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Sheet Music & A Flute Story

There are 3 .925 Sterling Charms
This reminds me of my day in band class lol
I played the clarinet for 3 years in middle school. I was 10th/11th chair out of 29 chairs : )
I remember when we'd challenge each other for the chairs. lol
I hated to be challenged!

My boyfriend was first chair flute, AHAHAHAHAA
When I found that out, I about died of laughter.
He was like..don't you know the greatest flute players are men?

He recently told me a sad story...one year his flute got stolen from the band room.
He had to sit out for the rest of the year : (
Eventually, someone turned in a flute to the school. It was Minh's flute! They had found it stuffed in a gutter near his middle school.
He said it was those mean girls in his class who where jealous of him being first chair!

Isn't that just sad?! Makes me want to hug him.

I just felt really bad...so after that story ~ I never made fun of him again for playing the flute. lol

Do you play any instruments?

If I could do it again, I would have picked up violin!
And I still want to learn how to play the piano..just so I can play Taeyang's "Wedding Dress"

"Music Theory" DSK Everything Bracelet
7" Italian Sterling Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

Do you all know of Yoonha85? He's a pianist on youtube, he's AMAZING.


pfefi said...

my boyfriend can play it! it's really sweet. n_n

Chanthida said...

I <3 the bracelet and I <3 TaeYang!! lol the only song i remember how to play on the piano is Beethoven's fur elise but my main instrument is the guitar...i wish i could play the violin as well but i think i might take up drums next..it's never too late to learn:D

huong. said...

most of the kpop lovers know him :D

mintylovee said...

awwheys. your bf is so adorable and funny!
i plated alto-sax for two years in elementary, but had to stop due to the fees. =/
ditto with the piano! i just wannans play music all day if i could; and piano would be the instrument. (:
i love the pearls! :D <3

Anonymous said...

I played the violin from 4th grade elementary all the way to high school haha. I haven't played after that though =/ I dont even have a violin to practice on now -__- I also played the piano for many years but im not that good at it, mainly because i was too lazy to practice. I regret it though but i do still try to play "sometimes" lol.

That guy's version of wedding dress is nice!~ I like ^__^ He recently added me as a friend on youtube haha. Blehh i wish i never quit taking piano lesson.

Angie said...

:D i play piano, violin, and viola. i'm not as hardcore as i used to be - music was my oxygen, my life until college haha.

i should learn wedding dress and play it for you haha. i love that song!

Lacey said...

I love the new everything bracelet!!!! I love music, so naturally, I loved the musical theme of this peice. One day when I can afford one of your beautiful everything bracelets, I'll buy one!!!!!! :)

Kae said...

I picked trombone in 5th grade and stuck with it until my 2nd year at college. I always wished I had picked something cooler like sax! I also learned how to play Bassoon once I got into high school and played in the woodwind quartet. Oh man I am the ultimate band nerd I know. I met my husband my sophomore year in HS so no regrets for sure!

DSK Steph said...

@Angie, haha please do!!!

DSK Steph said...

@Kae, that's such a sweet story!!! lol I met my 6th grade "boyfriend" in band class lol. He sat next to me!

Melina said...

oh my gosh! those girls are butt cracks! i play the violin, but i quit once high school started. i wish i continued though :/ oh well... anyways, your bracelets are always beautiful, but you get that compliment all the time

Shiseiten said...

I always like your black and white music themed bracelets! I hope you've been doing well steph! I frequently stalk the site, but more just admiring the work nowadays. :) Photo school is expensive! haha. But I played piano from 2nd to 7th grade. And i still enjoying playing today. :D I played clarinet for 8 years of my life (5th-12th grade). I was a total band geek, but after high school i decided that was enough of that! I picked up koto and shamisen (japanese instruments) while in my senior year up for about 2 years...and have been on and off in guitar. I really only want to play specific songs and learning those are somewhat challenging, but the more songs I try, the more chords. =] Music has always been a part of my life and I enjoy playing instruments alot. :D hope you have been doing well and are enjoying the summer season!

izumi said...

hahaha jeez. can't imagine either of you being bandos :P but hey, life happens! hahaha. and that IS a really sad story w/ minh :(

that piano guy is pretty good.

spike147_98 said...

I'm playing the piano for 8 months now and my teacher says that i have the level of a fourth grader that makes me really happy (In Belguim you don't get music at school so you have to apply for after school lessons ^^)

DSK Steph said...

@izumi aka sarah! lol why not?! woodwinds for the win!

RavenAshley said...

awww <//3 poor minh, and that bracelet is quite lovely, makes me wish i had some sort of musical talent

Stephanie said...

I play the piano! But I stopped when I was 15 because I had waaay too much work to do at school and lots of exams :( If I could learn another instrument, it would defs be the violin...or maybe the flute!

That story was really sad! Those girls were so mean!!

MyLuckyStar42 said...

same! I want to play the piano too! i wanted to take keyboard this year so it would be easier for me to learn the piano, but i couldn't get the class because my schedule was packed.I really want to learn Wedding Dress too! I think almost everyone knows that song.

I was second chair for flute i middle school =) but moved down to fourth =( because people challenged me but i didn't care to challenge back. My friend is a guy and he played the flute too. He was third chair though.

Anonymous said...

What a sad story?! Right now, I just play the piano. But, next year, I'm going to play either the flute or the violin. Music Theory is sooo pretty! I love it! Anyways, that's such a beautiful song! He's a really good pianist, especially considering that he played that by ear!

Anonymous said...

Lovely bracelet!

I absolutely love the piano. I play a little bit... Only like 3-and-a-half songs though haha.. My sister plays way better than me. She's great.

My two favorite instruments are piano and acoustic guitar.

I don't know what it is about piano, but it just totally reels me in. Especially stuff like the song you posted below, when I hear stuff like that, I just have to stop whatever I'm doing, and listen. I'm not big on classical music, but when it comes to piano, I'm just drawn in. :)

Pinky said...

Aww does your boyfriend still know how to play? I used to play the piano, but eventually I quit 'cause my piano lessons were every Saturday!! All I wanted to do was play outside at the time x.x

Oh well, now I should find a guy to play for me :p I find it super sexy!

Anonymous said...

hahah awww... poor minh =[

adrienne said...

Gorgeous bracelet!

I played flute too during high school and was lucky enough to play piccolo my senior year. Third chair was the highest I got to though. lol. Does Minh still have his flute?

DSK Steph said...

@Pinky I remember when playing outside was the most important part of my day! haha now that you said it, it reminds of my childhood!

@adrienne I asked him the same thing, lol one day I should buy him a flute for Christmas!

Pearlholy said...

Weee~ You're Music-theme everything bracelet have always been my favourite! It's cute that you changed the lighting for the picture too; it looks super dreamy! <3

I used to play the violin. Played it for five years until I had to start college; I love my violin but it's been hibernating in my closet for some time now.

And omg, Yoonha has been so popular lately. Did you know Tae Yang's going to release his solo album soon? I can't wait to hear his RnB tracks <3!

(btw: the first pic of you puppy wearing a bow was super cute =D )

Joannababy said...

i played the flute for two years during middle school (: i also played piano when i was younger, but sadly i forgot everything as i got older. now the only instrument i play regularly is my voice...if you don't count Thai instruments <3

Kissyfur said...

I think its an asian thing to learn to play instruments. My mom made me choose between violin or piano. I chose the violin but I wished I had chose the piano now. I also played the clarinet for 3 years as well in middle school.

I am loving the update pics of your 2 sweet puppies.

Oh yeah the bracelet is beautiful as always! =P

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ツ said...

Aww! That's mean! Well jealous girls can be pretty scary at times! ^.^;;

I have so many friends who are in band class right now in high school! Makes me want to play an instrument! Actually I've tried a couple...

piano- fingers are too short :(
violin- fingers too short & didn't have the upper arm strength to hold the violin up! :(( xD
guitar- fingers to short and too lazy to practice!

SO, NOW! Imma try drums and see how that goes! xD

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