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Moonlit Fancy Key Necklace Available!

Lighted by the Moon
Fancy Moonlit Key Necklace
16" Sterling Heart Link Chain
Sterling Silver Fancy Key
Crystallized Moonlight Swarovski Heart
Available again!
Everyone who pre-ordered your packages will be shipped out tomorrow morning. : )
Thank you!

Fancy Moonlit Key 16" (40cm) Necklace

Fancy Moonlit Key 18" (45cm) Necklace


Christian said...

Haha lucky me I see this gorgeous necklace again as soon as I randomly visit your site. *drools at moonlit key*. You've been making soooo many posts and new stuff, go you Steph!

Kate Gene said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! The key charm is quite possibly the cutest one I have ever seen. You have such fabulous taste, Steph!

I swear I saw MakeupByMel wearing your rocker necklace in a recent video, BTW. :D

Seriously, I'm sorry for being such a pill about my pictures. LOL! I'm STILL working on them! Boo for being wishy washy! (I drive the Husband crazy sometimes. Imagine what I'm like when he asks something as simple as: "What would you like for dinner?" Bahahaha!)

DSK Steph said...

@Katie lol, dinner isn't an easy decision either! lol

@Christian you are so full of support! I thank you ^_^ new twitter buddy!

The Little Dust Princess said...

This is really gorgeous! Love the key especially <3

mintylovee said...

so cute yet elegant. :D
two thumbs uppie!

wuzzyangel said...

This is fit for royalty! Seriously it invokes images of princesses!

Liana said...

wow, i really love this one!

Pearlholy said...

I love the key charm! I would definitely want to see it in your everything bracelets too!

Ahhh~ So gorgeous =(! Making it so hard for me to resist! *slaps her compulsive shopper hands*

Melina said...

i like the little heart

lillovertina said...

thats so cute i wish i can buy it aw well :( well i wish u the best

Marv said...

Hi hope there won't be any problem w/ the shipping...
My wife is a big fan...

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