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New Necklaces & Gift Aquafina Chapsticks

I have a few new necklaces to share & some Aquafina chapsticks to giveaway.
Drop of Golden
16" Sterling Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Update, 1 left*

Drop of Lavender
16" Sterling Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Update, 1 left*

Hazel Sunset
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*1 Available*
*shout out to J.L*

Drop of Capri
16" Sterling Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*sold out*

Since I used my fav Aquafina lip balm as a prop to compare the size of the necklace.
I'm going to include a free Aquafina chapstick with each one of the necklaces shown above.
If you're not interested in the Aquafina Chapstick, you can always give away. ;)


It really is the best lip balm to me. I love minty stuff.

Have a great day!



- Renée - said...

I absolutely love the blue in Drop of Capri, and the shape of it is lovely! Sooo tempting... lol

mintylovee said...

i love the Drop shapes! haha.
and i never tried the Aquafina chapsticks. xD
i use vaseline a lot. >_<

Melina said...

i love the color of capri! i tried looking for the aquafina chapstick but i couldn't find any in stores.

Julia said...

As much as I was happy to see the everything cluster bracelets, I'm also relived and glad to see some necklaces, too. The necklaces are so gorgeous! Their design is simple, yet is still professional and elegant! I love it! Ooohhh! I've never tried the Aquafina chapstick. You're so nice to add in an Aquafina chapstick! Thanks!

shawdyyy said...

I need a new chapstick. Maybe I'll try the Aquafina one!

Julie P. said...

Oo those necklaces are gorgeous! btw: I keep hearing good news about those chapsticks.. I can't seem to find them anywhere either.. How do I win those :) hehe

DSK Steph said...

You ladies can find them at Rite Aid, but it's not the same minty kind. They have the ones with the white packaging in fruit flavors. I found these in Michigan at a grocery store called Meijer

Suzanna said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how simple this necklace! ugh beautiful!
I am following you on Twitter love! Im @SedonaLace, the cosmetic company (im the promotions manager so I run the social networks) Just a heads up lol. Anywho! Have a great week and weekend! xx

Pearlholy said...

My love for DSK has been renewed. I love the 'Drop of Lavender' necklace. The colour reminds me of winter <3

Kissyfur said...

Loving this trio! But, I absolutely love the capri color. I love the aquafina chapstick as well(which I get from the dollar general). I switch between that and the Burts Bee one because both of them are minty.

jeweli said...

argh!! i realllly wanna try those aquafina chapsticks! damn australia - always lacking products! >< i've been hunting on ebay for them though wooo ^^

gotta love ebay!

oh PS: cute necklaces LOL i seemed more excited about the chapsticks ><

Ansa said...

I want the drop of capri. So sad for me it's sold out.

RavenAshley said...

I really like these necklaces. I especially love that hazel sunset color <3<3<3

More pegasus necklaces sometime soon? I miss them dearly, especially the black diamond colored ones.

DSK Steph said...

@RavenAshley, Yes! More Pegasus Necklaces coming soon! : ) I really like the Black Diamond Crystal as well.

Janine said...

Hey DSK quick question where do you get the lip balms from? I have the lip gloss and love it to death but couldn't find the balm anywhere.

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