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Totally Unrelated But I Need to Share With You: The Clear Cube

I made a video on my new favorite thing : )
p.s. I know I sound really goofy, that's because I really am! Go figure!
Hey everyone, this is not jewelry related but it's COOL!
I ordered The Clear Cube last month and it finally arrived : )
It's the same GORGEOUS makeup storage that the Kardashians sisters have in their bathroom.
I thought you'd might like to know about it and perhaps would like to check it out.
I'm not affiliated in any way with The Clear Cube, I'm just a super happy Clear Cube owner..and I've waited a whole month for it to arrive ^^

I needed this organizer in my life! I'm a makeup collector (as some of you may know if you read my beauty blog, www.stephanie-nguyen.blogspot.com) I've been collecting since my freshman year in college..so that was 5 years ago.

My two passions in life, MAKEUP & JEWELRY
I'm such a girl right? Believe it or not, I never used to be..I was a tom boy in the 6-8th grade..then I became a girly girl 9th grade through now! ^_^
But I think that's how it is for most girls.
My little sister is a bit reverse..she used to be super princess girly girl purple and pink..and now she doesn't even wear makeup lol. The stages of life work in mysterious ways..don't you agree?
I also just had my lash extensions filled, if you're curious about lash extensions (or don't know what they are yet) check out my personal beauty blog. Sometimes I feel that DSK Jewelry has overshadowed my beauty blog (which came first) lol.

My blogger feed on that blog has been broken for over a year now..does anyone know how I can fix it? Any help would be much appreciated!

I have a more detailed post on the $350 clear cube on my personal blog so head on over and check it out : )
There's even a link to a $24 "clear cube" from MUJI.

You know you're curious!

And somewhat jewelry related : ) I picked up a new pair of Chanel Pearl Earrings with Black Enamel. The ones I bought today are $235. I know it's just costume jewelry, but I simply fell in love with them. I started my Chanel earring collection not too long ago. I currently have 7 pairs :D 5 from Paris, and 2 from the Seattle.

Thanks for visiting and have a great night everyone!
Gem Faire is tomorrow! I'll be at the Tacoma Dome from 10am-12pm for the wholesale segment of the event (it's all weekend long, and open to the public, but there is admission fees.)

I'm ecstatic, I can't wait to see what beautiful jewels I can find this year. Let me know if there are any particular gemstones you like. There this one vendor that flies in from overseas to attend this tradeshow. I know I will be picking up Amethyst, Light Amethyst, and Lemon Quartz. Suggestions are more than welcome : )

Since we're on totally unrelated topics, my puppies got neutered 3 days ago..now they must wear their cones of shame for 2 weeks!
lol look at the 3 sleepy heads. Wally looks totally zoned out haha
I love my boys : )

p.s. Did I mention they invaded my couch?


Stefanie said...

I forgot to tell you... AMAZING LASHES!!!! So jealous right now... My lashes are pretty sparse.. =(
Getting lash glue tomorrow to try out some falsies.... I'm a false lash virgin.. hehehee... Wish me luck!

LilacCactus said...

Hey Steph! :]

The Cube looks pretty amazing! Such a Cube would me also a good organizer for me :'D
I have a loooot of make up, it's not funny anymore. I guess I should throw the stuff I don't use away... :'(

Anyways! Your puppies are soo cute!! I also own a dog (Jack Russel Terrier), I can't imagine a life without him anymore :))


shannnybannny said...

Love those earrings!!!!

shannnybannny said...

Oh ya, my poor beagle had to wear a cone when he got fixed... it was the funniest thing because he could NOT ever get through doorways without somehow running into something, even though there was PLENTY of room to get through. I honestly think he was doing it to be like "mooooooom, see I CAN'T do this :(".. haha! love your pups!

Irish said...

Oh I've been thinking about those clear cubes, but I always back out on buying them coz they're clear. I feel weird having everything showing lol!

OMG! I love that Chanel earring you have...anything with pearls or bows I have trouble saying no to, but I can't say yes to that coz it's too much for my budget since I have to save up for my christmas gifts for people lol!

Timmy and Wally look too cute with those cones around their neck. I remember one of my friends dog was neutered and he was not happy about it that he tried to bite/chew it off even though he can't reach it lol!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow, the Clear Cube looks like the ultimate organizational tool. I MUST HAVE ONE! I've been meaning to organize all my makeup and jewelry. Do you have any suggestions for how to organize necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. though? I'm currently using a T-bar for my bracelets and necklaces..and I'm using a Ferrero Rocher box for my rings..that's actually perfect. As for earrings, I don't really like those earring stands with lots of holes in them. Gets all cluttered and stuff. ><

Your lashes and eye makeup look amazing today! I thought your blogger feed has been fixed?

A Chanel earring collection! How fabulous is that? You collect everything girly and I admire that ; ) LOL LV bags, makeup, now Chanel earrings : )

haha @ cones of shame. So cute.

xx The Little Dust Princess

curls-and-pearls said...

So cool! Can't wait to see all your inventory in those pretty cubes.

Puppet said...

Oh wow that is an amazing cube?
LOL, i dont know what the correct name for it would be.
And usually im not a big fan of the Chanel Earrings but thoes are amazing.
Can't wait to see what you get at the trade show!

TzeYien89 said...

i've seen thi before and thought its really expensive. you can buy a whole range of them on muji! I have loads myself and they are very affordable..you can mix and match them too.... you should check it out!

Lacey said...

im glad you finally got it!!! i am thinking of picking one up, however, im not quite sure yet. :)

siwing said...

lol "IN ALL ITS GUH-LORY!" you're so funny steph =)

the clear cube is superr love.. i've never noticed it on the kardashians until you said something.. i saw an episode recently where kourt was digging through her makeup and she put some on scott.. lol.. i was CLEAR CUBE !! thats so cool.. =)

have fun at the gem fair. can't wait to see what you pick up and make!

GildaღFish said...

Cool beans!! I already saw the cube on your fb but wow, every time I see it it gets cooler!! I'm not sure if I have enough make up & jewelry for a cube that big but it certainly has it's own charm.

I love love LOVE your lashes!! :D That combined with your amazing contacts and you're a 20 on my scale!! ;]

Happy Friday Steph!!
I cant wait to see what new you have for us!!

RavenAshley said...

those earnings are niceeee

and cool :D a clear cube, so expensive tho! :p i think ill stick to my cheap plastic drawers from target

Quynh said...

I am still drooling over your clear cubes and Chanel earrings. I think you should get the Chanel necklace next. They're beautiful! I only own 2 Chanel necklaces :).

And regarding the gem stones, can you get black onyx, white jade & citrine?

Amanda said...

I heart your cube!!! Ever since I saw it on keeping up with the Kardashian's I googled it but when I saw the price, I stopped in my tracks. It truly is a gorgeous way to keep your makeup and I can't wait to see an updated video where you've filled it!

The only Chanel items I have are two pairs of sunglasses. I'd love to get a pair of studs one day but the price turns me away sometimes.

Your puppies are adorable!!!

Gjee said...

hahah i love the picture of your dogs on the couch! timmy looks so comfortable while wally looks tired =(

and i want those earrings!!!! i have a pearl pair too but the pearl is so LARGE. is that the case with your pair? i was so surprised when my bf brought them. i was like side-eyeing him because he got them in SanFran so I was like, "did you get these from Chinatown!?!?!?" lol hopefully i'll update my blog with the pictures... i've written so many entries but never bothered to post them T_T

and I saw your pictures from the Gem Faire! i hope you describe in more detail what you got. the light blue stones you picked up were sooo pretty. and what were those round stones to the very left? they sort of looked like black onyx!?!? excited!

*ms.angela89* said...

Wow, those clear cubes are really nice! Can't wait to see how you'll put them into use. :) I love your lash extensions, they look so natural and real! The eye makeup is always so clean!!! What's the trick Steph? ha ha, I like it! The Chanel earrings are beautiful too, anything with pearls are always elegant. Take pictures soon with you wearing them. Awww your puppies look like they hate the cones. :( Hopefully 2 weeks will fly by quick!

Angie said...

Your lashes look amazing and so natural! Now I'm looking to get it done too! Do they tug at your natural lashes though? I'm afraid they'll cause follicular alopecia, that's why I didn't get them done. Been thinking about it for years.

Too bad they don't have the Clear Cubes in different colors other than 'Clear'. I would love to get it in a dark brown to match my decor.

Pearls&Politics said...

I LOVE those Chanel earrings-- I am so jealous that you have six pairs!!
I just want one! :) haha
Maybe one day..
But your puppies are SO, SO cute!! When my kitties got neutered--oh.. 15 years ago they had to wear cones and HATED it :(
you could tell they felt so ugly, even though they were SO cute!!
It is best for them because if not they will rip open their stitches (trust me, my cat did this BEFORE the cone!) haha

Cute post!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Ahh, look at your pups!! I want to take them all home :D :D :D

jennysaysrawr said...

OMGOSH! Your dogs are SOOO cute!

My puppy had a wound once on his back and the vet gave him a cone to prevent him from licking the it because it was wrapped in gauze and medication. He had to wear it for a couple weeks and he looked so adorable, but so depressed too!

Thao said...

Ahhhh your clear cube is so sexy!! I so want one but man, it's expensive. I love your new Chanels too, I've always wanted the basic Chanel earrings. It's totally drool-worthy. And I'm totally in love with your view from your bedroom. *jealous*

griselda said...

AAAAHHHHHH!!! I love your clear cube! :D I seriously need to do some makeup cleaning. Maybe once I give away, throw away enough make up...I can reward myself with one of those! LOL for my good-doing right? Youre eyes look amazing, I cant wait until next week!

Aww your furr babies look so sad. Cone-o-shame is a bad look for any dog.

Saimese said...

Lemon Quartz is one of my faves!


Rinny said...

The Cube looks like it would be great for organization, but I feel that the price tag doesn't justify paying so much for an acrylic box :/

Selena N. said...

Those Chanel earrings look cute! I'm not too familiar w jewelry, but what do you mean costume jewelry? Chanel makes jewelry for costuming? Like I said before, that cube is sexy looking besides your night time city view!! I'd rather purchase the original too, unfortunately I really don't have a big make up collection. :) I dun even wear eyeshadow.

Hope the pups feel better. I remember when my Germsn Shepard got his balls removed... He was so quiet around the house and walked w this depressed air about him.

Susanna said...

aww poor puppies! WIsh them a speedy recover so they can be out of the "cone of shame" haha

~Lisa said...

Wow! The cube is gorgeous and so modern! But YIKES at the price.
I can't wait to see how it looks when it's filled up =)

Gorgeous earrings too. They look so delicate, I'm almost scared to touch it.

Haha, your dogs are soo cute ^^

~Lisa said...

Wow! The cube is gorgeous and so modern! But YIKES at the price.
I can't wait to see how it looks when it's filled up =)

Gorgeous earrings too. They look so delicate, I'm almost scared to touch it.

Haha, your dogs are soo cute ^^

SharBEAR =) said...

the clear cube looks very awesome! I like the X drawer hehehe :D now you can organize your makeup and jewelry! can't wait for your future update when the clear cube gets all filled up!

wow you own 7 pairs of chanel earrings! your new pair is very elegant. I really like the pearl attached at the end.

hope you got to find a lot of beautiful jewels!


Rekka said...

I just bot the cube... I have a ton of make up and my bathroom is completely overrun by the blush banshees... > <

I almost bought 2 xD

Quynh said...

How are Timmy & Wally? Do those cones bother them?? They are soooo cute!!

Hope to see your gemstones jewelry post today :)

whatsanitasdeal said...

Your two doggies are so cute, we're thinking about getting another doggy for my current pup. She needs a buddy. What kinda pups are those? They look so adorable.

come check out my blog if you have time: www.whatsanitasdeal.com

whatsanitasdeal said...

Just an FYI I've been a GFC follower on both your blogs and twitter (ID:
imnotarunner )
email : imnotarunner [at][gmail][dot][com]

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Wow, what episode of KUWTK was this on? I don't remember it. Thanks for sharing the economical one too : )

Arielle said...

AWWWW the puppies are sooo cute!, and I want one of those clear cubes but why are they sooo dang expensive for arcylic! GEEESE LOOOUISE

=Mandy= said...

I love that cube organizer! I may have to put it on my Christmas list! lol How much longer do your pups have to wear those cones?.. the look miserable >.< Anyway, I cant wait to see more of your jewelry! :D

gabbiieb said...

this clear cube thing is amazing I want one but I wouldnt use it for makeup because I dont really wear makeup.

Vy said...

LOL WHAT CUTE PUPPIES! I wish I had a few pets of my own like that! And wow the clear cube looks gorgeous!! LOL Makeup collector, how cute. I can't pull off the make up look at all, I wish I could be more like you to be able to collect them like that =.= I'm pretty girly but gosh I need some lessons from you haha especial on how to apply better eye shadow!

kristelsaskosky said...

oh my goodness I really need one of those! My make-up is scattered everywhere in my room, and I can never find anything when I need them.
I think it would be I definately need a organizer thats cute like that.

kristelsaskosky said...

really pretty chanel earring, very classy and pretty, definately could be dressed up and down.

awwww poor puppies they look so tired, my cat just got neutered a day ago, and the e-collars suck. I felt so bad for him.

Quynh said...

Are you still enjoying your Clear Cube?? Should make an updated video with your make-up in it :D

Arielle said...

awwww puppies! mine has to get spayed to :-( i've been avoiding it! lol

Monica said...

Are lash extensions expensive?

Rie said...

Cute puppies especially the white one.. others sweet dream except him... =) whats his name?

lulu30045 said...

i didn't know those containers had a name, thanks for the info
and awww, your puppies look so cute and funny with their cone

MakeupFanatic27 said...

I'm really loving those clear cube storage draws. Loving the makeup look too! You did a really beautiful job. I will be checking out your beauty blog. The Chanel Pearl earrings are really lovely. Aww how are the puppies doing? They looked beat! hee hee
Sorry for commenting late on your post, looks like I didn't see this one!
Have a wonderful Holidays! ^_^

ElenaKat said...

I havse so much to tell you about this post:
The clear cube is pretty amazing and very useful! but a bit expensive for me :/
Love the LV bag shown on the video!
Love the view from your house! Stunning!
Your EOTD is pretty good! I use gray eyeshadows too, I think they are shiny but still wearable during day light..
Love Chanel earrings in general and your new ones specifically!
And your little men are sooooo beautifull! I had two small ladies too! haha

ElenaKat said...

3*sleepy heads :$

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