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Everything Bracelet: "Shefali"

DSK Everything Bracelet
7" .925 Italian Sterling Silver Heart Link
Engraved Silver DSK Jewelry Tag
Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls

I named this bracelet after my sweet & beautiful friend Shefali of www.shefspantry.com
I got to meet her last year at her wedding reception! :D

My friend Shef of Shef's Pantry.
She's too cute in her matching baking apron and oven mitts!
Shefali taking a cooking class in Italy!

Shefali is Minh's best friend's wife. They are all attorneys, but Shefali is much more awesome because she can cook, bake, and blog! ^_^ I've sampled her work and it is really amazing! If you want to learn some amazing recipes, check out her online cookbook, Shef's food blog.

Shef tweets too!

I hope they move to Seattle soon so Minh and I can come over for dinner!! lol
I just know she would be a great influence on me in the kitchen. :D

Thank you for being you Shefali!

I hope to see you soon!


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