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November Everything Bracelets

DSK Jewelry's November Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
Engraved DSK Tag
One of a Kind
*see November 16th post*

Medium Moonlight Sterling Love Bait Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

DSK Jewelry's Bubbi Edition Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver
Engraved DSK Tag
Crystallized Swarovski
***because of popular request, I can custom make this Bubbi Edition Everything Bracelet for you, email dskjewelry@gmail.com
e-mail to order
Medium Titanic Sterling Love Bait Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

Bermuda Sterling Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Small Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Plump lil Tanzanite Star Thread Earrings
3" Sterling Silver Earrings

Small Teal Crystal Heart Thread Earrings
3" Sterling Silver Earrings
*One Available*

Small Topaz Crystal Heart Thread Earrings
3" Sterling Silver Earrings
*One Available*

Ivy League Light Pink Crystal 16" Necklace
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*sold out*

Ivy League Jet Black Crystal 16" Necklace
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

Ivy League Hazel Crystal 16" Necklace
14K Gold-Filled Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

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Jess said...

oooo the bubbi bracelet is beautiful <3

Shiseiten said...

The Bubbi Everything is beautiful. Love love love it.

Gjee said...

SO impressed by the Bubbi Everything bracelet! the colors are so gorgeous together, even prettier than the necklace version maybe? yeah you're going to have to do more versions of these... they'll be popular for sure.

and i love it whenever the Bermuda crystal makes an appearance. I'm surprised more people don't love the color. its so striking to me!

Angie said...

Ooh, the bubbi bracelet and titanic earring would look great w/the bubbi necklace!

Calling bubbi necklace owners!

Pearls&Politics said...

i tell you time and time again, i love your jewelry!!
I especially love both the bracelets and the necklaces are so unique!

I have always thought that thread earrings are super cool,, though whenever I put them in and pull them through I feel weird because it is like pulling metal thread through my ear! haha

CocoBella said...

All your jewelry is so beautiful, but I think I love your bracelets the most! I also loved the Ivy League Jet Black Crystal necklace you showed. Its so beautiful without being overwhelming!

wndxox said...

i love all the ivy league necklaces! especially the Ivy League Light Pink Crystal, the pink and gold are gorgeous together

Puppet said...

sorry, I am in LOVE with that bracelet.
Goodness I feel like every time I get on here I just want to buy everything.

Amanda said...

Everything is super cute as always, especially the Bubbi bracelet, but I only wish payday was Friday instead of next week!

Miss C i n d i a * said...

I love the Ivy League necklaces :D

jOann said...

the bubbi bracelet is indeed beautiful but i think overall all of your jewelry is exquisite :]

Zxenarea said...

As usual I want it ALL! lol Love the work you do! I fear you may bankrupt me :)

iAMminky3 said...

OMG! Another fantastic collection. The bubbi bracelet is too pretty... so fab!! xoxoxoxoox

GildaღFish said...

OMG someone already bought the Bubbi Everything Bracelet!! >.< Darn it all!! But the November Everything Bracelet is gorgeous, wonderful color scheme!! <3 I adore the Small Teal Crystal Heart Thread earrings! && the Ivy League Light Pink Crystal necklace!! <3 <3 Grrr ... I cant get anything till I pay my bills!!

Life is soo not fair!!


Fantastic job on everything Steph!!


siwing said...

omg bubbi everything bracelet is gorgeous!!! yay, i have the moonlight love baits and i love them <3 i've been eyeing the threads, and of course, an everything bracelet for the longest time.... *WISHLIST* lol. i'll ask my hubby! how long does it take you to make an everything bracelet?

Boo Bear's Place said...

I <3 your jewelry. The Ivy League in black reminds me of black onyx jewelry. So beautiful and as always what is not to love about your one of a kind bracelets??

SharBEAR =) said...

yay for nov. everything bracelets! i'm so happy the ivy league necklaces are back! so prettiful! (:


The Little Dust Princess said...

The Bubbi edition is so so pretty!!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Thao said...

wow the bubbi everything bracelet is gorgeous.

*ms.angela89* said...

Gorgeous Bubbi Edition Everything Bracelet! The purple and deep blue hearts go well together. :D I would like to see you make a Christmas one, which I know will be coming soon.

cleung341 said...

Something about the Bubbi/ Titanic blue is so gorgeous. Such a rich looking color.

Puppet said...

It's sold!!!

Jennifer said...

The Nov everything bracelet is so beautiful. It's my birth month and you made it so beautifully :) The Ivy League Light Pink Crystal is so delicate. What a beautiful touch as always!!

gabbiieb said...

The first everything bracelet looks nice I like the colors you used. OMG the bubbie bracelet I love it but I think it looks too white. I just love the titanic heart I love the color.

izumi said...

oo about time that you posted a bubbi everything bracelet (; haha! i love the colors for the nov everything bracelet.

DSK Steph! said...

Yes! I was overdue for another Bubbi Bracelet :D

jennysaysrawr said...

Oh my gosh.. the Bubbi Bracelet is SO beautiful<3 It matches the necklace perfectly. I love all of your pieces inspired by Bubbi :) So pretty!

Julie said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! :) <3

Selena N. said...

Such pretty things you have created! That Bermuda color is so pretty! It looks like a teal/sea blue/green. Yay for Everything Bracelets, they are by far my favorite thing to look at!

Kehn said...

omg! the bracelets are so pretty. they're so pretty that i can't stand looking at it cuz i'm so dang broke. awww steph, why? why? why must you make such pretty things. *ugh!*

cathy :D said...

The Bubbi bracelet is so pretty just like the necklaces! :D Love them so much!!

Lacey said...

wow!! I love th ivy league necklaces. They are so pretty and feminine. They seem like the ideal peice for any girl. have u ever thought of clustered necklaces that have more things on them? I personally love jewelry that has a lot of presence. :)

Anita said...

Hi there!
Do you ever plan on doing clip on earrings I have the worst trouble finding some. My ear piercing holes closed up a long time ago

Mediocracy. said...

The titanic is gorgeous! *___*
I can't stop staring at the photo!
Loving the new gold necklaces too, the bail over the crystals are lovely!

~Lisa said...

So gorgeous!!

I love the sahde of blue you used in the Bubbi bracelet.

The bails you used for the necklaces are so pretty and unique!!

Mindy J. L. said...

Ooo I love the Bermuda sterling bracelet! So simple yet it's stunning. And although the monthly everything bracelets are filled with different jewels, they're are always so pretty! :D

Noniek said...

Oh,that Ivy League Light Pink Crystal so unique. I love it when the gold leaves figure on that pink crystal.

Sd said...

i love the earings! they're so unique.

Jamie said...

im in love with youre bracelets too!! i give you props for your creativity ^^

Makeup Morsels said...

omg I love the heart crystals you used inmt he Bubby Bracelet and the Titanic Earrings. The color has so much depth and richness...I'm amazed.
p.s. sorry if this is somewhere obvious and I just missed it, but what kind of camera do you use to take the pictures? You always capture your jewelry so well.

Susanna said...

Those thread earrings are awesome and I have never seen anything as spectacular as your Ivy League Light Pink Crystal 16" Necklace

Lacey said...

This may sound silly, but I've wondered for a while... I think the earring threads are gorgous, but, oh gosh.. im gonna look like an idiot. :) Does it hurt to thread them through your holes? it just seems like it might. I wanted to figure out if it did befr I went and bough a pair. :)

Arielle said...

Loving the blue in the bubbi bracelet! Drool, soo pretty. Keep up the good work!

MakeupFanatic27 said...

The bracelets are so beautiful! ^.^

shannnybannny said...

Ok so the "DSK Jewelry's Bubbi Edition Everything Bracelet" is SO stunning!!! It reminds me of PURE elegance! Great job! I can't wait until I can afford to buy something from your line! Its so gorgeous!

LilacCactus said...

Very impressing!! :]

From what do you get your inspiration?! BEAUTIFUL! ^^

Take care!

Vy said...

The Ivy League Light Pink Crystal 16" Necklace and the Ivy League Jet Black Crystal 16" Necklace are absolutely gorgeous. Wow, so simple but well made. You're getter better and better steph! At this rate I'll end up buying everything when I make money! xD

kristelsaskosky said...

Ivy League Jet Black Crystal 16" Necklace is totally my style, would wear this everyday! also love the pearl bracelet thing haha

Quynh said...

I need the heart thread earrings!! They're super cute! You should make it in 14K gold filled.

Monica said...

Hey Steph!

I kinda wish I had a money tree in my backyard so that I can buy all of your produces. My sister and I both really like the Bermuda Sterling Bracelet. Let me know when it is back in stock =)

Rie said...

bracelets Braclets Come to me =p ~ ur bracelets are indeed unique =)

San Jose Love said...

Will the Ivy League Light Pink Crystal 16" Necklace be coming back? I think it would make great bridesmaid gifts for my bridesmaids.

lulu30045 said...

these are so pretty!!! i love thread earrings, these would be amazing on everyone and great gift idea for certain friends!!

ElenaKat said...

you amaze me in every single post:
starting from Jewelry's Bubbi Edition Everything Bracelet, I have to say that it's amazing.. for one more time, i love the deep blue! everything with deep blue amazes me..
also i love the Ivy League necklace, but I can't decide which gemstone i like best... the light pink or the black one.. they are both great...

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