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*NEW* Julia's Necklace & Baroque Noir

Julia's Necklace
Dedicated to my sister Julia who has been a great support system this summer, Thank you.
18" (45cm length) Sterling Heart Link Chain

Baroque Noir Necklace
(as requested)
The pendant is pretty large 38mm in size
18" (45cm length) Sterling Heart Link
Limited Edition, 2 Available

Now we're off to Puppy Training!

Check out Timmy's new harness, it's from Barkz in downtown Kirkland, WA.
We spent the evening out there yesterday. It was so relaxing!

He looks very sweet, but he's a lil rascal!

Happy Sunday!

~ Steph


reene said...

I adore the pictures of your puppies. They're too cute. How do you get any work done?!? I wouldn't be able to resist playing with them all day (I guess that says something about my work ethic haha).

PH has got to be my favorite color crystal with Bermuda at a close 2nd. Love it! :)

mintylovee said...

TImmy's so adorable!
all your puppies are! ^_^
i love Julia's necklace. so sparkly and preetty. :D

wuzzyangel said...

Baroque!! That's what I was thinking of not "briole"! LOL! I'm soo stoopid!!

Awww... Timmy!!! He's soooo cute!!

ning * star said...

cute pup!

evie said...

i love the necklace!! sadly the shipping always stops me sob sob...

and the puppies are so cute!!

siwing said...

ooooh I see that you have 18" !!! WOOOOOOOT hahah. i've been waiting >< .. it looks a lot like Bubbi Remix.. I think ?? Hahah..

I'm deciding.. If I want to get this.. Or... the Fancy Moonlit Key Rose....... DECISIONS !!!!!! Is it possible to change the crystal ? I already have a moonlight crystal .. but I really don't want to change the look/style of your jewelry. I'm in no way tryng to insult you.. Am I asking too much questions ?? I feel like this should be in an email instead of a comment.. LOL.. sorry.. My email is siwing38@gmail.com and I see that it is sold out.. Is it still sold out?

Sorry for so many questions !! LOL.. I'm so excited.. I've been waiting for the 18"... =D

Angie said...

aww so sweet to dedicate it to your sis :)

Janine said...

Timmy!!! He looks so precious! They grow up so fast, lol you can't even tell he's a rascal from the pics. :3

MyLuckyStar42 said...

Julia's Necklace is pretty and shiny! Timmy is adorable :)

Miss Kimberly said...

Aw! Timmy looks absolutely adorable with his new harness!! Love it!

Cathie said...

Oooh, wow, the Baroque Noir necklace is SO gorgeous! If I get some money soon I'm DEFINITELY getting it :)

JuliaMH said...

Hey look it's my necklace, haha just kidding. (: I love how you dedicate jewelry to people. The heart chain is my favorite, so cute, it adds such a special touch!

Pearlholy said...

Ohhh~ Pretty~ Will you consider doing a Julia's remix? >w<

I love that dog, he's so freaking cute. Timmy has the cutest look on his face! Hahaha I melt every time you share the pics of him with us.

Lailani Albano said...

you have THE cutest dogs everrr! they make my chihuahua look like a rat :P

Melina said...

Julia's necklace = Bubbi's necklace?

Lina said...

Bermuda is SUCH a beautiful crystal. I'd love to see it paired with other blue-reflecting gems for necklaces =) Love your jewelry!!

I hope Julia's necklace will still be around when I come shopping next time ;)

nina-ng090 said...

The Julia necklace look like the Bubbi necklace! :o Why? :(

nina-ng090 said...

The Julia necklace look like the Bubbi necklace! :o Why? :(

Lacy Bunny said...

Julia's necklace is beautiful!!! Love it!


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