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Saturday's Special

Marine Pegasus
18" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
.925 Sterling Pegasus Wing
Crystallized Swarovski

Random questions,
Did anyone you grow up watching Sailor Moon?
Does anyone know the name of the Pegasus in Sailor Moon?
It's not Helios is it?
I can't remember!


Elana said...

It is helios! I believe...Sailor moon <3. I was so obsessed! I wanted to be her haha

RavenAshley said...

<3 Sailor moon
and yes it was Helios =)

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

I always watched it when I was little in Japan & I thought they said Erios, but maybe it's actually supposed to be Helios & thaz just the way they pronounced it.
lol I remember when I was little I always grew my hair out super long cuz I wanted to be Sailormoon when I grew up. It even says so in this thing I filled out when I was in kindergarten hehe

Jupi said...

His name is Helios, because Chibi Usa thinks that some day he will become her prince. :3 His horn was the golden crystal if I remember correctly.

Christina said...

yesss, I used to love Sailor Moon when I was a kid! My sis and I would always play Sailor Moon :)

according to an anime wiki, the name is Helios. but I can't remember for the life of me

mintylovee said...

gorgeous color.
and yes it is! Helios is the name. (:
i freakin' love Sailor Moon!
haha. <3

Kelly said...

Omg I LOVED Sailor Moon when I was a little girl. You're right, Helios was the name of the Pegesus!

Charlene said...

Hey Steph! I totally watched Sailor Moon growing up! The Pegasus' name is in fact Helios!

Christian said...

hah I loved Sailor Moon! It was the only cartoon I would wake up early to watch...in Hawaii it would show at 5:30am I think?? I thought Tuxedo Mask was so hott :P...don't remember the Pegasus's name though :(

Serena said...

Your Pegasus necklaces are always soo pretty.

I used to watch Sailormoon as a kid. I used to role play with girl friends. I always got dibs on Sailormoon because my name was Serena. =P
And YUP! I believe the Pegasus' name is Helios.

<3s Serena.

SY said...

It is HELIOS! lol =] I used to watch sailor moon all the time when i was a kid! I used to go to this arcade place back in taiwan when i was little and played the sailor moon game there. I was always Jupiter =D

Thao said...

His name WAS Helios! You're talking about the white unicorn right?

Cookie said...

Pegasus is his horse form name, then he turns into Helios (エリオス, Eriosu?) priest of Elysion when he's human.

Tiffany said...

I love Sailor Moon! Yup, his name was Helios ^_^ That's a beautiful necklace!

DSK Steph said...

Did any of you girls watch Tenchi Muyo too? I just picked up the full series at Best Buy lol...well what the US considers "the full series"

Melina said...

i didn't watch sailor moon, i watched pokemon and power rangers

anniedinh said...

haha I'm actually trying to watch the whole series at the moment :)

i just got to the episode where Rini meets Pegasus in her dreams xD

DSK Steph said...

@anniedinh, I tried to look for the series at Fry's Electronics today, but I didn't find any :( It's weird that they don't sell the series in stores. Best Buy used to carry it but the Japanese version. Now I can't find any at all. Where are you watching? Online? What website?

anniedinh said...

I watch it on youtube. The channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/WickedxLady.

It's english dubbed so I don't know if it's better/worse than the original because I couldn't find the original on youtube. I think Pegasus is around episode 128-129.

I'm also trying to watch the live action one too haha. you can find that here: http://www.youtube.com/user/coolboy4sis

enjoy! it really brings back childhood memories haha

DSK Steph said...

@anniedinh, thank you!

anniedinh said...

you're welcome :)

you guys make so much pretty jewelry.. its so hard for me to choose from :(

Elana said...

Tenchi Muyo was also on Toonami around when Sailor moon was, I used to watch it, but then it got kind of confusing, Tenchi got some girl other than the princess and the demon, and it all went down hill from there! >=(

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