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DSK in Janine's Sketchbook

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you some art work created by one of my readers & loyal customer. Her name is Janine Tondu. She's an artist who recently graduated with her Bachelors in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is inspired by Children's books and her goal is to draw for Children's books. Her style is also inspired by fashion as well.

I thought her art is too awesome not to be shared with everyone on the DSK Jewelry blog. : ) I've also included a link to her blogspot. Thank you Janine for making my day a whole lot brighter. ^_^

Inspired Sunlight by Janine Tondu

Art ⓒ Janine Tondu

Art ⓒ Janine Tondu

DSK's 14K Bermuda Earrings

Thank you Janine!
I'd like to send you an extra pair of these earrings as a gift to you as my appreciation for your talent. : )


Steph ;D

Moonlight Necklace & Earring Set
16" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
14K Gold-filled Lovely Lady Earrings

*4 sets available*


Janine said...

Omg, thanks so much DSK. It is always a pleasure to know that people actually like my work. And thanks so much for being an inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Janine's such a talented artist! Her drawing/painting of DSK's 14K Bermuda Earrings is so realistic! The Moonlight Necklace and Earring Set look like they're for royalty with the all of the gold! I love it!

Melina said...

That's cool! your jewelry is featured in artwork! :)

Anonymous said...

Woww! Girl, you got talent!! :) I wish I could draw as good as you!

joey said...

there is so much talent in the blogsphere!!!
where do i meet people like you and janine in real life?!

mintylovee said...

it's beautiful Janine! hehe.
DSK Jewelry shines quite well. haha.
the moonlight set is very pretty, and mesmerizing. >_<

wuzzyangel said...

Such a cute illustration! Very children's picture book style! ANd WHOOOT! DSK represented!! See I told you Steph, DSK is slowly taking over the world!!

Anonymous said...

omgg! i crazy love this! it's absolutely adorable~ i love your collaboration(:

response to comment:
yeah, i'm sorry i don't comment often >< i wish i could get into the happen of blogging everyday and commenting blogs i follow but i'm such a lazy bum ):
but i do promise to try to comment more often~! <3

thanks so much for responding to me ^^

Quynh said...

I like this style of earrings in gold a lot more than silver. The Bermuda gold earrings are GORGEOUS!! Wow!!! And the Moonlight goes so well with either silver or gold metals. They will dress up any kind of outfits.

Janine Tondu said...

Wow thanks everyone! I didn't realize people were posting on this still. I agree Quynh the gold seems to bring out the best of the Bermuda crystal.
P.s. DSK I haven't forgotten about your commission I am doing it completely free cause I am such a perfectionist and taking wayy to long with it, sorry!! But I refuse to give you anything but the best! ;)

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