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Welcome Jean of ExtraPetite.com to the DSK Family!

Hey everyone! I'm back from my family trip to Hogwarts aka Harvard (Cambridge, MA) to visit my little sister ^^
I want to thank you all for all the warm wishes I've received while I was gone. Vacations are fun and all, but there's no place like home! And now more anything I finally accept Seattle as home. I've left and gone away enough times to feel that this is my city, my home.

Did you know a great trick to feel more at home in a new place is to just leave that place for a few hours and come back? Sometimes when you're at a new place, for example a hotel, or even your new college dorm. It can feel a bit foreign (especially if you're traveling alone). If you feel out of place, or awkward in your new environment, simply leave for a few hours and explore the city and come back...the hotel will instantly feels more warm and home like. And before you know it, you'll find yourself saying "let's go home" to the hotel, dorm, or wherever you may be staying at : )

Now that I am home home, I'm spending this weekend at work in the workshop filling your orders, and answering your emails. Thank you for your patience, I very much appreciate your business and support in my jewelry line.

I will be back with a new jewelry post as soon as I get the current orders mailed out hopefully around Monday, and Tuesday. I have also extended my Complimentary Shipping offer until December 10, 2010 Worldwide.
Please select the $0.00 option at checkout, if you select Priority or Express it will be extra for those services.

Thank you!


Jean for DSK Jewelry

Now I know many of you have been waiting for this post about our newest addition to the DSK Model Family!
I would like to formally welcome and introduce one of my new blogger besties Jean to DSK Jewelry!

I found Jean through our
DSK Model FrmHeadToToe.com Jen's comment box! I noticed "PAG" comment on one of Jen's blog entries and I clicked her blogger icon. When I visited "PAG" (PetiteAsianGirl ) at her website, www.ExtraPetite.com I was blown away by the professionalism of her petite fashion blog (I thought to myself how creative! This is a young woman who is putting herself out there to help fellow petite working professionals).

What really drew me in was her header banner, it is a picture of this mysterious beautiful woman in a suit with a double strand pearl necklace around her neck. Her side profile was breathtaking to me. Her skin glowing, and her lips - just perfection! I knew I had an instant girl crush (I get a lot of those). The mystery of the missing eyes lured me to read more. I wanted to know what the rest of her looked like! (you know how it is with today's society & our new cyber stalking tendencies, let's not deny it -- we're all guilty!).
The fact that she has
LV & Chanel handbags was just the bonus! I love designer bags :D
That's why I'm giving one away to one of my readers/customers in 21 days : )
Minh and I can't wait to make someone's Christmas a bit extra special.

But Jean's got style, yes she do!
Dear PAG, please share more with us all.
Your blog is eye candy!

The ounce of mystery from this girl who is on "the quest for fashion that fits" just drew me in! At that point in my life, I knew I had to keep on scrolling to find out more about this fashion savvy blogger! I had no idea what "PAG's" real name was for weeks! lol Then one day she posted a Youtube video! She introduced herself to all her viewers on camera and told us her name was Jean.

Based on that video, I have known of Jean now for 5 whole months.
Happy Anniversary to us! haha jk
I love learning more and more about her each day as our friendship grows. We just randomly have a lot in common, and a lot of similarities. It's quite fun to relate to someone your age.

I was so excited that I now knew her real name: Jean !

This is Jean's first Youtube video under the screen name, extrapetiteblog
(Jean also has a "secret" music channel, but mystery makes us grow fonder, right?)
You'll have to ask Jean about that. She has over a million views on that Youtube Channel that she's been hiding from you!

But back to my story,

For weeks I continued to follow PAG's blog, and her Youtube videos. I remember building up the courage to make that first impression comment to her. (I was pretty starstruck when I got a tweet from her for the first time a few months ago).

It's one of the best feelings in the world.
(Think, getting a reply from one of your favorite idols or someone you following (when they don't know who you are yet). It's that same feeling.

OR ..seeing the Michael Buble Concert for the 2nd time with closer seats! **butterflies** lol
I did take my family + bf Minh to see MB on my vacation (He did sing his new single Hollywood this time!), but more on that later.

Ironically, I went to Cambridge/Boston over holiday. Guess which two of my blogger friends are from Boston?
Pink (Pam) and.. PAG (Jean) !

These two ladies have been such good friends to me. I've known Pam through beauty blog for well over two years now, and I'm still shy to meet her, the Pink.

I was way too shy to even mention meet up with either of the ladies, and I didn't want to be a bother in their daily lives especially since it was Thanksgiving Holiday which is usually everyone's family time in the US. I was also catching up and spending time exploring Boston with my Mom, Dad, Sister (Julia), and bf Minh.

I'm still very much in my "OMG, Jean (PAG) of www.ExtraPetite.com knows I exist and we tweet each other & chat!

Jean probably thinks I'm silly, but I can't help the way I feel inside, butterflies! I'm very much like the rest of you girls who follow beauty blogs, and fashion blogs. Meeting another blogger is very exciting. I've met two local bloggers from Seattle and we are now really the best of friends. I had known them for quite sometime before meeting them. I just want to be able to be comfortable enough to joke around with a new blog friend > RL (real life) friend in daily life without offending them or them thinking I'm weird..and never talk to me again.. not that it has ever happened, but still..it could! lol. I guess I just like to know I'm still in "wow" with how I have the honor of knowing such great ladies from all around the US..and really the World.

Now I know you're probably tired of hearing me (Steph) ramble on and on about my insecurities lol. But now time to meet & get to know Jean if you don't already : )

I had asked Jean to write up some fun facts so we all can get to know her better, and here are her answers!

(joinked from www.extrapetite.com, isn't Jean just cute as a button?! I hope we'll be come life long friends ^^)

Jean: I am so thrilled that Steph, one of my best friends on blogger, has invited me to help represent her DSK brand. I've always admired her drive and passion for DSK, both of which really shine through in her jewelry. I'm excited to meet all of you!

- How old are you? 23. Steph and I are almost twins!

- How tall are you? 4 feet 11 and three quarters...every little bit counts.

- What is your career? I work in risk & compliance for financial companies. We're always at the client so our dress code gets switched up from week to week : )

Do you have a boyfriend? 6 years and counting. I grew up in predominantly white areas, and the day I moved into my college dorm I was overjoyed to lay eyes on a hapa from SoCal. I had never seen one before! Being a wide-eyed freshman boy surrounded by flirtatious females, he barely noticed me. Some girls would scorn the thought of aggressively pursuing a guy...but I didn't even think twice. There's no time to play games when you find exactly what you're looking for!

- What's your ethnicity? Chinese American...born in Guangzhou and grew up in the Northeast US.

- What's your favorite food? Way too many, but at the top of my list: shabu, dim sum, shabu, tonkotsu ramen, fried chicken, piping hot Asian noodle soup, nigiri, weird stuff (like tripe, innards, lol).

- How did you start blogging? I started out with an unsuccessful blog titled "Fashionable Finance," in which I droned on about investments and personal finance. I started my current blog to share my trial and error experiences in shopping for clothes that fit. I was tired of being mistaken for a young teen while at work!

- What advice would you give girls out there? Three things I always admire in other women are good posture, confidence, and a smile. The first and the third are really transformational, but are oh-so-frequently overlooked these days. Try it!

(I totally just *snagged* this picture from www.extrapetite.com to show you how amazing her looks, outfits & photos really are!)

To learn even more about Jean, visit her blog at www.ExtraPetite.com
Also, a very big shout out to Jean's boyfriend! He takes her amazing photos.
Thank you Mr. Jean bf! ^_^
We appreciate you too!
P.S. Your girlfriend is very pretty : )

Platinum Pearls & Bow French Earrings
.925 Sterling French Hook Earrings
Swarovski Platinum Pearl
Antique Silver Bow

Lovely Petite Cream Earrings
.925 Sterling Heart Lever Back Earring
*6mm Swarovski Cream Pearls instead of 8mm*

Lemon Quartz Bait Earrings
14k Gold-filled Wirewrap
14k Gold-filled Bait Earring
Sold Out, e-mail me (Steph) at dskjewelry@gmail.com to reserve a pair to be made just for you!

To think Jean is now part of DSK Jewelry makes my heart smile :D


Thank you all for visiting, and please do show Jean your love!

omggg Michael Buble's White Christmas is playing on the radio! Life's good.


~Lisa said...

Welcome home!!! Hope you had a great time with your family =)
I missed your posts =P

Haha, I totally get what you mean there. I'm super duper shy and I met with someone before to swap packages and boy, the butterflies I had in my stomach were crazy!!

Heehee, I remember getting a reply from Bubzbeauty on Twitter and I was so ecstatic!! LOL

Jean is gorgeous!! She's a great model and she's got a great photographer as a bf ^^
I really like her banner too, as you said, it's very mysterious.

FashionableAsians said...

Jean is awesome, I've been following her blog for awhile now. Great pick for a DSk model! ;D

Nonners said...

She is so cute! I wish i was petite! Average height is boring!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jean is beautiful and got a sense of style!! She is my fashionistic icon too!! I checked out her blog everyday to see what she bought and see how she styles it.

Stephie said...

Glad you had a good trip to the NE! I bet you ate some delicious food ^_^

Congrats to Jean!! I absolutely love her & her helpful style... she's my style icon for entering into the corporate world.... not to mention, we will soon be sharing something in common :]

The Little Dust Princess said...

Glad you're safely back at home, Steph! :D Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Aww what a sweet post, Steph! It made me smile. : ) I love Jean and her blog! I'm so happy to see it growing every time I visit her page! I remember her telling me that she wants a Chanel bag, so I'm not sure if she already owns one. Regardless, I definitely admire her professional style. ^_^ She is beautiful and that's what made me keep coming back to her blog. Now that you mention it, her banner really is pretty and mysterious! I love the colour theme!

I understand that "starstruck" feeling when your favourite blogger/Youtuber replies you! I'm a bit shy to admit this, but you were definitely one of those bloggers that did that to me. : ) Bloggers that actually read their readers' comments and reply to them are definitely a plus in my books. Btw..insecurities? Pshhh, girl..you're one of THE most well-known beauty bloggers out there AND you have a very well-known and BEAUTIFUL jewelry line!!

Anyway, when I visit Boston or Seattle (or any other place where my favourite bloggers are), I definitely want to meet up with you guys, but I probably won't have the courage to ask or to bother you! LOL

xx The Little Dust Princess

DSK Steph! said...

@The Little Dust Princess she has a Chanel tote :) (I'm a bag stalker, trust me) http://www.extrapetite.com/2010/03/petite-lookbook-cropped-jacket-cuffed.html

Pearls&Politics said...

Ah Steph you are so sweet to the people in your life.

Jean sounds like a remarkle person and a great model! :)

I have ran across her blog a couple times, however I am no where near petite :l

I am glad you are "home"
Seattle is a wonderful city and with Minh, your puppies and all the lovely downtown shopping/ dowtown apt. it seems like you are really home :)

Definitely can't wait to start reading your blogs again since you are back! I've missed them-haha :)

PS- Have you seen Sex and the City the movie!? I was just watching it on tv and Carrie gives her personal helper a Louis Vuitton for Christmas.
I was thinking how that is like you this Christmas! haha

Hope you have a good day and adjusting to Seattle again :)

I definitely

The Little Dust Princess said...

LOL Great eye! I remember seeing that post but forgot about the bag!

Kellie said...

I love Jean and am sooo happy that she is the newest addition to the DSK family. I definitely LOVE Dsk, THATS FOR SURE! I'm glad Seattle is now your home.. I still can't make California feel like mine and I have been here for who knows how long... I get to see you soon and I'm so excited!! <3 <3 <3

Angie said...

Welcome back stranger! Things were getting a little quiet without your posts. Bet you got alot of good stories to tell. Like the tweet about your Mom speaking so loud she had to be told to hush a bit. Can relate here.

Because of you I found Jean too and her blogs are so cute! It can be possible to look professional without having to drown in bigger clothes. Can relate again. She has such a classic, natural and beautiful look.

Thank you Steph for introducing such a beautiful and alluring person we can relate to. :)

SharBEAR =) said...

welcome back Steph! (: i completely understand what you mean with the being away from home. i always get very homesick but then i end up exploring the new place and falling in love with it. still in the very end, there is really no better place than home.

congrats to Jean! another DSK model! yayy! I've visited her site and she does have a great sense of style! hehehe

glad to see you back! we've missed you! :D


Snoopie said...

Welcome home and glad to be reading your long long post! You are so funny...sounds like u were pretty captivated by Jean!

Look forward to hearing more....

Puppet said...

I'm sure we all missed your posts.
Jean is very pretty, her blog is very professional and I like it.

Angie said...

jean is so beautiful and professional. i think it's funny how big of a girl crush you have on her. well who doesn't!? :) great choice for a new dsk model, steph

RavenAshley said...

Yay! another new model, seeing more modelsfor teh site if always fun. :D

siwing said...

welcome back to blogging !!! hope you've had a great time with your family =D i've missed you! lol. cant wait to see your gigantic sephora haul, and just your regular makeup posts, jewelry posts, and random posts.!

hahaha.. i am the same way.. i am so "star-struck"... (even when you first replied to me on twitter!) i was like whatttttt ?!?!?! lol... and when pink commented on my blog.. i was like omg omg omg !!! and then.. i commented on Jean's blog.. and she replied back to me on twitter.. i was like omgomgomg she knows who i am !!!!!! lol... my hubby thinks i am crazy some times when it comes to blogging... i'm always telling him about beauty bloggers.. and he's always like "they are just ppl" lol...

congrats to jean again for becoming a DSK model.. i was so shy to enter your contest this year.. hoping i work up the courage to enter next year, if you have one again... =D

p.s. i just saw you twitpic on your costco cart. hehe. i need to pick up some pomegranates next time i go to the store.. now i finally know how to get the seeds out easily (thanks for sharing the youtube vid!)

can't wait for all your upcoming posts!

siwing said...

welcome back to blogging !!! hope you've had a great time with your family =D i've missed you! lol. cant wait to see your gigantic sephora haul, and just your regular makeup posts, jewelry posts, and random posts.!

hahaha.. i am the same way.. i am so "star-struck"... (even when you first replied to me on twitter!) i was like whatttttt ?!?!?! lol... and when pink commented on my blog.. i was like omg omg omg !!! and then.. i commented on Jean's blog.. and she replied back to me on twitter.. i was like omgomgomg she knows who i am !!!!!! lol... my hubby thinks i am crazy some times when it comes to blogging... i'm always telling him about beauty bloggers.. and he's always like "they are just ppl" lol...

congrats to jean again for becoming a DSK model.. i was so shy to enter your contest this year.. hoping i work up the courage to enter next year, if you have one again... =D

p.s. i just saw you twitpic on your costco cart. hehe. i need to pick up some pomegranates next time i go to the store.. now i finally know how to get the seeds out easily (thanks for sharing the youtube vid!)

can't wait for all your upcoming posts!

Selena N. said...

Yay! Your back and to boot, it's a long blog post. I agree! Jean's banner was one of the first thing I noticed, it reminds me of those stock photos for businesses! Thanks for the introduction to ExtraPetite, she offers great inspiration for some business wear which are super useful..since I have no fashion sense in any inch of my body. -.-

Reading your blog you almost sound like you were in love. =P Oh, welcome home!

Susanna said...

Once again I'd like to say I love Jean's blog and her style.
I'm so glad she a DSK model! Those earrings on her are so pretty.
I can't wait to see more updates from you.

KIMB! said...

Welcome home :) hope your trip was awesome! aw jean is so pretty and i can't wait to see her model some of those earrings. i am liking this pearl earrings :)

christie. said...

hey steph!

nice pick on the new dsk model! its super funny cause im the exact same height as her! anyway i just wanted to tell you im in love with the crystal flower earrings that i bought from you. so much people have been commenting me on them. i thought i'd share that with you to let you now your doing a great job!=]


Anonymous said...

I love ur earring picture! having a picture of someone wearing ur earrings really helps see what size they are!

Quynh said...

Welcome home, Steph! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your family in Boston. I bet you're tired of eating Asian food by now! My dad is just like your mom. He doesn't eat anything, but Vietnamese food. He said his meal is not complete unless there is rice. He does love his rice! LOL!!!

Jen (Frmheadtotoe) & Jean (PetiteAsianGirl) are awesome! I love reading their blogs! And thanks to the 3 of you, i now own 3 amazing blushes from Rock and Republic :)

Love the earrings! I must say i prefer the Platinum Pearls over any other pearls in this Bow French Hook earring style. And i just love the Lemon Quartz Bait Earrings. They're simple, yet elegance!

Kristel said...

Welcome back home! I laughed when you said youbwere back from hogwarts in that exact moment i pictured that college like hogwarts.

Thanks for the info on Jean, although I am not short I still love finding a great new blog and YouTube channel to follow. I will definately check it out ASAP.

Susan said...

Glad your safely back from your trip!! Love all the new earrings!!!

Thao said...

I love Jean! I stalk her blog like a crazy person. Just because I'm so jealous of her styles. Very nice pick to add to your new DSK family of gorgeous models, Steph. And welcome home =)

Mindy♥ said...

Steph!! Welcome home and back to your blog! We missed you! <3 I really adore Jean's blog as well! Being a petite girl, her blog is so helpful and I'm happy to hear that she's joined the DSK family!!! :D
I can't wait to see your new jewelry pieces!
oh and please update us more about your trip to Boston! Boston is one of the places that I have to visit and experience myself!

lcreationsco said...

aw she's so adorable! =) and has awesome fashion sense of course. perfect DSK model! charisma, confidence, charm =)

Susan said...

Finally got to order the Lemon Quartz Baits! Can't wait until they arrive!

*ms.angela89* said...

Welcome back home to Seattle! :) You didn't miss much while you were gone. The weather has been treating us the same with it's bi-polar attitude. Heheheh! But I did like today's sunshine, that was nice. I did see you tweet the pic you took of the city + the mts in the back earlier today. :)

Congrats to Jean again for becoming part of the DSK family! She's honest and so kind! I've been following her too and her tips about wearing the right size pants is always nice. :) I'm peitite myself and so I could definitely relate to her. Yay for Jean. You definitely deserve it girl.

Looking to hearing more stories from you soon Steph. :) Good night!

susan. said...

Welcome home :)! Congratulations to Jean too! She's gorgeous and those pictures are phenomenal. I totally get that feeling of star struck too with you lol. You're so passionate and driven with your jewelry and you've made yourself so successful. Jean is also so wonderful with helping out others figure out how to style themselves. It is nerve wrecking when you can't find clothes of fit yourself and different occasions

wndxox said...

Ooh I'm so excited to see Jean join the DSK family ^^ I read her blog frequently and always find some great tips on styling or amazing looks from her petite fashion! She makes a beautiful DSK model and is perfect for the role :)

Danele said...

So glad you are home safely! I know exactly what you mean about leaving a new home to make it feel more like home when you come back. I've lived in Hilton Head, SC for 6 months and as soon as I left for a weekend, it was nice to come "home." But I'll have to start that process all over again when I move to Chicago next summer!

Jean is so incredibly cute. She reminds me of my friend who is her exact same height but is Japanese. She truly is petite and has trouble finding cute clothes that fit. Maybe I'll introduce her to Jean's blog!

R.L. said...

Aww, Jean's my favorite blogger and I loved the tribute to her! Well done!

DSK Steph! said...

@Danele why are you headed to Chicago? I used to visit Chicago often growing up in the Midwest :D I know you'll just love it there. And definitely tell your girl friend about Jean's blog! I've told my cousins, and close friends and now all we talk about is "have you see Jean's new post?" lol It's fun :D

@R.L. She's one of my fav's too! ;)

Miss C i n d i a * said...

What a great way to return! I loved the post, it really shows how much you care for her. And that's good because some people just treat their "models" as just... Things I guess. But you are friends with her and you both respect each other's crafts which is very important! Glad you enjoyed your time with your family, and you're right about the trick on how to make a new place feel like home, it happens so much that we barely notice it. But after 4 years living away from New York, I can now call Pennsylvania my home :)

LilacCactus said...

Welcome back!!! :))

Oh yes! I was looking forward to this post! ;)
I visit her blog frequently, she's really sweet! :]
I think that she really represents DSK Jewelry perfectly!
Love the first picture you posted (the one with the pink shirt!), the necklace matches perfect the color of her shirt =) And it spaarkles <3 So pretty!

I also told many friends about her blog ;)


GildaღFish said...

Welcome back!! I've missed your blog posts terribly! I've been a fan of Jean ever since you introduced her a while back and I've been visiting her YouTube quite frequently as of late. She has a certain charm about her and it helps that she's adorable. :)

Love, love, love the earrings & I can't wait for some holiday necklaces & bracelets to come out!!


Irene said...

Hey Steph, welcome back!!!

LOVE Jean - she is super sweet, down to earth, and of course, she's got style!!! :D

Ooooh I had no idea you were such a bag lover -- thinking about making the plunge this Christmas and getting a CHANEL classic quilted clutch (medium-large)...it's an investment, right? :D

kristelsaskosky said...

loving the Lemon Quartz Bait Earrings! so pretty!

*ms.angela89* said...

Oh lookie,! I'm back because I'm surprise you dropped by my plain blog again. Heheh, that made my day plus the Seahawks won their game today too! Woot woot. I know I don't update as much ony my blog cause my laptop is foreverrr gone after my son poured soda on it but planning to get a new one soon. :) It's really nice to see you reply back to your subscribers. Yay! Well I'm real happy you dropped by, almost as exciting as how you met Jean. Heheh. Looking forwards to the next post! :D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Yay!!! I loved this post!! One of my favorite bloggers is Jean and she is just adorable in so many ways!! :) Her confidence and her sense of style has lured me into her fashion blog even though I am not the petite-ist :p She is great and I so happy she is representing an equally awesome jewelry blog!! :)

Pearls&Politics said...

Haha! That sounds like me and my boyfriend, I always force him to watch the movies I like but he complains throughout it so much that I just tell him, "fine, go in the other room and play your video games and leave me alone!" haha
I ALWAYS watched Princess Diaries- it is actually one of the few VHS movies I own! hahaha
Legally Blonde is definitely a movie I can watch over and over- I know practically all of the words and it is just so cliche when I tell people that it is my favorite because I have had blonde hair and want to be a lawyer!! Both of which I have had/want to be since before that movie even came out! haha

I definitely want to see Love and Other Drugs also! I definitely love Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhal but I heard that movie has SO many sexy scenes! hahahah I am definitely going to see it, but haven't decided if I will wait until it comes out on demand or dvd haha
You should let me know if you liked it!!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I read this post in bed this morning like a novel I can't put down (back in the day it was the sweet valley twins but I haven't read for pleasure for about 5 years lol). It makes MY heart smile to be part of DSK (still a little blown away about this honor), to have you as a friend, and to meet all these lovely ladies through you.

Speaking of "starstruck"...I believe I was a lurker on dsk for months (hopped over from Jen's blog of course) before our tweet greeting. I remember watching that video of that crying girl over and over again whose bf secretly bought her the everything bracelet, and thinking wow - it's friggen amazing how her jewelry can make girls out there so happy!

You are so strategic about when to meet an online friend IRL. If someone can't accept the RL you and any corny jokes / weirdness (this is hypothetical of course) then that person is surely not worthy of your online friendship. I look forward with great excitement to the day I get to meet RL Steph! I'm so glad you had a good time with your family in Boston, and I loved living vicariously via your twitpics lol.

R.L., Kellie, Angie, Siwing, Quynh, Ms. Angela, wndxox and more...my heart feels so warm and fuzzy. Thank you for your kind words and big hugs to you all : )

mello yello jen said...

Welcome home! There is truly no place like home and having your two little dog babies welcome you home is extremely great too!

Great pick on the DSK model!! Jean is gorgeous and I really enjoy her blog and pictures.

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

LOL, My parents live near Yale and I swear that place is Hogwarts to!! It's all dark and mysterious with secret tunnels and and secret societies!! Oh and the Gilmore Girls too! <- random

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog but I copied Nonners and gave it to you too :)

kileen said...

Glad to hear you had a great vacation and it's good to have you back!

Jean is simply gorgeous and I was also awe-struck after reading her blog. I still remember the day when she first commented on my blog. I was giddy for days. She's a perfect choice to model for DSK and her style is truly inspiring!


Amanda said...

Welcome, Jean! I love reading those posts and only wish I looked that cute in clothes!

whatsanitasdeal said...

She's so pretty. I started to follow her blog a month ago. I love her outfits!

CocoBella said...

Welcome back! I glad you had a wonderful trip!!!

I'm so excited to the new model edition for DSK Jewelry. I'm happy that you found her because of you I now know who she is. I love her blog post and you style is so adorable!

I love all your DSK Jewelry models because their so unique and all have different styles and personalities!

Gjee said...

lol i love how bloggers find each other! i wrote on PAG a while back how i found her through Jen frmheadtotoe and how I found YOU through Jen also! and now you guys are all one big happy DSK family! cute :)

loveeee jean. i died one time when she wrote a comment on my blog! i took so long to think of a response that i don't remember if i ever came up with one :(

anyways i miss your DSK posts!!! i know you're busy filling people's orders but i know your creative juices are flowing~~ i'm hoping for some more lemon quartz earrings <3 maybe a lemon quartz pearl combo? i'm not creative so thats the best i can ask for.. haha!

hermione9713 said...

Congrats to Jean! Those are gorgeous photos and I loved the little story you told :) Seeing this makes me want to buy the jewelry so your DSK models are definitely doing their jobs well!!

griselda said...

I think I may have also fallen in love. I will definitely have to check her website out. I'm only 5feet and 1/3! :) I see why you are so enamored by this wonderful model.

jennysaysrawr said...

I hope you had a great time with your family! Welcome home, Steph :D And I totally know what you mean by feeling at home after leaving for a while haha :) It feels nice.

And I totally just looked at Jean's website. She's GORGEOUS! :) Welcome to DSK Jean! :D

gabbiieb said...

She is beautiful just like the rest. I went to her blong and it was very interesting I really like the way she dresses. Im glad your back.

Monica said...

Welcome back!! How was your experience in Boston? I can't believe your sister is attending Harvard!!! She must be ridiculously SMART!! What is her major?

lulu30045 said...

wow, great products, will have to check her out and her website. i love frmheadtotoe!!! she's amazing, great choice of model

sole said...

What better ambassador to carry your jewelry extrapetit. She always looks fantastic

Rie said...

YaYs thanks for the post~ petite girl... at least now i got some ideas of what to wear without looking weird... =)

amyeuv said...

Thanks for the post love the petite girl post. Her ideas are so good for asian since most of them are petite. Love her ideas to help out :) Thanks again for the Post

MakeupFanatic27 said...

I'm not extra petite but I can appreciate one! I love Jeans blog and youtube vids. I think she's a great pick for your DSK Jewerly.

lulu30045 said...

love those pictures of her, will have to check her out

i love her style of clothing, very sophisticated and cute at the same time

Caren said...

she's so pretty! I love frmheadtotoe too!! all of your model picks are great..

Sarah said...

she is SO cute. i'm glad you introduced her to the fam ^^ i follow her and she has SUCH a good taste in fashion, haha!

Arielle said...

Congrats to Jen, I must admit I'm a little jealous being a DSK model seems loads of fun! anywho's she does it well so i can't be mad! lol

shannnybannny said...

She is gorgeous!!!

ElenaKat said...

Your sister is in Harvard? WOW that's great! (Also, I'm a Harry Potter fan,so saying the magic word Hogwarts made my eyes bling bling!
Jean's style is preppy and feminine, love her!
I've never been abroad alone or else, but I will keep in mind your tip when I travel for the first time!

And Yay for the giveaway!

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