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14k White Gold Necklace

14K White Gold "Fantasy" Necklace

18" 14k White Gold
Sterling Silver
Engraved Sterling DSK Tag
Crystallized Swarovski
*sold out*

For those interested in the sterling silver option :D,

Sterling Silver "Fantasy" Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
Engraved Sterling DSK Tag

Fantasy Necklace

Thanks for visiting today ^_^
I'm headed out the door to take my cousin to the Sea-Tac airport.
3 weeks flew by so fast!

Today was his last full day and it was fun because President Obama was across the street from our place at the Westin Hotel for a luncheon. We watched his Motorcade go by ^_^ The crowds were cheering.

We were watching from our terrace ^_^
They blocked the road, and he came out of the parking garage (where "DSK Steph" is located) lol, the black dots in the street are all police on foot. I taped a video but I haven't had the chance to upload. Will post soon!

Quick Update: Alice's Blue Threads

Alice's Blue 3" Thread Earrings
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski


xSimply Reikox said...

Why hello, Mr. President, lol! That is awesome! You have an amazing view from above! :D

I love the Fantasy necklace! The purple and black are just gorgeous and mysterious together! :)

CATHLEEN said...

omg white gold!!! ><

izumi said...

i love white gold :D so pretty!

CATHLEEN said...

so i didn't know where to post this.
i don't know why but i've started to make a fashion blog (pretty random) and i've decided to review your jewelry because i think the world should know about it :). i used the pictures that you've taken, i hope that's alright with you. if not i could take them down. this is just to ask for permission.

Anonymous said...

I love the fantasy necklace!!

Jay said...

Pretty necklace and classic in style. I hope to see more designs of your jewelry from your end. I would love to revisit your blog.
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