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Vivi's Custom Collection ^_^

Hello ladies, how are you? Fantastic. (think the new Old Spice Commercial)

I have received many messages from Vivi's friends & fans about her DSK necklaces that she often wears in her photos. I figured it's about time I got on it and posted them here for everyone's viewing pleasure. *I don't have that many of each readily available so if they get sold out, I will have them available again in the near future.*

Vivi herself loves to mix 'n match her DSK pieces.

The following necklaces are Miss Vivi's combination, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

Vivi's DSK Necklace
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Vivi's DSK Necklace
18" (45cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Vivi is wearing the necklace in the 16" (45cm) chain length

Vivi's Signature
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Vivi's Signature
18" (45cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

She's cuter than puppies! And I'm being for serious. lol
Who agrees with me?
Vivi's Violet Necklace
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Vivi's Violet Necklace
18" (45cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Are we blessed to have gorgeous Vivi as one of our DSK Jewelry Models?
yes yes, we are!

Thank you Vivi for always rocking the D.S.K.! :3

I love having you as part of the DSK Team

On a random, fun side note. We've been shopping around looking for a great space for DSK's future headquarters with a commercial real estate agent.

What do you think of this view of the water (Pudget Sound)?
Gotta love blurry cell phone pics!
The office above is $2,000/month, not bad for that view.
My apartment is a bit more than that and our view is of the Space Needle, and very little of Pudget Sound.

I'm not going into this venture by myself, there is another business involved as well.
But more on that later : )

Corporate space isn't really that affordable, did you know the rent increases each year?
For example one of the places we checked out right across the street from H&M here in downtown Seattle, price tag $3,000/month for the first year.
The second year it goes up to $5,000/month
Plus, you're usually locked into a commitment for the space for 4-5 years.
Look at all these new things I'm learning.

I know someone (my age) in the NYC's meat packing district who pays $7,000 month for 2,000 square feet for his corporate office. Apparently, the meat packing district is a very hip area according to my friends over there. But they're telling me that their rent does not increase by year. I wonder why Seattle & New York City are different in this aspect? It might just be their particular location? If anyone knows more about this, do comment! I'm curious.

I'm a newbie at this formal stuff. But how cool would it be to expand the business & have a place to go to work. I'm just dreaming a bit big right now, but you only live once right?
Also, within the next 1-2 years, I'll need a local staff. It's so fun to work with my friends, but I really need local help. Just keep that in mind Seattle readers!

Now you must watch the new Old Spice Commercial if you haven't already!
To answer your question Old Spice man, I DO love the smell of adventure!


serii said...

Congratulations on the success that you've had so far; I know your business will def be one to look out for! I always receive compliments when I wear your pieces and I'll be sure to spread the word! Hehe :)

mintylovee said...

so preetty. ^_^
and i remember seeing the Old Spice CF!
it was so funny. my brother and i were answering all his questions no and stuff. xD

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Sadly I work for a CRE (Commercial Real Estate Information) company and I don't know diddly squat!!

I do know the bldg we lease had a 10 yr lease and the rent only goes up at renewal, not yearly. Luckily we bought a bldg in DC months ago and I start working in DC soon, not Bethesda...lucky for CoStar, not lucky for me!!

Wish you the best with your jv (joint venture)!!

Vivi's necklace is gorgeous!!!! Could she be any more gorgeous too?!

btw - i forgot to add my blog link to my survey, if you have spare time (which I doubt) could you add it, please?

xSimply Reikox said...

Wow, thank you for posting the collection for Vivi - she really is pretty and cute... Maybe I can one day become a model like her! :) I like the last picture of her - it makes me feel even more inspired to work hard in the things I do! :D I enjoyed viewing the jewelry collection and makes me more excited for the contest!

Do I like the smell of adventure? Hell to the yes! :D

Kate Gene said...

Vivi is so pretty! I love all of the pieces she's wearing, especially the first necklace. It's SO eye-catching, and I bet it looks insane in the sunlight!

You crack me up! I love those Old Spice commercials! I saw the Old Spice guy's interview on the Today Show. He's so mellow and nice!

When you open up your physical store, you know Kate Gene will be there!


Kate Gene said...

Grr! Blogger geeked out after I typed a long comment. Here's a short version of the original:

1. You are a riot! I love those Old Spice commercials. The Old Spice guy was interviewed on the Today Show recently. He was so mellow and down to earth! I really liked him.

2. Vivi is so cute! My favorite necklace is the first one... All of those crystals together = MAJOR BLING! I bet it looks insane in the sunlight!


DSK Steph said...

@Katie don't u hate when that happens! internet FAIL

I need to look up the Old Spice guy on the Today show! I usually watch the today show everyday! Are you that way too?

wuzzyangel said...

LOL I sooo remember that commercial! AND my dad still wears Old Spice to this day! LOL!

What a great collection! Beautiful for a beautiful lady! See DSK models are always HOT & Sexy! But I love to mix & match my DSK pendants too! They're soo versatile! :)

Anonymous said...

All of Vivi's collection is sooo pretty..

Pearlholy said...

I love Vivi's two last pieces. They're so gorgeous. =( I wish I could spoil myself for my birthday and get them. I have too many necklaces right now and I rarely wear them due to my allergies. =( Boo!

AND LOL! Old Spice Man has been so viral around the net lately! Did you see the "Re: Anonymous" one? HILARIOUS!

Ritz said...

lols! DREAM BIG! if you ever wanna venture out to NYC i'd love to be a part of your staff! i think it's wonderful how you've followed your dreams and created such a wonderful company! :) can't wait to hear more about your future business plans!

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