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Swarovski Collaborates with Hello Kitty (Sanrio)

I woke up this morning, checked Facebook and I saw that my Hello Kitty crazed friend Lena posted an article about Swarovski's upcoming collection with Sanrio - Hello Kitty!
How exciting! From the article, we learn the collection will be available in selected 1,900 Swarovski stores this August!

This will be HK's first collection with Swarovski.
(I know there is HK stuff using Swarovski Crystals, but never a direct collaboration like now!)

Check out the article here.

If the earrings are anything like that pink bow in the bracelet, I'm going to get a few sets!
I'd love to save them for future nieces, and daughters of my own! lol
Photos are from the article.
There aren't any photos just yet of the earrings, but from the way they're described in the article..I know I want them!

Thank you Lena for sharing this sweet news with us all!

I found another article on the topic! Click here.
And I found another article! This one has more photos! Click here.
I want this necklace!!

The set of rings are super cute!

I'm in love with the charm bracelet with the rose crystals!
I actually like them both! lol Want, want, want!
These earrings look a bit intense!
I would like these earrings more if they were just studs..I can totally see myself cutting of the chains.

These bracelets are so cute!
I picked out my favorite pieces! How about you?
Do you plan on getting anything in August?

I haven't found any information about the price point yet (I'm assuming $100-$300), but I definitely know this will be a hit with Swarovski enthusiasts like me!

I'll be back later to update with DSK Jewelry post!
I have new Sterling Silver & Swarovski pieces to share with you along with the earring sale!

Catch you all in a bit! Have a great morning, afternoon, or evening!

Lots of love from Seattle! -Steph : )


FashionableAsians said...

OMG I can't wait! I'm totally gonna save up for the HK ring or the bangle, hope it's not too pricey! I'm getting my baby cousin into Hello Kitty as well, just got her a HK purse and swimsuit ;P

The Little Dust Princess said...

Yess I saw your tweet! The pieces are sooo friggin gorgeous.

PetiteLittleGirl said...

Those pieces are super adorable. I can't wait to get a few pieces for my little girl.

Kae said...

Oh my these are to die for! Aaaaaaaah I must get something lol!

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