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Kellie's Necklace & Everything Bracelets

Hey everyone, few days no post. I know!
I've been a busy bee working on my jewelry and filling orders.
It's my busiest month of the year : )
Just think of me as a little elf during December :D
I know what a lot of girl friends and daughters are getting this Christmas! lol

In other fun holiday news,
One of my best & only Seattle friends is back in town!
We have a date this Friday and I'm going to surprise her with this necklace! :D
I'm dedicating this necklace to my very first Seattle friend Kellie!
(fun fact, Kellie was a DSK customer long before we met in person :))

Kellie's Necklace
(rose ab, aquamarine ab)
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
email to order dskjewelry@gmail.com
"The Christmas Necklace"
(siam, fern green)
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

"The Christmas Necklace"

Available Again!
Dainty Rose AB Bracelet 7"
.925 Sterling Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski

Pretty & Girly
DSK's Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Sterling Silver Heart Link
Engraved Sterling DSK Tag
Crystallized Swarovski
One of a Kind

Amethyst, Pearl, Titanic
DSK's Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Sterling Silver Heart Link
Engraved Sterling DSK Tag
Crystallized Swarovski
One of a Kind

Hearts of Gold Earrings
24K Gold Plated Copper Hearts
14k Goldfilled Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

Lemon Quartz Cube Earrings
24K Gold Plated Copper Coin
14k Goldfilled Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski


Kate Gene said...

Congratulations on all the orders! I am not surprised that you're swamped. Everyone loves DSK!

Your "Pretty and Girly" bracelet is fit for a princess! I love the rich shades of the other one, too. Purple and blue together always catch my eye!


Mindy♥ said...

It must be so fun mailing your jewelry out especially around Christmas time because there are going to be sooo many happy girls and guys out there!!! :) Everything looks so gorgeous as always! xoxo

Pearls&Politics said...

Ah you are such a sweet friend! I love surprising my friends with little gifts, etc. too! I hope she likes it (I am sure she will!) and isn't reading your blog heheh

I have missed your posts! So it just TOTALLY hit me, I have been debating on what to tell my boyfriend to get me for Christmas, I definitely think I need to send him to your site! haha

Hope your having a good time working and staying inside with all of this awful, Seattle rain! It is extremely heavy lately :l

KIMB! said...

I love the Christmas necklace! :) And those golden heart earrings :)

RavenAshley said...

:D another new necklace for christmas
and both the new everythign bracelets are lovely, i always love the dark blue/purple combos

and oh em gee LV bag soon =o its such an exciting and EXTREMELY generous giveaway, itll be exciting just to see who wins even if it isnt myself, the winner should post an unboxing video on their gift :D and you can post it on here

unboxing or hauls videos are so fun, living vicariously through someone else XD i get the momentary excitement, ..while not spending all that money that is... less than exciting lol :p

SharBEAR =) said...

I just absolutely love all the colors in AB! it not only reflects one color but two! (: Kellie's going to be extremely surprised and happy!

Congrats on a lot of orders Steph! I'm sure there'll be a lot more coming close to Christmas and New Years!

Your amethyst, pearl, titanic bracelet is sooo gorgeous! more earrings in gold! :D

btw what color is the titanic called? is there a swarovski crystal name of that?


Jane Ko said...

Those golden heart earrings are gorgeous! Simple yet elegant at the same time and the gold looks so polished.

Rie said...

Yays finally a new post =) It seem not a holiday for u with all the filling orders yea..but u sure enjoy doing it rite =D Kellie's necklace is pretty especially the blue heart is so so shiny mix together with little pink heart PERFECT =) she is so lucky... =)

Rie said...

OH by the way~ ELEVEN DAYS MORE~!! teehee =D

Miss C i n d i a * said...

That's so sweet of you to name your necklace after her, thats pretty cool. Hmm maybe a contest in the future of "What should I name my next necklace and why, what colors etc?" Dont mind me lol. Glad youre back, and I actually pictured you dressed like a cute little elf working on them hehe.

Monica said...

Congrats on all the DSK orders! I love Kellie's surprise necklace!! It's so pretty and I think the colors really compliments each other. I hope she likes it. I know she will! Who doesn't love surprise gifts from friends?! lol That just shows how much you cherish your friendship. I'm totally counting down the days until the big LV bag winner announcement!! <3<3 the LV speedy bag <3<3

LilacCactus said...

Wow I can only imagine how busy you are right now ;)
But congratulations on all the orders!! I also ordered a necklace :)) (The Girlfriend Necklace! I love the colors of it =) )
My Mum said, that I can choose 1 piece, which I'm going to get for Christmas :DD So she gave me the money, I ordered it and now I can't wait until Christmas :D

The Christmas Necklace is soo cute :) And Kellie's Necklace sparkles - it's amazing!! :]

I'm so exhausted right now...I had 3 tests today (German, English and Business Studies) @.@ Wah :'D
Looking forward to the holidays soo much :D


Selena N. said...

Awe that's super sweet of you! If I wasn't so shy and starstruck myself, I'd wanna meet you for coffee :)! Heh. I really enjoy the company of strong minded individuals, but i am too much of an introvert.

You must be super busy, but your creations are Ganna make alot of your customers super happy! Been hinting to my Bf for awhile.but I always end up getting myself everything. Lol >.<"

Yay 12 more days before your headach starts I'd imagine..unless you already have a pretty good idea which lucky person is winning your first lux giveaway.

Quynh said...

Love the Kellie's Necklace! I have the same Rose AB Heart and Aquamarine AB Star, but in the bracelet version. Love the color combination!!

Pretty & Girly Everything Bracelet is adorable, but Amethyst, Pearl & Titanic Everything Bracelet is stunning!! Love love love the pearls!! Soooo beautiful!!

amyeuv said...

Loving the holiday idea for the necklace. Loving the earrings :)

Ciara Anidome said...

Love love love love love love love love X100000000 "The Christmas Necklace"
I LOVE it!!
Omg, it's SOOO amazing!!
The am amethyst, Pearl, titanic is so prety.
This is like my favorite post by far~
Just to make sure I was clear the Christmas necklace is AMAZING!!!
your so talented!!!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Ahh busy busy Steph! Be sure to leave some alone time aside to read, eat, and watch movies! : ) So sweet of you to dedicate a necklace to Kellie. It's very pretty! The traditional colours of "The Christmas Necklace" are PERFECT. Great for the holidays. I really like both of those Everything Bracelets, Steph. Great job with the colour schemes!

Wow only 12 days left until your giveaway ends? Time really does fly..you should somehow record you and Minh deciding on the winner. It should be fun to watch one lawyer and one "would've been" lawyer decide on this. ; )

xx The Little Dust Princess

GildaღFish said...


I <3 how the Pretty and Girly Everything Bracelet IS PRETTY and GIRLY!!


The Christmas Necklace is too cute for words!

What a wonderful job Steph!!

Debberly Baby <3 said...

The necklace you're giving to your friend, Kellie, is a beauty! I'm sure she'll love it!

jennysaysrawr said...

It sounds exciting filling out all your orders :) I'm sure all those girls are going to be so excited when they get their presents. Your jewelery is always simply stunning<3

And Kellie's necklace looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL :) Keep warm Steph! It's starting to get really cold!

~Lisa said...

Good luck filling orders!!
Hope all your customers will be excited and happy when they see it's a DSK necklace ^^

Love your new pieces too! I really like the Pretty and Girly bracelet

whatsanitasdeal said...

The Christmas Necklace
looks so cute it kind of reminds me of a cherry!
I just saw that Fuz Kittie's your model. My friend knows her! We partied together last year during halloween small world Stephanie! lol!

MakeupFanatic27 said...

Oh how I would love to receive the Kellie's Necklace for Christmas! I can imagine how busy you are, with making all this lovely things!

Amanda said...

It's awesome that you're getting so many holiday orders in...more $ for you! :) I love Kellie's necklace and I hope that she loves it just as much! I can't wait to see who will win the Louis Vuitton!!!

sole said...

wow. the bracelet in daint rose is magnific. I´m sure that qhen i have enough money i will done a buy in your jewelry store. thanks lovely

cleung341 said...

When you said you are like a busy little elf, all I could think about was you in little elf outfit saying "Santa? I know him!" from that movie ELF. Hahaha....
Love the charm additions to your pieces.

lcreationsco said...

haha been waiting for another post! =) Kellie's gonna love it! it's gorgeous. i can't wait till christmas! it's such a happy time of year.

crystal said...

Kellie's Necklace is so pretty! Will she find out about this necklace before you give it to her? :O (since it's on your blog, let's hope she doesn't see it :D)

omg, 12 more days! can't believe christmas is just around the corner! Filling orders must be tiring, but i would love to do that. You must be feeling happy that everyone loves your jewelry, and sending them to different places!

irishdance01 said...

i definitely missed your posts while you were away!

the xmas necklace is so cute! good luck with all of your orders... but dont forget to stop once and awhile to take a deep breath and soak in christmastime :) hope youre having a great holiday season steph!

Angie said...

Good to hear back from you! Based on the last post, it looks like you had alot of orders. Alot of people are gonna be so happy!

Love the Christmas Necklace! It's a great change from the Merry Christmas Necklace. Is the 'Pretty & Girly' the bracelet you were working on when you tweeted about coming back to work after Bed, Bath and Beyond? So cuuute! Love the matte pink! Good contrast to the pearly whites.

lulu30045 said...

these are all gorgeous pieces, i do not even know which one to choose from!!
i love the amethyst pearl in titanic but it is too expensive right now = (

Thao said...

gawd. I love that christmas tree necklace. The colors are so rich and warm. I loveee it. If I wasn't broke because of the holidays, I would be all over your everything bracelets (that is if I catch them in time to even buy them), and the Christmas tree necklace. Gorgeous work, I never get sick of looking at your pieces.

Susanna said...

This just reminds me of when my boyfriend surprised me with your necklace last year. :)

While you go crazy filling those orders, I'm here studying for final. AHHHHH!

griselda said...

...counting down the days! :) I love all these bracelets, its no wonder why you are so busy! you create magic, everything is so beautiful.

*ms.angela89* said...

*Oh I missed out, I didnt even see this blog post. Will its never too late to comment now. :)

Your good at multi-tasking, I'm not surprise your hands are full yet you do such a great job keeping up to speed with your work! Kudos to you. I can see where you have your independent lady attitude. :D Like they say your best friend is yourself. Heheh! But very well, I love the christmas necklace. The perfect name for it. Simple and charming. I love the pretty and girly everything bracelet. The baby pink and pearls are just so cute. It will definitely suit the owner wearing it. :-) You do so many baby colors and they are attractive. I do like the light baby colors. Well put together. See you on the next jewerly post.

Noniek said...

I like the AB color, it reflects more colors than just crystal one :) Kellie's necklage is so pretty, how lucky she is has a friend like you!

Wow, I love christmas gift :) everyone should too. You're like sinterclass, Steph! Giving special gift for the lucky winner. Whoever she is must be very happy! ;)

siwing said...

pretty pretty !! i think the copper hearts make an excellent addition to your collection.. don't get me wrong.. i love the swarovski =D. but the use of different gems make your collection so unique..

gabbiieb said...

How nice of you your such a nice person. I really love the holiday necklace so pretty.

wuzzyangel said...


I still need to put in my DSK order! My own Merry Xmas to myself! LOL! Maybe I'll wait till the rush is over... but then again w/ DSK it never is! ;)

Sarah said...

i don't even like pink but the girly bracelet is SOOOO cute, haha! it's almost like.. dreamy.. like.. cotton candy.

Susan said...

I have been eyeing the Lemon Quartz Cube earrings. I really love these!!
The Pretty Girly bracelet is sooo light and airy looking! It is beautiful!!

Arielle said...

O.M.G. I'm in love with that milky pink color on the everything bracelet. sad it's sold

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

That's so sweet of you to dedicate that necklace to her. I read about your get-together on your blog a few days ago already. You met her in Seattle and then she moved away?

cookiemunstr said...

those are gorgeous !

shannnybannny said...

That holiday one has stolen my heart!

ElenaKat said...

I'm sure your friend liked it a lot! Kellie is a lucky girl! it's amazing! I also loved the Christmas necklace in green and red..

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