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Moonstones, Lemon Quartz, Light Amethyst 14k Earrings

Hey friends : )
Long time no post!
I just got home to Seattle, and still recovering from a cold.
I apologize for being MIA these past few days. My body just hasn't allowed me to do much of anything during the worse part of the storm.
Enough with the bad news, on to the good news!

You can now e-mail all your questions to: customerservice@dskjewelry[dot]com
I get overwhelmed with e-mails from time to time, and more than often it's hard for me to tackle them all in one day. Therefore, I have found a solution by getting help for both you and me.

If you have any questions, such as your order status, contact customerservice@dskjewelry[dot]com

Any questions they can't answer for you will be forwarded to me to answer.

I think this way, you all will receive a more prompt response. No one likes waiting, I know that to be true!

Thank you for your support, and I hope you like my new earrings.

I am finally able to introduce to you Moonstones

14K Moonstone Love Bait Earrings
*Limited, Update 2 Pairs Available*

14K Lemon Quartz Love Bait Earrings

14K Light Amethyst Love Bait Earrings

Sterling, Crystal, and Pearl Chandelier Earrings

I just can't help but take pictures everyday from my bedroom : )
Last night looked so pretty

Thank you for your time & patience, I'm back in SEA!


Noriki said...

Welcome back Steph :)
You really did a very excellent job at bending those wires! very beautiful which gives those earrings a beautiful elegance look on it!

mintylovee said...

awwheys. :(
i hope that nasty cold goes away quickly. hehe.
but think about yourself!! don't go off making gorgeous pieces even if you're sick!
now i'm finished nagging. xD
moonstone is kind of a mysterious color, if you get my drift. :3
Lemon Quarts reminds me of lemon squares! XD
some shade of purple & gold are just an amazing pair and chandelier earrings are awesomes!! hehe.
you aren't the only who loves to takes pictures!
i love the sky view in the evening! wiht the clouds and a sunset! sooo pretty! ^_^

iAMminky3 said...

Ooohh the earrings are gorgeous! and so is the view from your bedroom! I hope you get well soon! :)

siwing said...

Pretty earrings !!

I LOVE YOUR VIEW !!! /jealous/ haha... You must wake up happy everyday !!! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Gorgeous Steph. Love the wrapping!

Jennie said...

Omg you wire wrapped everything! :o

SY said...

Your view is beautiful and so are the jewelry you make! Get well soon!

MuffinEater said...

Ohhh my god, you lucky girl! You have an amazing view from your bedroom.Its so pretty ^^

Kate Gene said...

I am drooling over every single pair of earrings in this post. I am really getting into gold these days; all of these pieces are gaw-juss!

I love the pictures you have taken of downtown. Since we moved into a different unit in our building, I can't see the Space Needle from our balcony anymore. :( I can see it from the roof only! I'll just have to enjoy your view for now! LOL!

Melina said...

that is such a beautiful view! But doesn't the bright lights and loud noises affect your sleep?

theblackcat said...

pretty earrings! haha those pictures remind me of grey's anatomy.. where is seattle grace x)

Strawberry Chandelier said...

i want the Sterling, Crystal, and Pearl Chandelier Earrings really bad but =__= i cant wear silver!! (U)

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