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Custom DSK Everything Bracelet: "Shefali Style"

DSK Jewelry "Shefali Style" Everything Bracelet
(Custom order.)

Hi everyone!
This is a custom bracelet I recently finished for someone's lucky girlfriend. :)
My customer really liked my original "Shefali Bracelet," so I personalized this "Shefali Style" bracelet for them. I've include a photo of the original in case you missed it from my post here. :D I really like to add different touches to each bracelet I make. I enjoy customizing and personalizing jewelry for each of my customers. Thank you so much for visiting my page! I'm trying my best to get ordered finished and shipped. I'll be back to share my latest designs and creations as soon as I get caught up on my jewelry work! Thank you!

DSK Jewelry "Shefali Bracelet"
I named this bracelet after one of my sweetest new friends. *hearts*
I'll be seeing her next month in Pittsburgh, PA at her baby shower! ^_^


Eugenia said...

soo pretty! I love your everything bracelets!

DSK Steph said...

Thank you Eugenia! You're so sweet! <3

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