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2010 DSK Model Kayleigh's Everything Bracelet

Hey everyone : )

As you all know one of the prizes Kayleigh gets for winning the DSK Model Search 2010 is one of my custom "Everything Bracelet."

You should check out Kayleigh's latest video (here) on youtube, she was talking about how she doesn't have much red, and I had just finished her bracelet while watching her video lol.

(Reminder, all 44 DSK Model Contestants please email model@dskjewelry.com with your name & mailing address. I need everyone's information so I can get your prizes sent out to you asap!)

After a lot e-mails, and a whole lot of brainstorming & collaborating we both decided on our shared style for this bracelet.
As of today, this crystal heart style DSK bracelet will be called
the "Kayleigh Everything Bracelet"

(click to enlarge)

Now you have a new bracelet Kayleigh ^_^
Thanks for your brilliant idea!
You will see more of the Kayleigh Everything Bracelets in various shades in the near future at DSK Jewelry.

7" White Pearl Bracelet
Round Crystallized Swarovski AB Crystals
Only One

Bracelets for those who like it more simple ^_^
Vintage Rose & Griege Bracelet
7" Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
One of a Kind

Plump lil AB Star Bracelet
7" Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Bracelet of Butterflies
7 1/2" Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
One of a Kind
*sold out*

Jonquil Butterfly Bracelet
7" Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
Only One
*sold out*

Fuchsia & Golden Stars
Sterling Silver Earrings

By the way, I have a new workshop here in dt Seattle ^_^
Workshop = where I will be working most of the time. (Not Retail Store).
I'm not ready to commit to a store. My mom had a beauty shop & it got robbed a few times (scary!), and she was always there...I don't want that to happen to me!

DSK will officially move in around the middle of October.
The office is right across the street from Macy's, and a 5 minute walk from my apartment.
How sweet is that?!


Zuki said...

Very pretty :) <333333

L4pinkpetal said...

so beautiful!!!! =]

April said...

Wow they look amazing! Seriously, your jewelry is amazing eye candy!

M.W. said...

wow they are beautiful .

Nannerz said...

Good luck in your new office; sounds very exciting~

siwing said...

very pretty !! i'm loving this new style ~!

An Inquiring Mind said...

You make me want EVERYTHING!!! Gorgeous items!

Lacey said...

I love the new bracelet style!! when you do more posts of that style, i will deifnately be ordering!!

Tricia said...

Kayleigh's Everything Bracelet looks friggin amazing! Please consider making one in a "work-friendly" color scheme - black, brown, & clear hearts, perhaps? Just an idea :D

kristelsaskosky said...

Fuchsia & Golden Stars are amazing, I would love these on just gold metal instead of a gold star would be cute.

I love the color of the fuchsia

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