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Earrings: Chandeliers

Princess Chandeliers
14K Gold-filled Earrings
14K Gold-filled Findings
Gold Plated, Brass Chandeliers
Crystallized Swarovski

The Gold Plated Brass Chandeliers came all the way from friendliest town of Bellingham, Washington.
Bellingham is about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Seattle, WA. ^_^


The Little Dust Princess said...

I adore the chandelier style! Great name for this pair : )

Mindy♥ said...

I love these earrings!!! I love how the chandelier is not overdone. It's like the perfect size and love how you added hearts!! <3 <3

Susan said...

Love the Princess Chandeliers!! So unique, but not overdone. How heavy are they?

DSK Steph said...

@Susan they have a lil weight to them. It's mostly the chandelier part that is a bit heavy, but overall, not crazy heavy. lol I hope that was a lil bit helpful! Have a great weekend! ^^

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