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[Ended] Time for a DSK Giveaway : )

DSK's Signature Necklace
16" Italian Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
($30 value)
Engraved Sterling DSK Tag

Easy Giveaway Rules:

1. Be a reader/follower of DSK Jewelry (this blog)
2. Leave me a comment in response to my question for you,
What is your all time favorite movie?
Followed by a generous "I love DSKJewelry!" ^_^
(but only say it if you mean it!)

3. Be a reader/follower of my favorite weird friend forever Nonners (Whitney!) : )
4. And leave a comment to Whitney's novel of questions for you at her blog,

What is the biggest flaw you find in your current friends/friendships? What do you think yours is? What do you think is the most important step towards maintaining your lifelong friendships?

^^ Can you tell she's into reading & writing? She was like the AP English teacher's pet in high school.

This Giveaway is going to be open until next Tuesday, September 14, 2010
at 11:59pm US Pacific Time. ^_^

I'm going to award my favorite comment on here with a Signature DSK Necklace.
Whitney is also going to pick a favorite comment to her question and let me know so I can send that person a necklace as well : )

Two necklaces will be given away (two winners), so leave your fun comments on both of our pages!

I want you all to get to know my friend Whitney (we're childhood friends btw) and she wants to make some more friends, plus she has a bunch of free time now that she quit her job so she can stay at home and chat with me all day, and be more involved with DSK Jewelry. lol
By the way, she's really weird and sarcastically funny. If you appreciate a sense of good humor, you'd like her.

And, that's not a lie. :D

A little business background on Whitney, nickname Nonners. She has a marketing degree from MSU (we graduated the same year from the same school...basically had the same K-12 too!) She's pretty much one of the Princess of my hometown in Michigan. Her family has a business consulting firm. They're big time, and self-made. And I'm super extra small pequeno time, and I want to be somewhat average-big time in the grown up world with their expertise*crosses my fingers*. Plus, I need some professional consulting in my life. Not that I don't have a good consultant now, it's just I need more of an e commerce perspective. Move forward is my motto.

Maybe Nonners & I join forces one of these days. We are both pretty cautious about working with one another. Business ruins a lot of friendships. You never want to involve friends or family in business. It's a risky step! I've lost real life friends, lost touch with some family over business. I've see it happen a lot in both sides of my family. Sometimes you think you're helping someone out, while they're helping you out. It almost seems ideal...but something will happen to disturb the efficiency of this for that. You're a lot happier when you don't know too much about your friends & family's work. I guess mystery is good like that :D

Have a great evening everyone. I'll be back tomorrow to post the first two new September "Everything Bracelets" ^_^

Peace, Love, and Positive Thoughts!

p.s. Has anyone read Tony Hsieh's new book, Delivering Happiness?
I can't wait to get my hands on it!
For those who don't know, he's one of the co-founders of Zappos.com

I'd like to know if anyone of you are reading it right now. It would be nice to have someone to "book talk" with ^_^


White-Zantedeschia said...

Hi there,
I will try my luck in this one.
My all time favorite movie is CASABLANCA. It is the must watch and you will fall in love with it. The music, the actors, the storyline and of course the epic love.

I dont simply love DSKJewelry but I have huge crush!

miu nguyen said...

My all time favouite movie is the japanese animated film "Spirited Away".
When I was little, I didn't like the movie, because it was quite weird for me.

But now I love to watch it and enjoy the weird moments ♥

Hihii.. I love DSKJewelry♥
I would love to buy everything from DSKJewelry, everything is so lovely and cute♥

Mindy J. L. said...

Oh my lord, where do I start with my ALL time favorite movie?! So many to choose from! Needless to say, I think most of our all time fav movies were from Disney or Pixar.
I'd probably have to say Toy Story. I love ALL three of them. But Cinderella ties up Toy Story, because when I watch Cinderella, it makes me want to be a princess and have my own white horse prince. Haha, it gives me my own fairytale imaginative story... somehow... =]

And yes I do LOVE DSKJewelry! =]

MakeupFanatic27 said...

Hmm...My favorite movie would have to be The Labyrinth. I remember watching that movie when I was young and Love it, still do. Can I just say David Bowie was always in my child hood fantasies...hehe Thanks for the giveaway!

CocoBella said...

My all time favorite movie that I can watch over and over again and not get sick of it is.... Grease! I am a sucker for movie musicals and you can't go wrong with the classic Grease.. or 'Sandy' in those skin tight leather pants!

Thanks for doing a giveaway!

I LOVE DSKJewelry!

I am a follower of both blogs.

helen said...

My all time favorite movie is Disney's Mulan. I remember watching it everyday for a month and have memorized all the lines and songs to the movie. :]
I know it's kiddish but I love it for its message in breaking social norms and empowering women.

helen said...


CATHLEEN said...


well the first one is an obvious. been reading your blog and following it for quite a while now.

Favourite movie of all time?...that's actually really hard to answer. i have tons ranging from cartoons from disney to chick flicks to thrillers. but if i had to choose one i think it'll be mean girls. it's so witty and hilarious. gotta love tina fey.

and lastly "I love DSKJewelry!" well how can people not say it generously.

Tif said...

All time favorite movie... actually, that's pretty hard. I like a bunch of different movies for different reasons, but I think I'll have to say Shawn of the Dead. Romantic zombie comedy. I'm not usually into romancey stuff but the movie is hilarious and awesome, it never gets old.

I love DSKJewelry! *3*

Angie said...

aww :) your friend is so pretty! i like her nickname too :D i hope she makes tons of friends in the blogosphere!

Melle-NY said...

Wooh, this is the first time I enter a giveaway contest ^^

There are so much movies I adore, it's difficult to choose one ! But I have a winner : my all time favorite movie is "P.S : I love you" starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler ! I cry every time I watch it, I can't resist to love stories <3

Last but not least, to continue to forge ahead : I love DSKJewelry !

*And I mean it ^-^*

xSimply Reikox said...

Hey Steph! :)

Wow, if I had to choose a favorite all time movie... It'd probably be Disney's Aladdin because I've always loved Princess Jasmine; for a long time I can relate to her wanting to be free and independent with the one she loves - it seems corny but what can I say? ^_^

I haven't had much time to myself to be able to read books lately - I borrowed a lot of books from my friends and they're piling up! I just picked up Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and I barely touched it... (-___<) I'm working on it, lol!

And as always, loved DSK since I started buying, and always will love and support you! :) xoxo <3

* ClaudsMakeUpCorner * said...

Its hard to pick just one movie, but right now I am going to say:

Somethings gotta give!

I can watch that movie over and over.

and btw I really do absolutely LOVEEEE DSK Jewelry!!


Red said...

What is your all time favorite movie?

"The Ten Commandments"

I LOVE DSKJewelry! ^_^

amuse-bouche said...

My favorite movie is Surf's Up! I have an obsession with penguins... :)

Also, I love DSK jewelry! :)

Nicole said...

Heyy Steph! :]

I would have to say my all time favorite movie is "The Notebook", because not only in my opinion is it one of the best books ever to be put on film, but also because it shows that love can conquer anything.

The movie in itself hits home for me because I feel like love is one of the most important treasures to ever be able to experience in life.
When I watch "The Notebook" I feel like Noah and Allie are brave, although it took them years to discover this, but knowing in your heart what makes the most and complete sense to you is what's imporant. Follwing your heart, against all odds, is what makes older couples to teenage love the one greatest joy that life can bring.

I gave my heart away at 17, and almost 2 years later, I don't intend on giving it to anyone else.
I love the movie "The Notebook"! :]
And I love DSK Jewelry! :D


MyLuckyStar42 said...

My all time favorite movie is "My Neighbor Totoro." It is such a cute and innocent movie, and unlike other movies, there is no evil villain in "My Neighbor Totoro".

I love DSKJewelry!! ^-^

Grave@Art said...

My favorite movie of all time would have to be Labyrinth. And I really do love DSKJewelry! ^_^

kriken said...

hmm my all time favorite movie... i'm so indecisive too many to name but i'll go with finding nemo. oh and..
I love DSKJewelry! ^_^

Astrid said...

I love all kinds of movies. From Braveheat where William Walace fights for something he believes in as Snow White from Disney which is a beuatiful fairytale. Currently I'm liking the second Tinkerbell movie a lot. It's just magical !

starsana said...

My all time favorite movie is The Notebook. I just love the idea that if one is willing to fight against all odds, then true and long lasting love is what one will cherish forever.

I love DSKJewelry!!^-^

BealeCheeks said...

My favorite movie is Garden State... Zach Braff and Natalie Portman! What could be better? I love DSKJewelry!

cynthia said...

I would have to say, that my all time favorite movie would have to be all of the bubzbeauty videos on youtube lol but i dont think that would coun't as a movie so my fave movie would have to be Simon Birch and the reason why is because it prove that no matter how small someone is they can still make a big differance in the world it is a very touching and sad movie!!! I LOVE THE LOOK OF ALL THE DSK JEWELRY!!! CAN'T WAIT 2 BUY SOME!!!!

TofuCustard said...

One of my favorite movies has to be the Korean movie, 200 pounds of beauty. oh my gosh, it's awesome. >__<

I love DSKJewelry! <3 <3

An Inquiring Mind said...

Of course I follow DSK Jewelry!

My favorite movie is American Beauty. It's a rare gem of a movie that makes you sit for a while after it's finished and think about what you've just seen.


Heather said...

Hey Steph hope your week is going welll~!! =) My all time favorite movie has to be “August Rush” if you haven’t seen it then you MUST! After seeing it once, I saw it like another 3 times right after, I just love it haha. I come to your page almost every day to see your beautiful creations so I can honestly say that I Love DSKJewelry!! :) It’s sweet of you to help your friend and hope you guys both succeed! Have a fantastic week and take care. ^^

sesshoumaru10 said...

My favorite movie of all time would have to be My Neighbor Totoro. SO CUTE! My first ever Miyazaki movie and it got me HOOKED for life. It's a movie built on family and friendship :)

doriee said...

Haha I do read your blog x] I just don't follow it that closely. I do love your work though. They're beautiful!

Now, my favorite movie of all time has got to be Beauty and the Beast. I've always loved watching it as a kid and I'm still watching it 15 years later. As a kid, I never really knew how to explain why I liked it so much but now I can. I love the meaning behind this movie. This movie teaches everyone to not judge based on outward appearances and it teaches them that everyone has a kind side to them. There are plenty of people in this world that may not look great but have a very kind heart. Then there's people who are mean or have a bad personality, but it's probably because these people want to protect themselves from getting hurt. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt until otherwise. I simply love this movie because everyone would be able to understand the meaning of "don't judge a book by its cover."

Plus, one of my favorite quotes, a funny one at that, is from this movie:

"Beast: I want to do something special for her! But what??
Cogsworth: Oh there's the usual.. flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep..."


And I love DSK Jewelry! (DSKJewelry)

I think my favorite one has got to be the key and heart combination on a necklace -- Fancy Moonlit Key necklace. Not only can it mean "Key to the Heart" but in Chinese, it symbolizes "Happiness" cause you use the key to "open" the heart. In Chinese, "Happiness" is literally translated into "open heart."

Anonymous said...

Finding Nemo is my favorite movie :)
I'm following DSK Jewelery and Mrscleanest on Google Reader.

You're amazing Steph! :D
I love DSKJewelry!

Anonymous said...

Finding Nemo is my favorite movie :)
I'm following DSK Jewelery and Mrscleanest on Google Reader.

You're amazing Steph! :D
I love DSKJewelry!

Jane Ko said...

I love Julie & Julia. It always inspires to bake something.

I absolutely adore your jewelry. I love DSKJewelry! ^_^

I also have an giveaway on my blog!

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

The Little Mermaid!!!! I don't have a favorite movie all the time... It changes with my mood.

DSK Jewerly is the business!!! From Seattle to Hotlanta! *does DSK booty dip!*


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Ohh, I'm reading Citizen Girl (its by the chicks who wrote the Nanny Dairies) It's not a page turner at all >_<


Puppet said...

My all time favorite movie would have to be Koizora. This movie is such an amazing movie it makes me cry every time.
You have to watch it!
This should go with out saying but, I love DSKJewerly! n__n;

KIMB! said...

Hi :)

It's so hard to pick a favorite movie, but I am a big Disney classics fan! My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. I love how independent Ariel is and seeking for adventures. Plus, I love to swim!

I haven't purchased any items from DSK Jewelry, but I seriously adore DSK Jewelry!

Yes, I do love DSK Jewelry! :) So pretty!

coffretgorge said...

hi steph! im a follower and i would love to enter your giveaway :)

picking out ONE favorite movie is hard for me because i have a lot! but one im really fond of watching is MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING, it is the perfect blend of romance, comedy and drama with a little bit of action thrown in for thrill. I especially love the part wherein Michael and Julianne were dancing while riding the ferry, it was the most bittersweet feeling! Ok now you know I'm a hopeless romantic. hahaha!

I love DSKJewelry! ♥♥♥

l-article said...

Oh this is so hard...my favorite movie of all time has to be Amelie. It's such a cute and quirky romantic film~ And I love the fact that even though it's set in the "real world" the main character has such an imagination for adventure.

And yay for meeting new people~ :D I love interesting questions like these.

Good luck to everyone who enters and I love DSKJewelry!

Lacey said...

Hi, and thanks for the giveaway!!!!<3
My favorite movie is The Notebook. The storylineis sooo sweet, and it is a tearjerker. I love shutting myself in my room on a rainy day and watching it on my laptop in pajamas!!! Andddd.....

I LOVE DSK JEWELRY!!! Absolutelty every peice is beautiful, and all of your designs blow my mind!!!! :)

Vicky said...

My all time favorite movie has to be "Cinema Paradiso," it's this Italian film I saw way back in high school but stuck with me all this time. It's a coming of age film about this boy who loves movies, and there's this whole love story intertwined with it as well as emphasis on the importance of family. Overall super touching movie and I cry every time I hear the soundtrack hahaha.


Vicky said...

My all time favorite movie has to be "Cinema Paradiso." It's this Italian film I saw way back in high school but stuck with me all this time, a coming of age film about a boy encountering love for a girl as well as a love for movies. There's a lot going on in the movie, not just about love, but also about the importance of family. It's super touching and I basically cry every time I hear the soundtrack. You should totally go check it out!


Jo said...

oOoo lala, giveaways are fun!

1. I started following your blog after finding out about it from Jen (frmheadtotoe) and have fallen in love with your jewelry ever since. They're so gorgeous! However, i got to complain... you sell out too fast! but that's a good thing for you, your products are in high demand. Good job!

2. As for many people, it really is difficult to choose a favorite movie. My favorite Hong Kong, gangster movie is Young and Dangerous (Chen Ho Nam is just way too cool).

and Steph, I love your creations!!! Where do you get your inspirations? Do you have a muse?

Hienny said...

My favorite movie was... The first Pokemon Movie.. Mew vs Mewtwo.. It was the first movie (ever) that I cried while watching. HAHA.. (It was that scene when Ash becomes petrified.. And all the pokemon stop fighting and start to cry? I cried too! LOL) Moreover, it really brings me back to my childhood... Back when I was trading pokemon cards and whatnot.. Life was so simplistic back then..

I LOVE DSK Jewelery. I'm a bit sad that I couldn't become a site model, but... DSK is still the cutest thing around. ^^

igorawrx3 said...

My favorite movie of all time would have to be Another Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff because it seems so innocent and fresh. It also really reminds me of my younger days.
And it didn't hurt that Chad Michael Murray is so cute <3
You put effort and hard work into it and it shows. PLUS, you always pick the best colors (:

Karla said...

well first of all I LOVE YOUR JEWELRY is so unique and creative, i never seen jewelry like yours...
well im a super picky person on everything and speciallly on jewelry... but when i was watching bubbi videos of how to do my hair lol i saw the necklace that you made for her and since that day, not that long i fall in love with your jewelry, you are so creative and thats awesome DSK steph you are a great person and thanx for sharing well for creating this beautiful jewelry of yours ^_^ ( i love to do this face lol)

oh and my favorite movie forever and ever is 10 things i hate about you. i love that movie, and i even have it on my Itouch so i can see it everyday and anywhere hehe...

it will be awesome if you do a design of hello kitty ^_^ is cuz im a big hello kitty fan lol

even tho if im not the chosen one it will be cool to chat with you once in a while lol ^_^
well sorry that i wrote to much but i love writing and also reading hehhe well take care =)

Serena said...

Loyal follower of your beautiful jewelry for almost a year now. It's all so amazing.

My favorite movie of all time is probably Ever After. I tried to spend a long time on a movie that I never get tired off and it probably has to be that. I love how it's the Cinderella story with a twist. Not to mention her gown is stunning. This is the movie that made me like Drew Barrymore. I think one of the most memorably scenes was where she "walk on water". It's a fantasy movie with some reality to it; it made the Cinderella Disney movie more believable.

You may think I'm a dork but I asked me parents if I could make Cinderella my middle name when I was 6. They said okay and in school I kept correcting my teachers that my middle name was Cinderella. Little did I know cinder = ash/ soot. LOL. Also, my parents never made it legal. My middle name has always been and is still my chinese name.

So yup! My favorite movie and a mini rant.

I LLOOVVVVVEEEEE DSKJewelry! If I could that would be in BOLD and HUGE font.

<3s Serena.

rheenabettes said...

I'm a follower. I'd have to say my all time favorite movie is "The Lion King". Sounds kinda cheesy or childish, but I seriously love it so much.

I'm following Whitney and left a comment :)

I love DSKJewelry! ^^

ewii said...

My favorite movie is Disney's The Lion King. HANDS DOWN. I absolutely love everything about it! the storyline, the messages, the characters and most importantly, the memories that come from watching it. I grew up with this movie and I just love how I can continue watching it and replaying that moment in time from my childhood. I'm a kid at heart so whenever I watch this movie, I get happy and I'm automatically in a better mood; I can't say that about any other movie so this is why The Lion King is my all-time favorite movie =D

I love DSK Jewelry! ^_^

Helen said...

My favorite movie is probably either charlie bartlett (it's funny and touching but not mainstream :D) or a disney movie like MULAN!! I've watched it tons of times and know some parts by heart (especially the ones with the grandma haha)

I really do love dskjewelry but my parents don't trust online shopping except on amazon so I haven't been able to get anything yet :( I swear I will as soon as I get my own credit card but I'm still in high school so it'll have to wait ^_^

Helen said...

My favorite movie is probably either charlie bartlett (it's funny and touching but not mainstream :D) or a disney movie like MULAN!! I've watched it tons of times and know some parts by heart (especially the ones with the grandma haha)

I really do love dskjewelry but my parents don't trust online shopping except on amazon so I haven't been able to get anything yet :( I swear I will as soon as I get my own credit card but I'm still in high school so it'll have to wait ^_^

Helen said...

My favorite movie is probably either charlie bartlett (it's funny and touching but not mainstream :D) or a disney movie like MULAN!! I've watched it tons of times and know some parts by heart (especially the ones with the grandma haha)

I really do love dskjewelry but my parents don't trust online shopping except on amazon so I haven't been able to get anything yet :( I swear I will as soon as I get my own credit card but I'm still in high school so it'll have to wait ^_^

evie said...

my favourite all time movie is October Sky! was kind of a old movie but i alway remember it since i was born in october too! ^^
I LOVE Dskjewelry! XD <3

is a follower of nonners!and left a comment!
hope i will win this!

itscaaandy said...

OMG!! My all time favorite movie?! I had to do some tough battling with this one! Romeo & Juliet OR Titanic? But I've gotta go with Titanic <3!! I remember watching it the very first time with my sibs & cousins when I was in elementary! I didn't understand it much at that time BUT I KNEW I LOVED IT! Romeo & Juliet was good too tho >_< I still watch both whenever I come across em on cable including the re-runs til past midnight!! Tehe dear Leonardo is my super all time favorite celeb crush (if you can't tell :P) <3

AND of course, YES!! I do I do.. I LOVE DSKJewelry! <3 <3 <3

baby-kk said...

Haii :)
wahts your favourite film? hmm, tricky question, I guess it would be POKEMON MOVIE<3 I've always wanted a Pikachuu or a Togepi ^^! ahh they;re soo cute =D , ever since pokemon I;ve always wished to be a pokemon trainer :D

I LOVE DSK!^^ <3 ~
i wish i had a job or a credit card to purchase your beautiful creations, but my parents won't allow me and im too young D: whoever thought ageing was unfavourable thing is wrong ;]

baby-kk said...

Haii :)
wahts your favourite film? hmm, tricky question, I guess it would be POKEMON MOVIE<3 I've always wanted a Pikachuu or a Togepi ^^! ahh they;re soo cute =D , ever since pokemon I;ve always wished to be a pokemon trainer :D

I LOVE DSK!^^ <3 ~
i wish i had a job or a credit card to purchase your beautiful creations, but my parents won't allow me and im too young D: whoever thought ageing was unfavourable thing is wrong ;]

Adriana said...

Hey favorite movie for me is fifth element i can watch it over and over again

I love DSK jewelry just got me the moonlight heart charm

*ms.angela89* said...

Hello Steph,
Thanks for providing another chance for everyone to win a giveaway. Give aways are fun and we all learn from each other as fans of yours. Well I'll just get to the question now. :)

My favorite all time movie is "Forrest Gump". That movie is just about everything a human being would go through in life. For example, getting into a good University, playing football, going to war and getting a purple heart, becoming rich with shrimp boat, getting married to the girl of his dreams, and having a kid. The story line just makes me love the movie. :) Tom Hanks just did a great job, now I love all his movies just like Cast Away. I can re-watch Forrest Gump any time and not get tired since there are many scenes that just tells a tale. :)

I love DSK Jewelry! So sparkle and pretty. <3

Love, Angela

petitechouxx said...

My favorite movie is A tale of two sisters (korean movie) because i'm more interested into psychologic horror movie and this is the best. You can feel the paranoid and disorienting atmosphere in the film. The story is solid and the actors are well played. The cinematography is beautiful. Oh and the twist is unexpected.

I love DSKJewelry!

Jasmine said...

Hi Steph!

My favorite movie of ALL time is EVER AFTER! I think it's the best remake of a Cinderella story I've seen, not quite like the modern day remakes, and it always makes me cry! The lines from the movie are pretty great. If you haven't seen it, you should! Drew Barrymore does a pretty good job in it =)

And I LOVE DSKJewlery! I just got my package today and you are SO cute! Totally made my day with your little candies and handwritten note. I can't wait to buy more :) Thanks Steph!

SueXiong said...

My favorite movie would have to be Forest Gump because Tom Hanks does such an amazing job in that movie. I feel all emotions every single time I watch that movie!

I love DSKJewelry!

Linna said...

My favorite all time movie is The Joy Luck Club. Yes it's out there but its such as great movie that I have it in VSH and when DVD came around, I went and got it on DVD. LOL. I love this movie because it tells about a group of asian families that came to America and how it explains the relationship that asian girls have with their mothers and how the mothers have all these high expectations for their daugthers and how the daugHTers are not living to their mother's expectations because they are influenced by the American society. I can totally relate to those asian girls and it's crazy because one of the girls in the movie was name Lena and thats my name, and she married a white guy and her mom didn't approve and CRAZY enough, that's who I married. LOL, but yes everytime I watch it, its a tear jerker because the daughters do not understand why their mothers put them all high on a pedestal the strain of the relationship between mothers and daughters. It always makes me think of my own personal relationship with my mother and everytime I watch it, I end up bawling my eyes out, worst than the Notebook. A definitely must watch movie!!!

Anyway, I love DSKjewerly, just can't afford them because I have kids I have to feed. LOL, but love them, soo BEAUTIFUL!!

Amanda said...

My favorite movie is the notebook. I cry every time, no matter how many times I've seen it. I remember reading the book as soon as it came out and cried myself to sleep that night. I thought it would make an awesome movie and was so glad it became one. Ryan Gossling is a cutie and meshed well with Rachel McAdams. The romance was so pure and honest that it makes me think that one day my true prince charming will make its way into my life...or I can always dream that my bf will become my prince!

I looooooooooove DSKJewelry!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I feel like someone out there in internetland is going to disagree with this, but I don't care, it's my favorite movie ever: 10 Things I Hate About You! A family friend had hummed the same song Heath Ledger sings to Julia Stiles before I'd ever heard of the movie, and I just fell in love with that scene (the one where he's walking down the bleachers to the field and winning her over at the same time) and the movie.

AAAAAAAND I love DSKJewelry! (except I'm on a no-buy due to my new 'broke college student' status!

shannanshotgunxx said...

my favourite movie would have to beee... phantom of the opera. mostly because i love how everything looks so detailed and amazingly beautiful. hahah yes, i smile at the little things. :D
and i'm absolutely in love with DSKJewlery forever and ever and ever and ever.

saints said...

one of my favourite movies would be serendipity..the movie itself which explains how an unfortunate accident..can bring 2 people together..n its shows..how far people are willing to go just to find their true love..
and i love DSKjewelry..they are def one of a kind..!

hazell said...

My favourite movie of all time Pride and Prejudice. I know it's kinda like boring to some people but I love watching it because of the classical music which is so soothing and the cliches. I laugh at cliches (yes, I actually laughed through cliched movies when other people go "awww") and this movie is full of it despite it being set so long ago. I actually couldn't decide if Pride and Prejudice or He's Just Not That Into you is my all time favourite cause both are equally cliched but the British accent gave P&P the winning blow.

I love DSK jewelry so much that I literally stalk your webpage everyday. Though I am yet to buy anything from you, I am still saving to get your pieces because exchange rate kills.

ang3laaaxp said...

My favorite movie of all times would have to be Mulan because its a story about a girl who had the strength and courage to go into the war in place of her father. To me its a really amazing how she was able to prove that even a girl can fight a battle and i find the movie really funny.
I'm totally in love with DSK jewelry!!! :)

susan. said...

My all time favorite movie would have to be City of Angels. It makes me shed tears every time. Loves it!
And I LOVEEEE DSK jewelry. I'm so glad I found you. Everything is absolutely gorgeous!

Gjee said...


My all-time favorite movie? Pretty much anything Disney or Pixar related will give me the fuzzy, warm feeling but if I had to choose, I would choose Up. What am I thinking, right? lol no Lion King!? I do have a special place in my heart for the Lion King but there is something about Up that I absolutely adore.

The story about Carl & Elli really touched home with me. I'm the kind of person that has always had my dream in sight. No matter where I am in life, even as early as middle school, I knew what I wanted to do to the point where I actually stress about not being able to accomplish my dreams (of becoming a doctor, house owner, married, SUCCESSFUL, lol etc). So seeing Carl and Elli's dream of going to South America not happen really crushed me. Life got in the way.

But what I loved about the movie is that things don't always work out HOW you want it to, but you still need to believe that they will. Just like how in the end, Carl did end up going to the location him and Elli used to dream of but without Elli, it just wasn't the same. Russel needed him and he knew he had to save him - it was the right thing to do!

And he was happier for it. It turned out Russel needed a parent/father figure in his life and Carl had someone to share his love with again. I think its amazing because Carl didn't think he had room for anyone else in his heart besides Elli. He was completely content with living in South America all by himself on that lonely hill.

Have you ever seen the, "Behind the scenes" about UP? THEY REALLY DID GO TO SOUTH AMERICA! And it rained 24/7! haha it was really quite interesting.

Anyways, I absolutely LOVE DSK Jewelry AND your personal blog! I love your humor and your shopoholic ways. I am quite envious of your life! =) And you have the cutest puppies, hahaha.

Love you! =)

Suechu said...

Why, hello there! =)

It's really hard to choose a favorite movie because there's so many good ones out there (like, The Legend of the Drunken Master...So good!), but if I HAD to choose just one, it would be "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

I like the movie because it's simply a great movie but I also like it because it reminds me of my counselor. I first watched this movie with her when I was a freshman in college and it was late at night and we ordered Thai food and it was fun. :) Good movie. Good times.

WoOoOhOoO! I love DSK Jewelry!

cleung341 said...

I would have to say my favorite movie is Love Actually. The reason why I love this movie is that is shows realtionships/love in many different stages of a relationship. I also like that this movie shows that love doesn't always work out for everyone and you just accept it and move on, bc life moves on with or without you. Also, it shows what a small world it is and how ppl seem to connect and know each other from somewhere or someway.

mintylovee said...

Hey Steph (I didn't do that for Whitney, SORRY!) !
Like I said on my Whitney comment, it just feels awesome coming home to a giveaway since high school started.(:

My all time favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. :D It's just an awesome movie that changed me bit by bit. ^_^

and SHEAH! I be lovin' DSK Jewelry. x33

thankies again!! and I REALLY love the childhood friendship you two have.(: I've always wanted that ONE friend, but thankies.:D


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