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DSK's Nonners Before & After "Makeup"

My childhood friend is an official creative psycho sarcastic? weirdooooooooooo.
lol, but she makes me laugh.so.hard. Live life with a sense of humor & you'll be much happier : )
Watch the first 2 seconds and prepare to burn some extra calories laughing!

Well Nonners, you're my secret winner in spirit! shhhhh....! no one will know about it!
hahaha, I love your loco ways.

I extended my 2010 Search until July 15th because quite a few ladies have recently placed orders and want to join. Everyone who enters this year is going to get a jewelry gift from me on the behalf of DSK Jewelry. ^_^

Thank you to all those who have already entered!
Keep the entries coming! Remember to send them to model@dskjewelry.com



Pearlholy said...


Nooners: ALMOST epic speech. All that was missing was an emotional moment with tears. XD

mintylovee said...

that was HILARIOUS! my brother walked in and saw the mask and said, "She's ugly." and walked out shaking his head. XD XD

to the ladies auditioning, good luck! ^__^

Kate Gene said...


That mask is sex-ay! LOL!!!!

Melina said...

haha she is so funny.
She should make a video with college application tips for those who just graduated/going to

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