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Dainty Crescent Moon & lil Plump Star Bracelets

Dainty Crescent Moon Bracelets

*Special thanks to Reiko for inspiring me to make these dainty little bracelets*
The bracelets are 7"
Dainty Crystal Clear Crescent & Light Amethyst little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Dainty Amber Crescent & Crystal AB little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Dainty Crystal Clear AB Crescent & Light Sapphire little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Dainty Silver Shadow Crescent & Tanzanite little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Dainty Rosaline Crystal Crescent & Tanzanite little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Dainty Crystal Sapphire Crescent & Tanzanite little Star
.925 Sterling Silver DSK Dainty Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski

Dainty Crescent Moon Bracelets

Rosaline Crystal Crescent & Tanzanite lil Star Necklace
16" ($32) or 18" ($35) available
.925 Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Rosaline Crystal Crescent & Tanzanite lil Star Necklace

***If you're interested in a different crystal color combination for this same necklace, please e-mail me (Steph) to order dskjewelry@gmail.com***

Simply Autumn Bracelet
14K Gold-filled 7" Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Only One Available

Do you like the new gold chain? I think it's beautiful :)
It feels really nice too. I was thinking about making them into necklaces, would anyone be interested in that? I was thinking a wrap necklace with crystal hearts. I'm not sure yet though! I'm not a pro at necklaces longer than 24"! But I'm working on it ^^

Let me know what you'd like to see more of on my daily jewelry posts.

Completely random (taken from my twitpic).
This is close up pic how I wear my dainty bracelets,
I wear a few at a time. I really like the Fern Green, it's just my favorite right now.
IT reminds me of jade (kinda).

Anyhow, I hope you like the bracelets! Thank you for visiting, browsing, and shopping!
Remember leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see this Fall on DSKJewelry blog! Thanks!

P.S. President Obama is current in Seattle...and they pretty much blocked all the streets near my building...cops everywhere! All they do is stand around..chit chatting..easy breezy kind of job if you ask me! ^^

***update, I believe there's an error with some of my Silver Night Heart Necklaces' paypal button. If you'd like to order any of those, feel free to email me, I can send you a paypal button.

Thank you!



DSK Steph! said...

Speaking of Autumn..and pumpkin pie..red mango has the BEST pumpkin pie frozen yogurt!

doriee said...

Oh wow I really like the crescent moons! ^_^ I love the moon and stars!

IMO you should do the Rosaline Crystal Crescent & Tanzanite lil Star Necklace in necklace form :) :) :) cause I don't really wear bracelets LOL ^____^

RavenAshley said...

cuteeeee, the moon/stars are adorable. and i liek how they look with a few togetehr

doriee said...

Whoops. My bad @_@ I thought you posted the bracelet picture twice. LOL Sleepy time for me -.-;

Emmy said...

Hi! These are really cute, however I'm personally not a fan of bracelets.. even though that's all you've been posting lately XD
I'd like to see more earrings this fall! maybe pearls or sparkly diamonds or something? also maybe add rings to your line of jewelry???


xSimply Reikox said...

Thank you for the shoutout Steph! :) I'm glad I was able to help somehow! I got the amber moon; stars, moons and hearts look so romantic together - I can't wait to complete the set!

Gjee said...

i'd love to see more gold items! i think incorporating autumn as well as christmas colors with gold chains would be gorgeoussss.

are you going to do anything crazy for halloween!?!?!?

CutieCocoChanel said...

The bracelets are sooo cute! Very good colour combos Steph!
I've never had pumpkin pie before >.<
i wonder what it tastes like 0.0

Puppet said...

okay, I am SOO getting the AB moon to match my necklace!
And im making $40 this weekend!
goodness im addicted to this stuff, lol.

L4pinkpetal said...

the bracelets are perfect, i love them.

Thao said...

Why must your blog be so addicting to look at? I love every piece you've put out. Thanks for your hard work, Steph! I absolutely love looking at them.

GildaღFish said...

How wonderfully cute they all are!! >.< Im going to get the rosaline crystal crescent & tanzanite lil star necklace Monday if it's still available. <3

Amanda said...

I'm loving the combination of the moon and cute little star for the bracelets! I'd love a necklace like that one day. I agree that a Rosaline moon would be super cute and sell well, too.

The Little Dust Princess said...

These are soooo cute and girly! I love them. My favourite would be the Rosaline Crystal one and of course, its matching necklace. :D

I think the gold chain was a good choice for the autumn bracelet. I like how it creates a warm feeling. : )

P.S. Ohhh I see what the error of your last post was. I asked you in my previous comment about what was wrong with the Silver Heart Necklace post. xD

xx The Little Dust Princess

jennysaysrawr said...

So cute! I love the moons :)

I think these would also make really cute phone charms. Ahh they're so gorgeous.

gabbiieb said...

The new gold chain is nice but I think the circles are a little too big but thats just me maybe other people like them that way.Those new moon star bracelets are nice. I would Like to see that wrap necklace you mentioned.

Quynh said...

Love the new gold chain bracelet. It's pretty!! :)

*ms.angela89* said...

The Danity little bracelet is awesome. Very simple and cute with just the crescent moon and star itself. :) It could be wearable for a lot of occasions.

Simply Autumn bracelet alone is nice without the pearls too! The orange is very pretty. But I don't match orange so it wouldn't be a right fit for me. :(

Selena N. said...

That is so cute! "Dainty" I don't know why, I thought of SailorMoon when I saw these bracelets! I love SM by the way, so these were an automatic adore!

Yoona P. said...

omfg! i LOVE these! when i first saw them, it reminded me of a korean drama called Boys Over Flower. lol! seriously, like i said before, your pieces are amazinggg <3

Julie said...

I would love to see some of the dainty bracelets you are wearing in the photo - the fern green is gorgeous! Mayb one in Red?

How about some small dainty stud earrings? Maybe a drop necklace?

Makeup Morsels said...

wahh the moon charms are so cute! My favorite one is the clear AB crystal, it's so shiny! hmm I really love the orange crystals you've been using, but I think you should make a couple more items with script. I remember you did one recently, and it was super pretty.

Angie said...

That's a good idea to wear multiple bracelets at once! It doesn't look as cluttered as I thought it would.

izumi said...

cute look, wearing multiple bracelets :D maybe i just like the multiple chain look.

kristelsaskosky said...

I love the concept of the moon and stars! very creative.

shannnybannny said...

oooh I loooved the combined look!!!

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