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20" Baroque Necklaces

Hey again, I could help but post these gorgeous Crystallized Swarovski Baroque Necklaces.
I have one of each available, and they're all in the 20" 14k Gold-Filled Chain Necklaces.
If you're very interested, and they happen to be sold out, feel free to email me DSKJewelry@gmail.com

Golden Baroque 20"
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Silver Shadow Baroque 20"
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

These are larger than the "big baroque necklace" I've had in the past
AB Baroque 20"
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski


Kate Gene said...

As always, your stuff is amazing! The second necklace is so cute. It looks like a little iceberg!

I love that you're adding more gold to your line. I am becoming obsessed with it!

BTW, thank you for the store recommendation. We went today and I was in love! LOL!

Pearlholy said...


N$&$!@#$%^&9 Missed the giveaway! ;;__;;

ZSDF#$%$TAW#$TQ Finally got my package! Thank yoouuu~

lol, sorry for the random spazzing. It was just to show how excited and hyped I was. >_>;; (I have yet to send my pearl earring *fail*)

I love yoouuuu

xSimply Reikox said...

I really like looking at the baroque necklaces :D They're really pretty!

reene said...

I got my package a few days ago. Thank you! I love everything! :D Now I'm drooling over that gold Baroque piece.. Why do you do this to me, Steph?? lol

DSK Steph said...

@Izzy, your comments always put a smile on my face lol. I love your excitement typing! haha

@Reene, yay! :D :D :D I'm glad you loved everything ^_^

@Katie Bead World is awesome! It's so damn organized I love it

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