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Gemstone Necklaces, One of a Kind

Lemon Quartz Necklace
20" 14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Lemon Quartz
Crystallized Swarovski

Amethyst & Lemon Quartz Necklace
16" 14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Lemon Quartz
Crystallized Swarovski

Lemon Quartz Gold Coin Necklace
16" 14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Lemon Quartz
Crystallized Swarovski

I do have a few more necklaces to come : )

Heart Love Bait Earrings
24K Gold Plated Copper Hearts
14K Gold-Filled Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski
*Last 4 Pairs with Gold Hearts*

White Pearls & Gold Bow Earrings
14K Gold-Filled French Hook Earrings
Antique Gold Bows
Crystallized Swarovski Pearls

Lemon Quartz Coin Drop Earrings
24K Gold Plated Copper Gold Coin
14K Gold-Filled Lever Back Earrings
Gemstone: Lemon Quartz

Thanks for stopping by today ^_^

I leave you with updated photos of Wally & Timmy, my boys are 4 months and 4 days old now.
I posted loads of photos on my personal blog, www.stephanie-nguyen.blogspot.com if you'd like to see more puppy photos : )
Wally definitely needs a haircut! lol Furrball
To think only 2 months ago they looked like this!

lol, they grow up so darn fast
The night we brought them home ..Timmy was so innocent looking!



Kate Gene said...

I. Am. Drooling. Those necklaces are goooorgeous!

I cannot believe your pups are as big as they are!

Anonymous said...

Those gemstone necklaces are amazing! Wowww..

Oh.. and I couldn't help but smile at the pic where Timmy is stretching his paw toward the camera ♥ Adorable

Puzzle said...

omg OMG
I would be OVER THE MOON if you could reserve a pair of those White Pearls & Gold Bow Earrings for me till after I pay my mastercard on the 20th Dx
Sadly, it's maxed for the moment T____________________T
*gazes at the bows&pearls*

DSK Steph said...

@Kate Gene have you been to the bead shop down near Pike's? I think it's on 1st & Virginia. It's pretty cool there, but a bit more expensive because of the location I think lol

@Puzzle, I can always make you an pair if they're sold out, no worries!

Puzzle said...

Oh dear thank you so much!!!
I've been waiting for these for a while,they're just so cute!!
And now I'm off to browse the rest of your gallery to see what necklace to add~lol

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