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US, Canada, UK and all other International Orders Welcome! DSK Jewelry LLC is a Registered Business in the USA.

DSK Jewelry's Goals for 2011

I'm going to list all the countries that I can think of right at this moment where DSK Jewelry resides. ^_^

United States (naturally!) ;D I always get excited when it's an order from my hometown Kentwood, Michigan. I had 3 girls who when to my former high school EKHS order my jewelry. I was SO happy and just e-mailed them to chat lol.

You know geography was always one of my favorite subjects in school. : )
I think I would make my professor proud.

Canada United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Hong Kong Japan Taiwan South Korea Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Denmark Romania France Spain Finland Nepal Singapore Belgium Hungary Switzerland Sweden Norway Egypt Brazil Austria Germany Poland India Netherlands Brunei
Malta <-- Near Italy ^_^ Shout out Lara! Italy Greece Dubai Saudi Arabia

I didn't know 1 thing about Malta until Lara ordered jewelry one day :D She's such a sweetheart and newly engaged! Congratulations Lara! Thank you for sharing your culture with me via e-mail :) There are so many more of you that I really would like to thank. I'm so glad to learn from you about yourself, your country and your culture. I know Morgane from France is waiting for me to collaborate with her on a few jewelry pieces ^_^

I want to thank all of my customers from all over the World. You are truly my inspiration.

Minh and I would like say thank you to all those who sent us holiday cards & amazing gifts! :D I'm always so giddy to receive mail from you all. You sure do know how to make me feel special!

I really want to get a large World Map and put pins on every country where DSK Jewelry "lives"
I got the idea from Mary Kate & Ashley's shows/movies haha when they would travel. I think one of them would throw a dart at the map and travel to that destination. Cliche much? lol

Now where can I find a big world map and a big cork board? Maybe Office Max? Do you have any suggestions?
I think this will be one of my 2011 goals.

I know I'm missing some countries on this list of mine, but I will update this post as I think of them :)

My goals for DSK Jewelry 2011
-World Map! -Launch www.dskjewelry.com already!
(I can imagine some of you rolling your eyes..Steph you empty promise maker, you ::shakes fists::) lol

The website "frame" is finished ladies & gentlemen :D I am glad to say : ) I just need to take amazing photos and post them! I want to start the site with just my top 10 seller, and then go from there. I have all these "plans" yet I fail to implement them in 2010! Why? Why is something always holding me back?

I just am so comfortable with my blog that I find myself not motivated to work on the new site. The blog style really does help me manage & control the number of orders I receive each day. I almost cannot handle my jewelry work load right now (I'm very grateful and flattered)! That's why I haven't been updating. I've just been trying to finish orders and packages. I just have too many! (which is beyond wonderful, but I have come to realize I need to reorganize and get the help I need.) Time just flies right out the window. I want to have the time to enjoy every aspect of DSK Jewelry.

I know not having a "store/gallery" style shopping site makes it a bit harder for shoppers to shop (I'm sorry!). I am going to get it up for you. I just really have enjoyed knowing more about you girls and guys through blog via comments & e-mails.

I noticed this past Christmas that many of my shoppers were Mom's, Dad's, and Grandparents. I really appreciate your e-mails and I hope I was able to help you place your orders.

I plan to "kick it up a knotch" this year as Emeril Lagasse would say. ;D
Old school Food Network ftw!

Susan picked the LV Neverfull MM Ebene & The Bubbi Necklace from my DSK Giveaway, but I still have another surprise gift on New Year's Day! ^_^
I'm giving away an Everything Bracelet to one of my DSK customers to show my appreciation.

I took this picture earlier around 5pm. We had such beautiful clear skies today. The sun was out and bright :D It was such a treat, except I stayed indoors all day lol I just love looking out :)
I'm quite excited for New Year's Eve because this is Minh and my first year living in this condo with this view of the Space Needle. I believe they are going to be shooting fireworks from the Needle ^_^
New Year's Day will also be our 3 year anniversary together
(Minh and I)!
I will be sure to record the fireworks!

Minh and I have recently started making "DSKSeattle: Day in the Life Videos."
You can see snippets of our life with our two puppies Timmy, and Wally. A tour of our office, and just random bits of Seattle :D

I'm a fan of the fabulous Lorraine and her daily videos. I've been following her for a few months now and I just feel like I know her! haha I've exchanged an e-mail or two with her in the past and she's just a really awesome person. Minh always makes fun of me in the morning when he catches me login to Youtube to see if there's a new Lorraine video lol. He goes, why do you get so excited to watch someone go to the grocery store? And he continues with, "someone should make a video of me" and so I did :D

He's starting to get the hang of it and is actually doing some of the taping :)
It's a fun vlog we do together and we have created a shared Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/DSKSeattle

We're both somewhat embarrassed to share these videos, but the laughs we have together making them is well worth it :D
It's going to be weird now that our families are probably going to be tuning in after I mention it on this blog... fml sometimes. But what can I do? I wish there was something called kin-block (totally made that up) where you apply the application and it denies family members from reading your blog or following your life via web. haha

We have about 4 videos up right now starting with the Day After Christmas which I am posting here.

You can watch if you like :D

One of my readers left a comment that Minh and I both thought was hilarious. She said something along the lines of, wow I didn't think your voice would sound the way it does. lol
I do have a goofy Michigan accent/ semi-annoying/annoying voice. But it's the only one I got!
I didn't know I had one until a few Seattle people noticed some of my words.

Minh's never been into the whole social networking until recently. I'm glad he can share a bit of my world now :D His law blog is growing and I'm glad he can share his bankruptcy law knowledge with anyone who cares to learn. :D

I hope 2011 will bring lots of great things for all of us :D
I'll see you next post!

p.s. I felt like being emo today so I wore my emo black turtleneck to express my emo-ness in my Costco makeup mirror.

-Steph ^_^


ElenaKat said...

congrats for you and Minh! I hope you will make true all your dreams! happy new year!

LilacCactus said...

Heeey, Steph :))

I immediateley subscribed to DSKSeattle ;) I love Youtube, it's a big inspiration to me (well, not always :D ) =)
I hope you enjoy the firework! Happy new year to you and Minh!! :]

I'm going to celebrate with my family (parents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousin), it'll be hilarious :D

Btw - black really suits you :) There are not a lot of people out there who can actually wear black ^^


RavenAshley said...

i started blogging on my blogspot as well :D lol im hoping to pot on it on a regular basis for 2011, even tho many dont read it, its still nice to write out my thoughts.

An Inquiring Mind said...

I hope you accomplish all your goals next year and continue to grow! :) And you're giving away an Everything Bracelet?! So exciting! I am crossing my fingers for that one!

Quynh said...

Wow, DSK Jewelries are all over the world. Congrats, Steph!!

I've been really enjoying the day in the life videos of you, Minh, Timmy and Wally. It's fun! How long are you planning on doing the daily videos? Please don't forget to record the fireworks for your video. It'll be so cool to watch. I don't believe there are fireworks in CA on New Year's Eve except for probably just Disneyland. That kind of sucks!!

Happy New Year's Eve, DSK!!!

siwing said...

ooh man.. if i was still in Saipan ( a teeny, tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), I would so order.. Lol.. Of course I'm in the US now and it is so common.. but wouldn't that be cool?



happy new year!

~Lisa said...

I loved geography too!!
& the Mary Kay and Ashley thing...what if the dart hits the middle of the ocean?

Good luck with your goals!! I can't wait to see them come true

- Renée - said...

I like the blog too, I find it much more personal, since we get to know you :)

PS - I just sent you a necklace idea to your email ;)

crystal said...

it's so pretty at 5pm! i'm in new york and it starts to get dark around 3:30-4:00, right now it's 5:02 and i'm already turning on my lights :(

happy anniversary!!! :D

PetiteAsianGirl said...

wooooo 3 year anniversary! Hope you and Minh have a wonderful time celebrating this milestone, with champagne and more "day in the life of" vids.

Happy new year, Steph! Hope your goals come to fruition next year so you can achieve all you want to achieve : )

susan. said...

haha you and minh are so adorable! i love watching the DSKSeattle videos. you guys just lay it all out there. congrats to your worldwide success!
that map looks really cool with that old world feel to it. it comes with pins too!

by the way, i did start blogging :)

hermione9713 said...

The map would be great! Just imagine all those pins :)

And hope you and Minh have a great New Year's and anniversary

lalilyx3 said...

When are you and Minh ever going to get married? Don't you think it's about damn time? lol xD You guys are pretty much a married couple already.

misskayanne said...

Happy New Year Steph & Minh!
May your company continue being so prosperous and successful!

Can't wait to see the video of the fireworks from the space needle! xx

cleung341 said...

Happy New Year to you and Minh!
Did you ever see the segment on Good Morning America where a guy would throw a dart onto a US map & wherever it landed is where he would would go & flip through the local phone book & picked a name at random and do a story on them? I think it was called "Everybody has a Story." Kind of reminded me of it when you mentioned that you wanted to throw a dart & travel to where it landed.
Downtown Seattle looks lovely.

Susanna said...

Congrats Minh and Steph for 3years. My boyfriend and my 3year anniversary is in Feb can't wait!!!

I can't wait to see the launching of dskjewelry.com keep us posted!


Selena N. said...

I am super excited your getting some progresses done on your website. I've been looking forward to it for a while..mainly because I've seen some of your work and I've been interested in ordering again, but don't have the patience to search through your blog for ones I liked/want. ;)

I always felt it was super stalkerish to be watching these kinda videos of ppl living their life. Like, uhh maybe I should be out living my own? But! Lol--a lot of them are so freaken interesting and ADDICTING! :)

Happy new year! One of my new years resolution amongst many..is to treat my Bf out more often. He always...always... Does all the planning for dates, anniversaries, bdays, ect. So I will do it more often this year! Starting w a date to the Triple Door tomorrow. Lol :)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Ahh I can't wait for your site :D It would definitely make shopping a whole lot easier. I'd be more than happy to offer suggestions for it as you have it running. I helped Minh edit his whole site a while back. : ) Happy anniversary to you & Minh!! Three years :D That's amazing! Oh and happy new year, of course!

You look gorgeous, Steph! Black looks amazing on you ^_^

xx The Little Dust Princess

Line said...

Will the giveaway only be open to recent customers or also to customers who have bought DSK Jewelry in the past (and still check the blog regularly)? :-)

Yay for you mentioning Denmark! I'm a Danish customer :-D

Quynh said...

Yay, can't wait for your website to go live. It'll be so much easier to browse instead of looking through each of the older post.

Happy New Year!

Lara said...

aw Steph you are so sweet!:) you brought tears to my eyes. . .really!
may this year bring you loads....tons....of make up and bazilions of designer bags!!!!

Noniek said...

Happy new year Steph and Minh!
I'm glad you plan to create world map pin, hope to see this pin in my country ;)

Mindy♥ said...

Best of luck to DSKJewelry! I am going to be rooting you along! :) and yayyy for you and Minh! Congrats! <3

Angie said...

That's great that people from around the world is getting to know you and your beautiful work! Congrats!

Your hair looks fabulous is the mirror shot!

Astrid said...

You forget Belgium (where I live :) )
I ordered already several times ;)

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