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*Updated* New Fancy Moonlit Key

Lighted by the Moon
Fancy Moonlit Key Necklace
16" Sterling Heart Link Chain
Sterling Silver Fancy Key
Crystallized Moonlight Swarovski Heart

Fancy Moonlit Key 16" (40cm) Necklace

Fancy Moonlit Key 18" (45cm) Necklace


Angie said...

aww that is such a unique key! :D

Shiseiten said...

that is quite the beautiful piece. :D

Anonymous said...

awwwe your puppies are growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

The key's sooo pretty! Wow, your puppies have grown a lot since you first got them! They're still adorable, though!

Lilly said...

Like the new piece. Very classy.
Your puppies are growing so fast. Good luck with their terrible two's. Hope your shoe collection can survive. >.<.

Ansa said...

I want this. Do you have any available?

Michelle said...

Eeeeeeeep! That's such a gorgeous version of the necklace, I love it. I adore the new font/script lettering too. ^.^ Awww...your puppies are soooo cute. :D

jeweli said...

awww i LOVE the key!!
i just got myself one!! =D

siwing said...

oh that key is so pretty !! when are you gonna have the 18" heart chain necklaces available ?

RavenAshley said...

wow, probably my new favorite piece you've done, but i tend to favor things w/ key charms XD idk why i like them so much, but so lovely.

DSK Steph said...

@siwing, I'll have the 18" version available in about 2 weeks.

@ansa, if it takes you through to check out then it's available, if not it will say sold out.

Samantha said...

I can't wait till this comes back in stock!
I'm so in love with key & heart design.

Another amazing piece beautiful steph!

wuzzyangel said...

Great necklace! Love the key charm!

Awww Wally & Timmy!!!! AWWWWWWWW!!!

terry*~ said...

that is a gorgeous piece. ^-^

L4pinkpetal said...

your puppies are so cute steph!! i'm jealous, too bad my mom won't allow me to have pets. :(

Melina said...

it looks quite vamparic

Pearlholy said...

Oh~ I love the key charm! Very very cute! A must, especially with that price. <3

Pinky said...

I'm a sucker for key/heart necklaces! Especially DSK's xD

Btw, will you be choosing the DSK model on the 15th or will there be a voting system?

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