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*SOLD* Everything Bracelet: "Shamrock Green"

"Shamrock Green"
DSK Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
.925 Sterling Silver Engraved DSK Tag!
Crystallized Swarovski
*One of a Kind*

Thank you Fairfield, California!


Pearlholy said...

Steph! I'm so glad you're making more of the AB crystals and green crystals combo! They're so so pretty together! And it's just in time for the upcoming St-Patrick's Day!

Will we be seeing more of green-clover earrings some time soon too? ^__^

DSK Steph said...

I can definitely bring back the clover earrings! I should post them tomorrow :)

TranVo said...

Oh goodie~ <3 ^___^

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