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Featured in Fuzkittie's latest OOTD video

I was just catching up my Youtube videos and saw Fuzkittie's latest Outfit of the Day (OOTD) video wearing a necklace I sent her over holiday, and a bracelet I made her 2 years ago! She was one of those first believers in me and my jewelry. She supported me even when I had roughly 2 followers (and her being 1 of them!) hahahaha :D It was sweet to see that she still has it after her move and all. Hahaha my jewelry made the made the cut! :P (because you know..sometimes when you move you are forced to leave some things behind). lol *Think Toy Story 3 when Andy has to clean out his room to move to college* lol

Fuzkittie no longer blog at her blogspot (but it's still a great resource to all of her older beauty looks and blog posts), but she blogs at her Facebook Page! She was on hiatus for a while there (had me worried!) lol but she's back blogging at her Facebook Page & makes almost daily Youtube videos for her viewers.

Photo taken by Fuz
Fuzkittie's Bracelet
.925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
Custom Bracelet I made for Fuzkittie in 2009.
Photo taken by Fuz
Fuzkittie's Bracelet that she had on in the video. I don't have this same exact bracelet for sale right now, but if you would like one one, and enough girls ask for it, I will bring it back!
E-mail me, dskjewelry@gmail.com

I found her post back in 2009 when I made her this bracelet here if you want to see. : )

The necklace she is wearing in this Outfit of the Day video is in fact, the Kellie Necklace in an 16" (40cm) length.

The Kellie Necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Hearts
16" (40cm) Length $40

18" (45cm) Length $45

In my mind she is one of the most friendliest bloggers/youtubers in existence. She has a great personality, and a great sense of humor with a fabulous taste in piano music. You will find that out quickly once you get to know her. : )
Fuzkittie really needs no introduction as she's one of the first amazing friend I've made here on blog, and she was one of the first DSK Jewelry Models! Our 2 year +friendship all started on beauty blog as some of you may already know, but I won't bore you with our story. haha

Her real name is Juichia, and she's Taiwanese-American who loves Asian Makeup! She especially loves Japanese cosmetics. And I'm finally glad to see her come back to the blog/youtube world with MAC Cosmetics in her collection! *gasp* lol
I knew she wouldn't be able to resist the awesomeness of MAC products.
She makes a lot of beautiful informative makeup tutorials, and outfit of the day videos.
I would high recommend you to check her out if haven't yet already in your free time. : )

I'll link you here to meet Fuzkittie,
She's wearing DSK's Fuzkittie Necklace (starfish/moon) available on the right hand size bar under her DSK Model Photo on this very blog. ^_^

Fuzkittie's Facebook Page
Fuzkittie's Youtube Channel


Mindy♥ said...

I love fuz! She really is one of the kindest bloggers out there! <3

The Little Dust Princess said...

Aw she's beautiful and looks so sweet. : ) Thanks for introducing us to her! I just subbed to her channel because I love OOTD videos. ^_^

xx The Little Dust Princess

lcreationsco said...

i love fuz! she's awesome =) watched every video of hers. i'm glad she's back to blogging now! got me scared too =) i love reading her posts and she has such good tips for asians! i'm glad we all share a common interest: Jewlery and Makeup!

Quynh said...

What a cute little bracelet!! I want them both now. LOL! Sometimes it's better to see stuff on someone other than yourself. Love OOTD & EOTD videos. Will be checking her YT channel soon.

fuzkittie said...

Aw Steph!! This is touching! *a tear* Hehehe! Thank you again for the most amazing crystal pieces and I can't wait to wear the other delicate pearl chain you sent me with a nice work outfit. :]

Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen said...

@Mindy she definitely is the nicest! I love her personality and kindness to everyone :)

@Jessy (The Little Dust Princess) welcome! I'm surprised you haven't heard of Fuzkittie! She's really amazing in so many different ways. You'll find that out shortly :)

@Quynh She's really fun to follow :) She's been away for a while, but recently has made a come back. I consider her one of the "original" Asian Beauty Bloggers.

Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen said...

@fuzkittie aww thank you for login onto blogspot to comment!

I'm a bit sad you don't update your blog anymore, but I LOVE seeing you on Facebook! :D

I'm glad you like the pearl & iolite necklace, I think it suits you that's why I thought of you! haha <3

~Lisa said...

I love fuzkittie! She's so cute and funny!

cleung341 said...

Love Juichia, met her here in SF at one of the her meet ups. Loved teh pieces you made for her. Esp the one with the little pearls. You should add that to the shop!

LilacCactus said...

I follow her :)) She's really sweet and soo nice! Love her youtube videos! ^^
I actually came across her through your dskjewelry blog ;)

Much love!!

Katie said...

Aw I like fuzkittie. I hadn't been keeping up with her blog, so I'm glad you made this post! I "liked" her on Facebook now. =)

P.S. I liked your Toy Story 3 reference hehe.

Susanna said...

That bracelet looks amazing on her!!

I was so surprised when a friend of mine for me your jewelry for christmas!! I'm wearing it right now cuz I love it sooo much :)

RavenAshley said...

i love her <3 im subscribed to her as well, and i love her bracelet, its soooo cute

Susanna said...

Lovely jewelery, that's what I call temptation! ;)

siwing said...

i've never heard of her before.. hehe.. but i love her outfit!

that's great that she's been your supporter since day 1 !!

siwing said...

i've never heard of her before.. hehe.. but i love her outfit!

that's great that she's been your supporter since day 1 !!

kileen said...

i only recently discovered fuzkittie but love her videos!! she has so many awesome tutorials and i'm glad to see her as a DSK model too!


Angie said...

I've been stalking her too ever since I came across your blog! LOL. She has alot of cute and good ideas too!

Priya said...

The pearl necklace that Fuz is wearing on her latest vids, is it available ??? Love that, its the prettiest little pearl necklace Ive seen.

Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen said...

@Priya Hey Priya, I don't have them posted here on blog, but I believe I have two available one in the 16" (40cm) length and one in the 18" (45cm). Feel free to email if you're interested in one or the other I can give you more details.

Thanks for commenting!


KURUMI said...

I like the bracelet TOO CUTE Fuzkittie.

KURUMI said...

I like the bracelet TOO CUTE Fuzkittie.

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