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The K-Drama Snowflake Necklace is back!

K-Drama Snowflake Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
.925 Sterling Heart Link Chain
Engraved Sterling DSK Jewelry Tag
Available in 16" and 18"

K-Drama Snowflake Necklace

DSK Pendant Sale

Flower Heart Set

Flower Set

Flower Jonquil Heart Set

Small Griege, Fern, Small PH Set

Silver Night Set

AB Leaf Set

Medium AB, Small PH Set

Large Gold, Rose, AB Set

Small Earth, AB Moon Set

Large Rose, AB Starfish

Mother Earth Set

Set Titanic, Earth, Violet

Large Tanz, Violet, Jonquil

More pendants coming soon.
I also will be deleted items and photos once they get sold out since I want to keep this more of an exclusive holiday sale for the early bird DSK shoppers.

Also, if you've placed an order yesterday or the day before and would like to add to your order ~ I can combine shipping for you aka I can refund you if you get charged again for shipping shopping today.

Remember each pendant is packaged in my new "dsk" pendant boxes cushioned in soft cotton.
They make great gifts for your friends who already have DSK Jewelry

; )

hmm, something weird happened and some of the comments on this post got deleted :(


Jamie said...

oh my gosh these are so beauftiful and sparkly. haha :] love love LOVE!!!

iAMminky3 said...

OOOH!!! I love the kdrama necklaces!!! <3

Puppet said...

I am just going to end up buying myself a whole buch of Christmas presents!
I have to keep on track!

Miss C i n d i a * said...

You always manage to make my jaw drop lol

GildaღFish said...

They would make great gifts for the ladies in my office!!

Arg!! But if I buy them I probably wouldnt want to give them away!! >.<

izumi said...

these pics look nice (: watch out for the crystal on the back edge though, you're sort of losing the shape.

Gjee said...

the flower sets are so darling. hey for the Snowflake necklace, you should have Ice1cube/frank modeling it! because you know.. snowflake..icecube... lol and by "modeling it" i mean shirtless! hahahaha i'm tired. T_T lol

CutieCocoChanel said...

The Sets are beautiful! <3
Looks like alot of ppl might be getting DSK Gifts from me hehehe
God work Steph!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love the starfish one!! So cute! :) The sets are quite nice. Can't wait to make my first order soon! :)

Aw, I see you have Jean as the new model! :D She's great!

CocoBella said...

So beautiful! I love the AB Leaf Sets!

Pearls&Politics said...

pretty!! I really like the snowflake- I wonder how much snow Seattle will have this year!?

Pearls&Politics said...

Ah I love that you are selling duo pendants together! I think it looks SO cute together. Whenever I buy one pendant, I will make sure to buy two so I can wear them together or seperately-- SO pretty!

The Little Dust Princess said...

The K-Drama snowflake is so pretty.. I wanna get that for myself for my birthday (which is in winter)..but I also said I would get the amethyst for my birthday. LOL :D The flower heart set is BEAUTIFUL and teh small PH and medium AB are soooo sparkly!! I really like your DSK ribbon sticker!! You should send some out to people too, for advertising. LOL I'd stick them on my agenda and books and stuff. :P

xx The Little Dust Princess

Arielle said...

wow loving the color combo of the mother earth set!

Susanna said...

I love these pendant sets equally as much as the ones that come with the necklaces!! The snowflake is back, YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Quynh said...

They're so pretty. I want them all!!! Are the flowers' size small or medium??

SharBEAR =) said...

the kdrama necklace is backk! yayyyyy! i'm still hoping for that to be only sold as a pendant :) all the other sets you have beautiful!

these would def make as good christmas or bday gifts! Buying a set allows you to give them out to more than one person. LOL Thanks so much Steph! hoping for more pendants to come!


RavenAshley said...

k drama necklace! woooooo

and sets! awesome!<3

Angie said...

More goodies! Awesome eye candy!

How did you come up with the name 'K drama' snowflake necklace?

Amanda said...

I love the K-Drama snowflake necklace and the pretty combinations of colors you put together in the sets of pendants. I can see a bunch of the smaller charms adorning a charm bracelet...that would look super cute!

LilacCactus said...

Oh my God! Geniusly! :))
I love how you put the sets together, that inspires me a lot!

Your blog is the first thing I see when I open my browser, so I can always check if you posted something new ;)


shannnybannny said...

Umm wow! Could that AB Leaf Set be anymore gorgeous??!!! I don't think so! You do great work!

shannnybannny said...

The "Mother Earth Set" is so amazing. My mouth literally just dropped open when I saw it... and I think mostly because of the name... what a CREATIVE name for this set... it matches it EXACTLY!!! When I read that name and then saw the actual jewelry, it just brought peace to my mind. That's exactly what you need to do when your selling stuff, so the jewelry seems like it's suppose to be YOURS. Great work, and the naming is so awesome!!!

Lacey said...

aaww they are all too pretty!! my faves have to be the snowflake necklace and the silver night set. :)) I love the peachy crystal you paired w/ it!!

gabbiieb said...

I love the sets really nice you always do a good job.

GildaღFish said...

Pretty pretty!! && they come in a set!!


*ms.angela89* said...

More variations, and the sets are nice! :D Totally lovin' it. I think the sets are better than the pendants alone now. ha ha! :) I like the colors you group together.

jennysaysrawr said...

Every drama fan should have a K-drama necklace :)

And you have such an eye for putting these sets together! They're so perfect together- the color combination, everything!

Quynh said...

I love the Flower set. Do they come in small or medium size?

The new pendant boxes are sooo cute, and the DSK sticker is adorable!

Selena N. said...

That's clever! K-drama necklace, I remember you selling this back when I first started stalking your blog, but which drama exactly did you get your inspiration? I dunno why I keep thinking Winter Sonata...even thou I never saw it. Lol

The sets are really nice, they seem to compliment each other. Though I think I find myself attracted to the Gironde princessy sets more. Heh

The Little Dust Princess said...

Hmm I came back to check on my comment, but it looks like it's not here! Hopefully, it's just that you didn't publish it yet 'cause I DID write one here!! D: Regardless, the K-Drama Snowflake is beautiful. : )

~Lisa said...

The snowflake is so sparkly~!!!!!

Good luck with your gorgeous pendant sale! I'm sure it will all sell out fast ^^

The boxes are really nice as well!!

Vy said...

o.m.g. the large rose, ab starfish has such radiant colors...your jewelry are so amazing! If only I had such talent like yours :[ good luck on these sales! They're amazing!!<3

kristelsaskosky said...

wow so may pendants, I couldnt possibly choose just one.

haha I know what to ask santa for christmas now.

very cute pendants.

crystal said...

I just ordered sapphire, TITANIC, and bermuda pendants a few days ago. Unfortunately, the delivery man rang the wrong doorbell and I didn't receive it today :( I guess that means I would need to run to the post office tomorrow and get it myself. Can't wait to see them! I'm thinking of getting one more pendant but I can't make a decision between Earth and Light Sapphire! @@

Arielle said...

The color of the rose heart pendant is eye catching! I love anything pink though

I luv dsk said...

Hiya Steph. My name is Ayesha, I'm from England and I am 14 years old. I'm knew to dsk jewelery and i first heard about you because of bubzbeauty on youtube and I instantly fell in love. I was thinking of bying my friend Medium AB (clear love heart) and Small PH (purple heart) they come in a set. Will they be in seperate gift boxes or not? p.s kepp up all the good work. tc xx

Quynh said...

I absolutely adore the K-drama snowflake necklace! The snowflake crystal is so pretty and goes well with either silver or gold chains.

Monica said...

Very pretty!! I like how I can mix and match with the sets =)

Rie said...

love the DSK boxes~ =)

lulu30045 said...

these are great sets!!! do you sell the chains separately too?

Quynh said...

I love the AB snowflake!!! It would be so awesome if you make snowflake earrings :D.

It's raining and cold in Southern CA today. So i'm all bundled up with turtle neck and scarf around my neck. Couldn't wear my Snowflake necklace since it'll be hiding under the scarf. It would be pretty cool to have a pair of snowflake earrings to wear with my outfit today :)

MakeupFanatic27 said...

There all so pretty! I love the starfish! ^.^ The packaging looks super cute! I would be excited if I received a package from DSK, cause I would know what's in it! haha

ElenaKat said...

The large silver night is stunning.. unique! mysterious!

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