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DSK's One of a Kind Gemstone Necklaces

Hello everyone : )

I hope you all are still enjoying your weekend. Wasn't the weather awesome across the US?
My weekend started out amazing, I took my cousin out to the Crab Pot along the pier for a seafood-full lunch. Then we visited the Sea Otters at the Seattel Aquarium & I definitely soaked up some vitamin D out rollerblading along Alki Beach here in Seattle. ^_^

In DSK Jewelry new, I've recently received a few custom orders for some jewelry pieces, so I'm going to be working on those before I can finish any new "Everything Bracelets."
I'm going to post my 'custom order availability' on the right hand side of this blog from now on. That way it's easier for both you & and me to discuss custom pieces. I would love to honor everyone's custom orders, but it's just not possible all at once. It would help me out greatly if you could understand my position. I do appreciate everyone's kind words & referrals : )

It makes me feel awesome to know that you all would give me the opportunity to make custom jewelry for you! I will try my best to organize my time to be able to accept more of your personalized orders in the near future :D

But now time for some new DSK Gemstone Necklaces! They're all one of kind since all gemstones are for the most part unique in their own cuts. I'm going to be adding the Gemstone One of a Kind Necklaces to my range of jewelry. I think it's a unique new addition to the family of one of a kind pieces. I hope to keep each necklace distinctive & special.

I'm introducing some gemstones that we've never had before at DSK, African Prehnite, Onyx (inspired by RAEview's taste for bling), dark Jade & mountain Jade. Two new cuts of Lemon Quartz & Light Amethyst. I'm still trying to figure out my style for gemstone pieces so I appreciate any feedback, thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs side ways? lol
Regardless, I really enjoyed making them, it's a step in a fresh new direction. Come along with me, okay?

Lemon Quartz & Onyx Necklace
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
24K Gold Plated Copper Coin
Crystallized Swarovski, Onyx, Lemon Quartz

Gold Rose Princess
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski, Rose Quartz

Lemon Quartz Moonlight
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
24K Gold Plated Copper Coin & Finding
Rose Quartz & Crystal Necklace
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski, Rose Quartz

Coin Midas
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski, Mountain Jade

African Prehnite & Crystals
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
24K Gold Plated Copper Coin
Crystallized Swarovski, African Prehnite
*sold* Thank you Jacqueline! : )
Crystal & Prehnite
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
24K Gold Plated Copper Coin
Crystallized Swarovski, African Prehnite

Dark Jade, Light Amethyst
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski, Dark Jade, Light Amethyst

An Asian Gem
16" 14K Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski, Mountain Jade

The following pair of earrings is definitely out of my norm, but these were inspired by my friend Marixel (Fanzcy). It only took me ..about 6 months to find the perfect cherry trinkets. They're made of glass, and they're from Kirkland, Washington (like Costco HQ) lol.
Fanzcy's Earrings
Sterling Silver Love Bait Earrings
Glass Cherries
They dangle about 3 1/4"

Thanks for reading! I'll post a new Everything Bracelet very soon!
From Seattle,

Steph : )

p.s. The new DSK Model will be revealed tomorrow! yay!
You all voted her as #1!
Thank you for joining in on the fun everyone!


Angie said...

i really love the jade pieces! so pretty

cleung341 said...

All of these pieces are gorgeus!

lcreationsco said...

wow those are beauty right there steph!
you know what pisses me off though? that i can't buy any of your jewelery....YET! eeeeek =[ so sad...

Zuki said...

I like the Dark Jade, Light Amethyst. It is a very mysterious looking piece. The Fanzcy's Earrings r very cute too, everyday wear!!! <3 nice job. Hope to see more coming <3333!!!

coffretgorge said...

everything looks pretty steph! especially the dark jade and rose quartz! the black onyx is a stunner, so chic! :)

Astrid said...

Those Love Bait earrings look like cherries!!! :D Can't you make a cherry-necklace? :)

xSimply Reikox said...

Wow, the new necklaces are really neat! I love the new crystal combinations - still simple, sweet and so cute! :) And the earrings are adorable! Cherries!!

StarSurge said...

Wow! I love the Crystal and Prehnite, the Dark Jade, Light Amethyst, and the Asian Gem. All are super pretty, though. Ooh! And Coin Midas is amazing as well.

The only thing wrong with this whole thing is that i cannot buy even one item! Wish my parents weren't so stubborn.

Jess said...

Wow. these necklaces are amazing, Steph! <3

simplyvonne said...

the asian gem is super adorable!!!!!

siwing said...

so pretty !! i always loved jade !

Katya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katya said...

The Gold Rose Princess and Dark Jade, Light Amethyst are absolutely gorgeous!

Puzzle said...

oh my!
Such pretty collection!
& here I was looking for something to match with the bow& pearls!Now to pick which one....>.<

Susan said...

Love the African Prehnite & Crystals Necklace!! The rectangular Prehnite is so Beautiful!
Coin Midas and Lemon Quartz Moonlight are my next favorites!
Hope to see the Gold Plated Copper Heart you have used in some of your earrings in the Necklaces.

joey said...

the onyx is gorgeous!
will you be doing a collaboration collection with rae?

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the Dark Jade, Light Amethyst one... I LOVE the color combo, and I really like the rectangular-ish shape on necklaces :)

huong. said...

those are amazingly beautiful :))

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