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Custom Order: "Stella's Bracelet"

Stella's Bracelet
This was a custom order that I just finished today.
I don't always post custom orders unless requested by the person ordering, but this bracelet came out so beautifully that I just had to share with you all. : )

If you would like to be added to my waiting list for a custom order (bracelet, necklace, earrings) please e-mail me (Steph) at dskjewelry@gmail.com, subject title "Waiting List."
I would appreciate a detailed description of what you had in mind for the custom order. Please free free to include photos, links from this jewelry blog to help me get a better understanding of what you fancy. ^_^

The time frame currently for DSK custom orders is around 4-5 months.
I will contact those on my waiting list via e-mail when I am able to work on their orders.
I do work in order to be fair to everyone.

I appreciate all of your support, and interest in my jewelry art. ^^
Have a great day!

Steph ^_~


Judy Nguyen said...


The Little Dust Princess said...

This is so pretty! I'm loving the frequent posts, Steph! :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

misskayanne said...

Good job Steph! This bracelet is sooo gorgeous!

Tara said...

So pretty! How much are custom orders?


DSK Steph said...

@Tara Hi Tara,

Prices vary for custom orders depending on the items you order. I hope that helps!


LilacCactus said...

It's gorgeous!!! :))

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