember the LOVE MERLOT,how could I forget this shiny,pretty thing :P

Aww Steph,don't be so hard on yourself. You make a great model! ;D

MyOrdinaryWorld said...

i wish i live in the same country as you so i can get your necklaces easily..
They're all so pretty..
I only have the bubbi necklace, and it took forever to finally get here..
Love your work and your cute puppies =)

miu nguyen said...

oh. so saad. didn't win. I scrolled down real slowly because I was so excited :b

But: Congrats to Janine♥ and Angie♥

You're always so nice, Steph :) I really do like you (n/o brown nose you!), because I have the feeling that there's no distance between you and your followers (maybe physical distance :b)


RepSurge said...

I agree with Angie! You are so beautiful! I can't wait to see what you have planned next!

By the way, Congrats to the girls who've won! Your comments were great, and I love the pieces you chose as your favorites!

Also, HI STEPH!!! You don't really know me, because I'm new to DSK Jewelry, but I love your pieces. Do you plan to be traveling anywhere over the summer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! Janine and Angie are two lucky ladies! And wow, 183 comments! You're really popular!
Awww...I'm going to miss the Helix Chains, but I understand why you're doing it :)
Can't wait to see the contestants of the 2010 DSK Model Search! And, don't worry Steph, you look gorgeous in that photo!
Love DSK's Merlot Necklace!

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ツ said...

Congratz to the winner!! :D Luckylucky!

OHH! Those Rocker Necklaces are tempting me! o.o
-wipes away a drool-

Steph! You look GORGEOUS! And the necklace looks lovely on you! I agree with Angie, sales would go way up!!

mintylovee said...

you're one gorgeous lady, steph! but we both have low self-esteems. T.T but you should model more! hehe.
anyways! congrats to the ladies. :D

Pamela said...

I DIE for baller necklaces!!

Jaime said...

Congrats to both the winners! :)
And LOL to your "advertising" of Jonathan XD

DSK Steph said...

@Pong, you should have your bf get you a new one! Tell him to email me and I can see what I can do to help :)

Sarah said...

Yay, congrats to the winners! :D The Peridot is simple amazing!

I'm also guilty of stalking your blogs without saying hi! Sorry... :( I guess that's called a silent reader? But I'll try to break the silence...so...Hi! :D lol

Steph, is it too late to submit an entry for the DSK's Model Search? I was totally going to do it, but this summer has been super hectic thanks to school. :(

Self-esteem issues? But you're so pretty! I think you should start modeling the jewelry, because it's nice to see how the jewelry hangs, and it always looks so different when its actually being worn!

I don't mind the Italian helix going away, but my absolute favorite would have to be the chain that has the tiny heart links. <3 Sooooo cute! I hope to see more of those in the future!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!! :D

I'm so sad the helix chains are being discontinued though... they were my fave type of chain :( lol

Daez said...

Hi Steph!

I recently found your website and I must say I'm impressed! I just made my first purchase and can't wait to look up your new shiny things dayly =]

The giveway is a great idea, congratz to all who won!
Good day to all ^_^

Melina said...

i like the makeup you used in your picture

Emmy said...

hey steph! i'm sad that i didnt win :( maybe next time! i really hope your website is almost done, it would be so awesome to browse your stuff by filtering out sold / on sale jewelry! and searching by jewelry type too... hopefully its still in progress :D either way your jewelry will never fail to amaze me!

Christian said...

Congrats to the winners! how lucky ^_^. Oh and Steph that pic is awesome! I need to learn your photography skills! Fine, you've won me over...I'll try to enter the contest >_< but omg these pictures are so hard to do and capture how pretty the jewelry is too! Thanks for all your hardwork with your support in commenting back...it makes me feel inclined to comment knowing you actually read all our posts! :)

DSK Steph said...

@Christian yay!!! I can't wait to receive your entry ^_^ <3 <3 <3

xsoojx said...

All of your jewelry is soo beautiful!

I came across your site for the first time today (you can thank Holly Ann-AeRee lol )and all of the jewelry is exactly what I've been looking for! Simple and sweet. :]]

Hope to see more of your jewelry in the future!
I'm definitely gonna snag one of those pegasus necklaces when I can. :]

RavenAshley said...

This might be a silly question, but i cant tell very well,cause im such a noob T-T but anyway, is tanz just a ever so slightly darker color than the violet color?

Pong said...

I thought about that but didn't really want to because it was the first time he got me something so expensive. But i'll bring it up to him and have him email you. Thank You!

Nicole said...

:( ohh nooooo! If only I ordered te necklace I want earlier I couldve entered the model search! Oh well tee hee, can't wait to see the girls steph!!!!

DSK Steph said...

@RavenAshley, tanz = tanzanite, it's a deep purple/blue. Violet is very light purple :)

DSK Steph said...

@Nicole, I extended the entry deadline to July 15th by request :)

wuzzyangel said...

LOL Look at you pimping out the male friends again! Oh how I've missed that! LOL! Hey I'm single now, I can actually take a better look!! J/k!!! LOL!

Wow 183 entries!! See how much everyone loves some DSK!!! And Steph of course! ;) And your sales so did not go down, so shut it!

Mmm.. BALLA!!!

Lovely in Mint said...

Hi!! I just found your blog from one of your youtube videos yesterday. I love your videos btw.

I usually don't comment on blogs, but what you said made me want to comment ^_^

I wanted to comment when I found your blog yesterday, but I didn't want to enter when you had other loyal followers who have been following you for a while.

Looking through your entries, I really want to let you know that your creations are beautiful! Especially the ones with wings and leafs. I have a thing for those >.< I love how you put my two loves together!

DSK Steph said...

@Lovely in Mint, thanks for finding me! :) lol my videos are so random with no real purpose, sighh lol. But at least now I have to little puppies to vlog about :) I have a thing for wings and leaves too if you haven't already noticed! lol

Nicole said...

OoOohh thanks steph!!!!

Jessy said...

Aww your friend is nice for helping you. : ) Congrats to the winners!! :D

Karen said...

Congrats to the winners! About the second winner's (Angie's) comment.. that's how am I too when I see all the bling you post up too haha, too shy to comment about drooling over your pieces. btw your pic modeling the merlot necklace is pretty, I like it! :)

reggi said...

congrats winners!! =)

steph, you know we love you even if we don't leave a comment! =P i even ask you for your opinion on our wedding photographer!!! hahah <3

April said...

Hey girly ... thanks so much for stopping by one of my blogs to say hi!
I will be submitting my model pics this weekend ... I love showing off my necklace. I get so many compliments on it!
Oh - and congrats to Janine!! She is such a sweetheart!!


Kate Gene said...

Whoo hoo! J-ezzy is my buddy! Congratulations to both winners!

That Titanic Velvet Rocker necklace is gorgeous! (Of course I would like that one... You share my love of all things purple!)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

do you know how effin psyched I am?!?! THANK YOU for the giveaway!!! Ummm, you're gorgeous Steph, I want you to model the jewelry more!!!

I promise to say hi more on here, I read every new post! June is a tough month for me though, freakin quarter end at work =/

I'd baby sit for you any day if I was in Seattle!!! (that's no joke)


Shout out to April and KateGene =D!!!

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