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*SOLD* Everything Bracelet: "Mermaid Princess"

"Mermaid Princess"
DSK Everything Bracelet
7 1/2" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
.925 Sterling Silver Engraved DSK Tag!
Crystallized Swarovski
*One of a Kind*

Thank you Eugene, Oregon! ^_^


barbieluvstmnt said...

so many beautiful bracelets! you've been busy!

DSK Steph said...


r_lacey421 said...

i'm so excited for my first dsk everything bracelet and the color combination is absolutely gorgeous, i just knew i had to have it!

Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous stephanie!

- Renée - said...

r_lacey, you lucky girl! This bracelet is gorgeous! :)

constance_lee said...

Oh my goodness this bracelet is GORGEOUS! I fell in love with it when I saw it. So sad it's sold out >.< I'm planning on saving enough money to buy something from you one day! >.0

oh and I've been "promoting" your site...on my Tumblr I've been posting pictures and brief descriptions and telling people to go to the sight to see more pictures/details about the jewelry and to purchase it and I've gotten so many likes! Every time I post a picture, I get a new like! I hope the people liking the pictures bought stuff!

sorry I can't buy anything now :(


vanessa said...

Hi Steph
The bracelet is gorgeous...I really love it but it's sold out...
Will u make it again????? Please let me know....

Mr.Vangogh said...

hey Steph~
Is there any way I can get this bracelet? will you refill it? It's so nice~ I really hope I can get this for my girlfriend~

DSK Steph said...

@Mr.Vangogh Please feel free to e-mail me (Steph) dskjewelry@gmail.com We can talk about a custom bracelet order for your lucky lady. :) Thanks for asking!

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