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Plump lil AB Star Sterling Stud Earrings

Plump lil AB Star Sterling Stud Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski
Sterling Silver Earring Posts & Backing
$15 *temporarily sold out*
Will restock soon!

Dainty Plump lil AB Star Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Measures 7"
Crystallized Swarovski
$15 *temporarily sold!*
Will restock soon! :)

Plump lil AB Butterfly Sterling Stud Earrings
*yes, these are the same pair that Bubbi has in her DSKJewelry video*
Crystallized Swarovski
Sterling Silver Earring Posts & Backing
*Only 2 Pairs Available Today*

Please try not to shower with your sterling studs because water will weaken the bond of the jewelry cement over time! I do accept repairs, but it's best to take good care of your jewelry pieces to avoid any problems.

I don't make as many stud earrings as I like to anymore because I do not have the work space right now to spread our the crystals. Remember my old workshop with that long conference table? How I miss that, I will have a new place soon, and then I'll be able to make more fun studs to share.

Thanks for visiting!


p.s. back in my hometown in the Midwest, my little sister made this for me out of my crystal studs

I had so many fun colors! I hope to bring it back some day ^_^

I'm clearing out my stock of my Thai Sterling & CZ Imports.
Thai Sterling is very nice that's why I picked them.
(click the photo to enlarge).

.925 Thai Sterling Silver & CZ Earrings

Thai Sterling & CZ Earrings


l-article said...

These are so cute! I love the butterflies~ And your little sister's display is cute too! :]
Can't wait to see more~

siwing said...

ooh i am love with your little sticker/design on your sidebar.. the bow !! so cute <3

Jess said...

yayyy! i've been waiting for the stars to come back! =)

Zuki said...

I love it :) I want that black and red star studssss xDDDD

Angie said...

these are so cute! i like the butterfly ones :)

KP said...

Aw, wish I knew you accepted repairs or I would have thrown my black checkerboards away =[ those were my favorite!

kristelsaskosky said...

I love that the earrings are so simple and cute, but also have a sophisticated look because they sparkle.

They could be dressed up and down, and look cute.

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