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Autumn's Necklaces

Autumn's Necklace
18" .925 Sterling Cable Chain
Crystallized Swarovski

Autumn's Amber & Amethyst Necklace
18" .925 Sterling Cable Chain
Crystallized Swarovski

Amber Pegasus Necklace
18" .925 Sterling Cable Chain
Crystallized Swarovski

My boyfriend Minh recently started a law related blog to compete with me! jk.
Both him (Bankruptcy Attorney) and my sister (Harvard Freshman) have started blogging recently. They're both pretty legit people and probably have interesting things to say, but I like my DSK Jewelry blog better (more pictures!!!) ^_^

Pictures = Cool

They both threaten to post ugly pictures of me, and talk smack if I ever piss them off. I'd like to see them try. : )

He's a partner at a law firm in Seattle and is the one who manages tech support, and marketing. (Minh's background is in networking, and nerdy computer stuff..bonus for me!). His topic of the day is defamation,which he thinks lots of bloggers like us would be interested in learning about.

Minh's blog: http://www.arrowlawgroup.blogspot.com/

He mention's his younger brother who is also a business owner in Washington.
And in his line of business there's a lot of competition among other production companies. Defamation of a person or company is a common dinner topic for all of us. It's kind of fascinating.

p.s. True Blood is such an intense show! lol you girls were right.
Do you have any movie recommendations?


Gjee said...

I'm glad the leaf crystal made an appearance! I think the heart, leaf, and strawberry pendants were my favorite. that color is gorgeous too.

eh. i can't recommend any movies!? they've just been so shotty lately. Easy A, Inception, Social Nettwork. I heard Hot Tub Time Machine was good, haha.

for shoes, you should watch Big Bang theory. its one of my favorites! and gilmore girls, haha. i'm such a loooosuhhh =(

The Little Dust Princess said...

haha the three of you have totally different blogging styles, but I like the variety! Minh's more serious, but that's understandable. ^_^ Yours are always picture heavy and I loveee looking at pics!!! I'm already following both of their blogs so I'm about to check out that post soon. ; )

Hmm, what kind of movies do you like to watch? My boyfriend & I have seen SO many this past year.

P.S. I like the Autumn's Amber & Amethyst Necklace, but I'm a bit biased 'cause amethyst is my birthstone. :P You should do a birthstone series if you haven't already!

xx The Little Dust Princess

GildaღFish said...

<3 <3 <3 them!! >.< And reading Bankruptcy Attorney's & Harvard Freshman's blogs .. their blogs are really great! Although on Minh's blog I cant really respond to it bc I dont know anything about the going ons in the world of lawyers. But I find it fascinating to read about, especially from the point of view of an actual lawyer. Anyways ..<3 the necklaces && keep up the good work Steph!!

GildaღFish said...

SoOo .. totally just re-read your post and boy, dont I feel like the biggest dumb dummy in the world? Haha .. I assumed he was a lawyer working in the firm .. totally didnt even put 2 and 2 together there. Wow. So sorry. >.<

Zuki said...

The first necklace gives the most autumnish figure among them all! Loving it :)

*ms.angela89* said...

*The Autumn's Amber & Amethyst Necklace reminds me one of bubzbeauty makeup eye tutorial! The colors are similar. Very pretty!!! :)

I agree with The Little Dust Princess that you should do a birthstone series of necklaces, it would be wonderful.

Following your bf's blog I learn about the law's and what we can do, about your sister's blog, I learn about her freshman school experience and the college life and your's I'm learning new tips and info everyday! :D You always tweet interesting facts + pictures.

I've not seen true blood or nor do I have any clue whats it about but sounds interesting. Are you asking about just movie recommendations or tv series also?? Because I watch so many tv series, I'm all caught up with most of them. :D
Here are some that are good that I like:

Two and a half Men
Gossip girl (I know you like that)
Nikita (Pretty good so far)
CSI: New York
CSI: Miami
Criminal Minds (My favorite)
Amazing Race
America's Next Top Model
Food Network! <3
E news
The Kardashians

Yeahh there's so much more but those are the ones I be following often.

gabbiieb said...

I Love the heart with the flower they look so nice together. Movies Letters to Juliet

Angie said...

Ooh yeah! Birthstone crystals would be an awesome idea...of course I ordered my necklace in my birthstone so my opinion is biased. :)

Loving the orange colored by the way!

Puppet said...

these are all very contrasting.
I like

iAMminky3 said...

I love the autumnal theme and colors. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm adoring the Amber Pegasus... <3

jennysaysrawr said...

The autumn necklace colors are so beautiful.

Thao said...

The leaf swarovski crystal is my all time favorite. I remember I had to stalk your blog this past summer to get my hands on an Autumn Story necklace. I still wear it til this day! <3

mello yello jen said...

I love the Amber Pegasus Necklace! Something about the shape of the amber swarovski reminds me of nature, so pretty.

Minh's blog is so enlightening, I am enjoying his entries and always find out new facts every time he writes!

I'm sure you watch GG right? So I don't have to recommend my favorite show of all time!

Amanda said...

I love the autumn colors, especially in the first necklace. I'm sad I don't live in Oregon anymore and can't experience the falling and changing colors of the leaves. Hawaii doesn't get that kind of stuff.

Makeup Morsels said...

I love the color of the crystallized Swarovski in the second and third necklaces, reminds me so much of rootbeer! hahaha I agree, pretty pictures always entice me to read a blog. ooh good to know you like true blood, I'll have to find some time to watch that. For tv shows, I'm watching gossip girl and vampire diaries right now. Gossip Girl has been going downhill for awhile now IMO, but I keep watching hoping it will get better loll. vampire diaries is actually reallyy good, the first few episodes are kind of slow and mehhh but after it picks up it gets SO good, and the second season has been super addicting so far.

Selena N. said...

Haha, I almost swore I commented on this, but I wanted to say. Glad you like True Blood! I find it to be a cool show too! =D

RavenAshley said...

i really love that amber color, so beautiful, especially for fall

izumi said...

gargh to defamation, hahaha. i liked minh's post on it though, he manages to keep "deep" topics interesting and more on the light-hearted side of it all.

i LOVE THIS ORANGE COLOR!!!!!!111!!1!!1shift+1

kristelsaskosky said...

wow really nice, really reminds my of fall.

shannnybannny said...

These are PERFECT for the fall!

ElenaKat said...

congrats to Minh and your sister!
I haven't seen True blood.. I am dying for Gossip Girl (<3), ANTM, Vampire Diaries..
As for movies: the switch, black swan, mean girls, vampires suck and many more!!

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