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*SOLD* Everything Bracelet: "Sapphire Princess"

"Sapphire Princess"
DSK Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
.925 Sterling Silver Engraved DSK Tag!
Crystallized Swarovski
*One of a Kind*

Thank you San Francisco, CA!


Pearlholy said...

XDDD I read the name of the bracelet and thought of Cinderella~ <3 So many new bracelets in the blog >_< I couldn't stop myself from commenting even though I could do it on facebook. Hahaha XD <3

Just wanted to show you a bit of more support by commenting directly from the blog.

Keep up with the good work~ I'm happy to see you're creative as ever! Just remember to not overwork yourself <3

DSK Steph said...

@Pearlholy Thank you for your blog support! ^_^ I really appreciate it! I haven't made a sapphire bracelet in a long time. I figured it was a good day to make one!

Mindy♥ said...

Wow Steph!! I love how you're on a roll with the bracelets! I'm sure they take a long time to make. I admire your dedication and love for what you're doing. <3

LilacCactus said...

Wow!! The blue is amaazing! Reminds me of the ocean :) I love the ocean <3

Susanna said...

Just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite everything bracelets from you!!

That sapphire is beautiful and coincidentally it's my birth stone. :)

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