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Gold Crystal Necklaces, and DSK for Guys

These necklaces will make one of the best gifts this Christmas.
Another perk this Christmas is that one of my customers/readers will be winning a brand new Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 from me. I will announce the winner Christmas Day. More details on my personal blog, www.stephanie-nguyen.blogspot.com
I will do the giveaway blog post on here soon.

I'm open to working on custom birthstone crystals as well, feel free to email me.

As Leonardo Da Vinci says, "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication"
These live up to his saying, imo (in my opinion).

18" 14k Gold-filled Necklace
Large Crystallized Swarovski Hearts
Limited in quantity so feel free to email me, dskjewelry@gmail.com
if the necklace you wish to buy is sold out at the moment. : )

Thank you!
p.s. If you plan on Christmas shopping at DSK Jewelry, I suggest starting your shopping early.
I always get very "overbooked" you could say during the holiday season. A lot of my pieces get sold out early on.
Why not get a head start?
I have to share with you my new gift boxes. All my jewelry comes with a jewelry box or jewelry box. They're always gift ready at DSK Jewelry!

Large Rose AB Necklace
18" 14k Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Large Peridot AB Necklace
18" 14k Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Large Amethyst AB Necklace
18" 14k Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Large Titanic Gold Necklace
18" 14k Gold-filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

DSK for the Guys
now available
Jet Leather Necklace
18" Braided Leather
Crystallized Swarovski
.925 Sterling Silver Clasp

Moonlight Leather Necklace
18" Braided Leather
Crystallized Swarovski
.925 Sterling Silver Clasp

Thank you for visiting!


CutieCocoChanel said...

I'm not really a big fan of gold jewelry but these are beautiful! i might have to get one when i have money :)
Good work Steph!
Much Love Chanel xxx

Puppet said...

Your so talented!
LOVE the purple one!
They are amazing!!

Yoona P. said...

omg, my wish came true!! yay!! im totally loving the gold chain! do you have the heart chain in gold?

the crystals are soooooooo prettttyyyyy!!

RavenAshley said...

gold and amethyst look so nice together

shawdyyy said...

Wow. When I first saw this blog post, it was love at first sight! My fav is the Large Rose AB Necklace. & I'm also glad you made some necklaces for men too! :) You always come up w/ great ideas.

susan. said...

i can't decide on which one i like better! i'm definitely feeling the peridot AB necklae. the green is screaming out to me.

The Little Dust Princess said...

Omigosh I have so much to add to my wishlist! A few DSK items are on it as well! >< I can't wait for the holidays though! I love shopping for gifts for people. : )

The Large Rose AB necklace is so pretty...love the gold chain! OMG I just scrolled down and I see my birthstone! Amethyst <3

Yay for the guy necklaces! I really like the jet black one.

xx The Little Dust Princess

*ms.angela89* said...

Wow, so pretty! I love the green one <3 Hopefully it will be in stock still... :( Broke broke broke! -__-

Jaime said...

aw the gold looks so beautiful with the crystals! all the colors look amazing with it. the titanic one stood out to me the most though :)
thanks for all that you do stephanie! :D

Gildaღ said...

>.< OoO .. the green one is soo pretty!! Grr .. I want them all!! :D

TofuCustard said...

oh my gosh.... Peridot looks soooo gorgeous!!

MadisonGrace said...

Wow the color of the Peridot is gorgeoussss. I love how the shade of green is more subtle and not obnoxious the way Christmas Green is. oh and the Rose color is perfect for Valentines day too, just so pretty. you know I don't even like green but I'm drooling over the Peridot one!

i've always wondered how you organized all of your crystals! show us one day! =)

Irene said...

YAY for early Christmas shopping - the gold looks really lovely for Fall, and I REALLY love the fact that you have new custom engraved tags for your jewelry! (nice touch!) Keep up the awesome work Steph, I always love admiring all your little & shiny works of art!

Pearlholy said...

Steph, I'm glad you're finally picking up on the 'activeness' again. XD I stopped going to your blog on a regular basis because I stopped seeing daily updates.

I really like how you captured the lighting for the peridot and titanic necklace. The amethyst is gorgeous.

I'm not a huge fan of "large" necklaces though. I think the medium would be nicer though. It's more modest and more classy.

Avis said...

I love all the colors of the necklaces!! I think the Titanic is my favorite one by far though =] It looks so elegant and classy yet casual at the same time. I hope I can buy one of these for Christmas ^^ Beautiful work as always Steph!

Iyah said...

So sparkly!! I love the necklaces for guys :)

Sarah said...

I love how they're all so sparkly! What camera are you using because it picks up so much detail, especially the peridot and titanic. I also love the fact that you made men necklaces as well. The solid black is very manly looking:) You're reaching out to all potential supporters:)

Do you think that you will be making an pieces for younger girls? I've been wanting to get my 5 year old sister something but I haven't seen anything that will be appropriate for her.

Looking forward to your next post!


MSFILI said...

amazing once again very pretty :)

TzeYien89 said...

i love your work! tis so cool you doin guys stuff too now!! xx

=Mandy= said...

I love the peridot necklace! Very pretty color!

memori3z said...

I've just recently become a big fan of your jewelry and I just want to say that I think you're really creative and have a lot of talent. You have your own unique and original spark to every piece that you make!

Kae said...

I love how you made one for the guys!

Joannababy said...

Beautiful gold pieces, Steph! I'd love to see Peridot in sterling, though. Preferably with your signature heart chain, that's my favorite one (:
I'm pondering whether or not my boyfriend would wear a DSK for Men necklace. I'd love it if he did, but his style is more business-casual (he has dress shirts in practically every color!).
I'm thinking of getting my sisters DSK necklaces this Christmas!

gabbiieb said...

the necklaces are nice but in not a big fan of gold I like silver better. The Amethyst one looks really nice and I love the Titanic heart. I love it so much that I just had to buy the Bubbie necklace. The combination of the colors on that necklace are so nice. The necklaces for guys look cool but for some reason I cant imagine a guy wearing that, the crytal makes it look girls imo. Dose Minh have or wear one of those?

Shiseiten said...

The AB peridot and AB amethyst are amazing colors! I love them both. :D

doriee said...

I was wondering if you'll have any 14k white gold jewelery out? I know that in the past you've had some but there wasn't a lot O:

Do you think you'll do 14k white gold? xD I'm not a really big fan of yellow gold unfortunately but I like the color combos. They all look good with yellow gold.

;P Thanks.

DSK Steph! said...

@doriee I don't have any 14K white gold left

izumi said...

wow, kind of random but the pic you have up for vivi looks a lot like holly, hahaha.

Selena N. said...

Gold looks fab on Asians, but I have an affinity towards silver or white gold. Are your heart pendants "see through" or do they have a silver backing..like the heart pendants on your Titanic bracelet? Either way, they are prettiful!!

Thao said...

These are gorgeous, Steph! I'm not a big fan of gold, but you make me love these pieces. :)

Kate Gene said...

I feel like a craptastic friend. LOL! These jewels are all stunning, as usual! I think it's really cool that you're expanding your collection and bringing in more mens stuff. Do you have Minh blinged out to the max? :D

Our lease is up sooner than I thought. I'm sick, but hopefully we'll be able to take a look at your complex sometime in the near future. I really, really, really want A/C and granite counter tops again!

BTW, I saw the picture on your personal blog of the office you're looking at. I've been in that building multiple times! It's so cool! There is a little deli at the bottom that I have always been tempted to go into. I love the Bed Bath and Beyond next door. They have a make-up section!

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know I am still alive. I've missed your posts! I haven't forgotten that I said I was going to send you something. :)

griselda said...

those are so gorgeous! the necklace for guys is also really nice...you are making it really hard for me to start shopping. I want everything!

IRiS said...

you're jewellery is amazing. i finally found out how you can comment. xD nooby me
been meaning to comment on your posts since the start of this year when i started following it but couldnt find the button to post comments! ><

but i absolutely love all your jewellery!
they are the best. =D simplicity. ^^

Makeup Morsels said...

ohhh wow, these colors are absolutely gorgeous! The crystals have such amazing depth, and you designed the necklaces so well. I think my favorite is the blue one, but it's a close call with all the rest.

jennysaysrawr said...

I would totally get this for my brother or a close guy friend! They're amazing :)

kristelsaskosky said...

I cannot tell you how much I love your gold necklace chains.

And for you to accmplish that is amazing because I usually never like gold jewlery.

Quynh said...

I am in love with the 14K gold filled large hearts. The rose, and amethyst AB are gorgeous!!! They will be added to my wish list.

shannnybannny said...

You are so gifted! I wish I could pull off gold!

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