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Sakura Matcha Everything Bracelet

Sakura Matcha ^_^
I was inspired by the Green Tea Cherry Blossom Kit Kats : )
Matcha is one type of Green Tea (it's pretty much ground up tea leaves -- very tasty!)
Have you ever had the flavored Japanese Kit Kats?
Where I live (Seattle) is enriched with Japanese grocery stores! -- I always find new treats at each and every visit! It also helps that I have a friend who works at the popular Uwajimaya. :) She always gives me the update on new flavored Kit Kats. Two of my close friends from New York are envious that I can pick up flavored Kit Kats so easily.
I've even had Japanese's Green Tea flavor Oreo's!
Sakura Matcha (Cherry Blossom Green Tea!)
DSK's Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Links
Sterling Silver DSK Tag!
Crystallized Swarovski
*available at www.dskjewelry.com*
Thank you!


Shiseiten said...

what a cute inspiration and color combo! love the new bracelet. =]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Wow, that's really pretty.

La Belle Muse said...

This is sooo gorgeous!
But I wanted to tell you I'm really loving that valentines necklace! It's sooo gorgeous!! :)

Liana said...

those are soo pretty, perfect for spring!

Beauty Bag 411

LilacCactus said...

Green and pink look so cute together :) Reminds me of spring! ^^

I've never tried Japanese Kit Kats, but I would love to!! =)
They sound delicious!


o0SerenityAngel0o said...

omg that is an absolutely beautiful bracelet and i love the color combination. I am definitely saving up my money for this bracelet I just gotta have it!!!!

siwing said...

it's very pretty! i lovee green tea kit kat !!

i'd love to try green tea oreos too !!

Quynh said...

Love the new everything bracelet. Pink and green make great color combo!

Nope, didn't watch The State of the Union. And yeah, i do like hearing President Obama speak to. He's such a great speaker!

misskayanne said...

Hey!! I haven't visited for a while since you weren't updating but oh my gosh I loveeeee the bracelet. Green tea is so yum, the best are the green tea frapacino's from Starbucks in Asia, hehe. Glad you're back! x

Kae said...

Love the inspiration for this bracelet, and the colors are gorgeous together! I don't have tv (watch any tv shows on the internet) so I didn't see the state of the union =x

DSK Steph! said...

Thank you ladies! :) I hope to make some new bracelets for Spring :D

Monica said...

Very colorful and spring like. Perfect reminder that spring will come soon.... It's been snowing soooo much here in Boston. I'm also glad to see that your finger has recovered =). Missed you soo much!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

LOL. There was even a Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat with royal guards marching across the packaging >_< Still think the carrott one was the strangest, although not as strange as cucumber flavoured Pepsi!

I'm really loving your jewellery, btw. I've come straight here after watching one of Rae's reviews on YouTube and I'm very glad I did. I'll definitely be treating myself! Do you think you'll be making any more gold-filled pieces or stud earrings?

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