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Momma DSK's Birthday Special!

Hey everyone : )

Today is my Mom's Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I wanted to put two of her favorite DSK Pieces on my blog post today. Her two favorite pieces have always included the Swarovski Moonlight Crystal Heart. She always wears my crystal pieces whenever she goes to the casino, or on vacation.

My Mom & Aunt believe crystals bring luck, and you're never supposed to give away your lucky crystal if it has already brought you luck. My Aunt says never give away your luck!
There's also a superstition that you're not supposed to tap someone on the shoulder or lean on someone's shoulder while they're gambling. haha I love my Mom & Aunt, they're so fun with all their weird little superstitions.

I can't help but believe them too sometimes!

Pretty Princess
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Rose & Moonlight Hearts
Available in 16" (40cm) and 18" (45cm) Chain Lengths
Now with Engraved Sterling DSK Tag ^_^

Pretty Princess

Bubbi's Moonlight Heart Necklace
*One of everyone's favorite Necklaces*
.925 Sterling Silver Crystallized Swarovski
Crystallized Swarovski
Available 16" and 18" Chain Length
Now with Engraved Sterling DSK Tag ^_^

Bubbi's Moonlight Heart Necklace

Jen wearing the Bubbi Moonlight Necklace.
Congratulations on 4,000 friends & followers on your blog Jen! ^_^
Visit Jen here:

I felt it was appropriate to bring back my "Mom" Necklace
I had this on special for our last Mother's Day, and I'm still offering it today at the sale price. Buy it for yourself, or gift it. :)
For Mom
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Moonlight LOVE Necklace
.925 Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
Available in 16" and 18"
On Sale

Moonlight LOVE Necklace


MeiBelle said...

Us Asians and our superstitions! Haha your mom and aunt sound so cute.

I love all the necklaces! Each one is gorgeous!

Kae said...

Happy birthday to your lovely Momma!

Janine Tondu said...

Happy Birthday DSK's Momma!! They are really sweet pieces.

~Lisa said...

Oooh! The Love necklace looks so gorgeous!


kristelsaskosky said...

simple+cute= PEFECTION

all your pieces are so cute.

Quynh said...

The moonlight heart is so pretty! It's pretty on its own or paired with the rose as shown in the Pretty Princess necklace. Guess this will be my Mother's day gift for next year.

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