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DSK Jewelry Welcomes Kayleigh to the Team! :D

A big congratulations to the beautiful Kayleigh for winning our DSK Jewelry's 2010 Model Search! ^_^
Her youtube channel for those who want to meet her on youtube,

By viewer vote, Kayleigh lead with 1460 votes out of a total of exactly 6700 votes placed from July 15, 2010 - August 15, 2010
Very impressive!

Our runner up was Jessica A. with 1273! Sending you some love soon! ^_^

A huge *bear hug* and ginormous thank you to all 44 lovely ladies who joined the 2010 DSK Model Search : )

Thank you all for putting so much effort into your photos & entries!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading & viewing each and everyone of your entries (and learning of your Youtube channels!) Lots of you girls are on Youtube, and it's SO amazing to watch your videos and hear your voices. Social media is becoming so mainstream now-a-days, and being a part of the Youtube community really makes its feel more personal for your viewers. I think everyone should have an online video just to say "hi" to the online world ^_^

Getting to know you all is such a treat for me since we're all from around the world.
I have girl friends to hang out with when I travel right? lol

I really LOVED all of your pictures! I think everyone has to agree that the photos were the best part of the contest ^_^ The tumblr layout design was AMAZING (shout out to Genre! TY!)
Next year, let's fill up the pages with more amazing photos!
I like what I see! & I know statistically at least 6700 people felt the same : )

You all will be receiving a DSK Necklace Gift from me personally as a THANK YOU! ^_^
(More details at the bottom of this post ^^)

Now please let me introduce you to Kayleigh ^_^
Kayleigh and I have known each other through DSK Jewelry for a while now; she was one of my first customers from back in the day! I had no idea what she looked like for the longest of time. She shared with me some photos a while back and I was just in awe! She's so adorable I thought to myself. How blessed am I to have her as a jewelry model for DSK?!

She owns one of my first DSK Lux Pearl Bracelets that you can see in her photos below : )
I still remember the day her and I would exchange e-mails talking about custom pieces.
How time flies!
Thank you Kayleigh for your support through out the year. It means so much to me that you are willing to help me strengthen my brand. :D

Meet Kayleigh


Hello! My name is Kayleigh Prince and I am originally from Maryland! While growing up I happened to be the only artistic one in my family!. To cope with having a bunch of siblings who were going to someday become lawyers and doctors, I decided to make a youtube channel. I had always been complimented on my hair because I was able to make it curly some days and straight others. A lovely gift I was given ! With my first videos on youtube I wanted to help other girls that had curly hair like me. So I made my first video and just kept making them from there ! Now it is a hobby of mine and my look has completely changed from when I began the channel. I feel 100% more confident with my inner and outer self. I have become so much more creative with my makeup and hair. I love all the support I have received on my channel as well. That support for my artistic capabilities was not something I had from my family. It was nice to finally be complimented and acknowledged for my talent. Currently, I am in college studying studio art as a sophomore but I secretly want to become a makeup artist or hair stylist ! Life for me goes by a day at a time. What gets me through it is my fiance, Matt. We have been together for three years now and plan to get married in two to three years. I am very blessed and I love my life now ! Here is my youtube channel that I started a few months ago : www.youtube.com/foreveryours0727

Why I want to represent DSK:

I would love to have the chance to represent DSK Jewelry. I have been a fan from around the time Steph first began it ! I fortunately own various pieces of jewelry from her and I love them all ! From the great delivery time and the thoughtful packaging to the beautifully hand crafted jewelry itself you have no choice but to fall in love with DSK Jewelry. I would wait days and months till I saved up enough money to buy more of her jewelry ! It’s amazing how popular DSK has now become, especially on youtube. I personally would feel honored to be given the chance to make videos and be a model for DSK Jewelry. I have never modeled before but I figured I would finally give it a chance now ! Before, I wasn’t into the idea of modeling. Now, I realize that it’s a great way to gain self-confidence and to accept your natural beauty. Wearing DSK Jewelry while modeling at the same time would just be an amazing opportunity !

Q&A (a-z 26 questions!):

a. What’s your name? Nickname?

b. How old are you?
19 almost 20 on the 24th of April !

c. When’s your birthday?
April 24 1990

d. How tall are you?
5’ 3”

e. What is your career? If you’re a student, what is your major?
My major is studio art.

f. Are you single? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Married? Children? It’s Complicated?
i am engaged to my boyfriend of three years. He is my high school sweetheart !

g. Where are you from? Birth place? Current location?
I am from maryland

h. Do have siblings?
Yes, I have 5 other siblings ! 2 step sisters, 1 real sister, and 2 real brothers lol.

i. What’s your ethnicity?
I have a bit of Russian, German, Irish, and other things in me.

j. What’s your favorite food?
Chocolate is my favorite food! I just cant resist it.

k. What are 5 words that describe you? Be Creative!
I am artistic, sincere, shy, simple, and lovable !

l. What would the title of your autobiography be?
“What it’s like to be the only artistic one in the family”

m. What would you do if a vending machine stole your money?
If the machine broke I would put more money in and try again but be really upset !

n. Do you have a tattoo? If so, where?! If no, would you get a tattoo?
I have no tattoos.

o. How many piercings do you have?
I have two piercings, one in each ear.

p. What your favorite feature? What’s your least favorite?
I have to say that I like my hair the most and I really dislike my lower stomach !

q. How many languages can you speak, and which ones?
I can only speak english however I did attempt french in high school and that definitely didnt work out !

r. What’s your zodiac sign?
I am a Taurus.

s. What’s your dream job?
I want to be a makeup artist/hair stylist or graphic designer :)

t. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
On the weekends I always go on dates with my fiance !

u. Do you have any phobias?
Nope !

v. What’s your favorite pick up line?
I love all the pick up lines because they are all so cute. But I think to win ones heart you have to just be yourself. It worked for my fiance and I :)

w. What’s your ring tone?
I set my cell to vibrate because I am always in class !!

x. What’s your favorite song?
My favorite song right now is Alice by Avril Lavigne.

y. What makes you laugh?
It makes me laugh the hardest when people dance funny on purpose to try to imitate a really bad dancer !

z. I can’t wait till: ________(Fill in the blank)
I cant wait till I get married to my fiance !! ;)

DSK Model Kayleigh's Prizes

This year's prizes are as follows,

1. A custom, one of a kind DSK Everything Bracelet designed just for you, Kayleigh!!! : )
A spot on the DSK Model "Wall" alongside the blog's finest.

2. A DSK Collection named after you! (including necklace, bracelet, earrings).
I can't wait to talk to you about this girl! Nothing is more fun than working on a collaboration collection with a girl friend : )

3. & most importantly, blogsphere exposure! Get your name out there! (lol, Kayleigh's already a youtube star! If anything...Kayleigh's helping me get the DSKJewelry name out there!)

Kayleigh's Jewelry Collection Coming Soon!

I hope you all enjoyed this year's DSK Model Contest! :-)

A huge thank you to the lovely 44 ladies who entered!
Remember everyone who entered will be receiving a DSK Necklace Gift from me, Steph : )
You all will be getting an email from me soon asking for your necklace length preference, and of course mailing address. Stay on the look out for that in your inbox sometime this week. ^_^

Special thanks to my good friend, the design genius Genre (high school (EKHS represent! & college friend (Go Green!!! MSU), (whatsurgenre) for helping me make DSK even better this year by starting the DSKJewelry's tumblr!

He organized the dskcontest tumblr page, and doesn't it look amazing?
I absolutely love it, and it was such a fun way for all of us here to get to know each and every one of the girls who entered. ^_~

And now, I have a task for all of you.

What questions should we ask the models next year?

Leave your creative questions below!
Lets keep it PG! or....PG-13

With lots of L.O.V.E.

DSK : )


April said...

Congrats Kayleigh!!! :o)

pfefi said...

Congrats, Kayleigh!

1. Favorite movie quote!

2. And (I know there are going to be a million suggestions like this one, but), what would you do with a million dollars?

DSK Steph said...

@pfefi, I love that question! What would YOU do with a million dollars? I would invest 75% of it, then splurge on house or car lol

Angie said...

congrats kayleigh! you're such a gorgeous girl :)

xSimply Reikox said...

Wow, very impressive! Congratulations, Kayleigh! :) *applauds!*

Since you mentioned traveling, I think one of the questions for next year would be something like: If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go and why? :) I'd definitely want to go back to Japan again because I loved learning the culture, the language, food and shopping! :)

Thank you Steph for this wonderful opportunity :) I'll definitely be trying again next year! :)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Congrats, K!!!! She's so lovely!! I voted for her too, lol.

I can't think of any questions...I'll keep this in mind and come back if anything comes to me!!

Zuki said...

Congratz kay!!

The question could be.... Favorite Drink mayb?

- Renée - said...

Congrats Kayleigh! She is very pretty! :)

MyLuckyStar42 said...

favorite cartoon/anime character?

Alyssamae. said...

Congrats to Kaleigh! She's stunning :)

April said...

She is beautiful!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Woohoo! Congrats Kayleigh...her features are so striking : ) Everyone who entered though was gorgeous and would've represented DSK well...I spent so much time lurking on the model search site!

Hmm, not sure about questions. I thought the ones this year were quite thorough!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow she's gorgeous! Congrats to her. :D

Hmm, a question for next year? If you want to have kids, what would your first child's name be? :P Girl and/or guy name!

Lacey said...

she is soo pretty!! i would ask what their favorite DSK peice is!!

terry*~ said...

congrats kayleigh! <3

i can't wait until next year, then i'd be eligible! woo! =)

Lora Lou said...

My question would be "If you knew you could get away with one really bad thing, what would it be?"

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