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Gilda Wearing The Marisa Necklace

I was checking my Facebook and I noticed my friend Gilda changed her profile picture.
Of course I clicked to see her new pic I mean... When you see a pretty girl with a new profile pic, you check it! : )

Glad I did because she was wearing my Marisa Necklace.
It looked so pretty & blue!
Thanks Gilda for supporting my jewelry line. I appreciate it girl friend!^_^
The AB heart is hiding, but I think it looks gorgeous with just the Aquamarine AB Crystal.
You can interchange the hearts as well, and wear them each separate if you wanted to ^_^
I'm still catching up with orders so I don't have any new to post today, but I do have the Marisa Necklace available for sale.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new jewelry.
Thanks for visiting!

The Marisa Necklace
16" (40cm) or 18" (45cm) .925 Sterling Silver Heart Link Chain
Crystallized Swarovski

The Marisa Necklace

I also have the 18" PH Necklace available again for sale ^_^
PH Medium Heart Crystal Necklace 18"
.925 Fine Italian Sterling Silver Chain
Crystallized Swarovski

Have a great evening!


siwing said...

very pretty on your friend! i love the way it sparkles !

marisaaachan said...

YAY for marisa's necklace! hehe <3 i need to buy myself one since it IS after me ;)

sher said...

how much it cost to send to Australia ??

DSK Steph! said...

@sher Hi! Thank you for your question. Shipping to Australia is a flat rate of $12.95 USPS Priority. Shipping is complimentary world wide on orders over $100 USD

Thank you for visit Sher!

- Renée - said...

I know I haven't commented on your blog in quite some time haha I've been so freaking busy with university and work... it's been insane. Buuut... I'm still ckecking out your stuff almost everyday :D

I can't wait to receive those sterling heart studs! they are so cute that I couldn't resist haha :P

Yoona P. said...

omgggg, i want ittt!! but i gotta wait for me next paycheck. hehe. :) hopefully it'll still be on sale! :D

Yoona P. said...

omgggg, i want ittt!! but i gotta wait for me next paycheck. hehe. :) hopefully it'll still be on sale! :D

GildaღFish said...

<3 <3 <3 THIS POST!! :D

kristelsaskosky said...

very pretty, and sparkly. Defiantely a way to catch someones eye.

Very nice.

shannnybannny said...

oooh this is sooo pretty! This will go with SO many things!

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