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04.28.15 Camo Random Bracelet

In a couple of days it will be May! I can't believe how fast April has flown by. This month has been a really good one for me. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 28th birthday with my friends and future family. :) My two dogs, Timmy & Wally turned 4 years old! And my parents came to spend 10 days with me in Seattle. I hope May's flowers will bring a lot more smiles for everyone across the country.
 Please let me know what you think of my "random" bracelets "series." ^_^
 One day I was sitting in my jewelry workshop aka my jewelry room and trying to figure out what in the world I'm going to do with all my Swarovski Crystal beads. I was in the mood to wrap wire and thought why not just pick through my miscellaneous bead container and see what happens. Swarovski  makes such beautiful beads and I'm happy to offer them as a great price to you. I truly enjoy what I do and I hope you can see that through my jewelry.
04.28.15 Camo Random Bracelet
Measures 7" 
Engraved 14K Gold-filled DSK Jewelry Tag
Swarovski Crystals:
Fern Green, Silver Shade, Gold Shade, Crystal Clear, Black Diamond, and Smoked Topaz
Proudly One of a Kind

Cheers to the late 20's!


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